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    Who hasn’t been clearing the drains? Great excuse to put more money into climate change.
  2. That’s even worse then, if a person rents out a room/s is not taxed and people are taking payments to watch in their garden has not being monitored. It sounds a bit unfair that some can make money and some make nothing at all. A bit greedy. The marshals should be paid and the prizes for the riders should be more. Without them both, no one would make a penny.
  3. The GP and TT hasn’t been the same for donkey years. The number of visitors are falling all the time. The money made in tax from home stay and charging people to watch o on their property must be bringing in a hell of a lot of money than it use too. Where is that going?there wasn’t any of that years ago. Marshals and other volunteers should be paid. There is a lot of people making a lot . If I was a marshal I would be wanting my slice of the pie and why not they have been doing it for free for years whilst others have been filling there pockets. The prize funds should be more too. You can’t see the wood for the trees .
  4. They will be trying to milk the elderly on coach tours and train spotters trying to bring up sales of the love cards, so they look a great idea. It will also collide with some of the Christmas staff parties in hotels and restaurants. What they should be doing is creating an island with a lot more things to do in the summer, so tourists go home tell friends and family what a great time they had . Free advertisement. The problem with these lot they will spend and spend on consultants and advertising create more jobs for good friends off theirs probably, and do nothing to improve the place.
  5. No need for Christmas decorations in this day and age. It’s just a reason to get people to buy tat.
  6. If you haven’t got a green garden waste bin. You can bag it up and they will take it. So The corpy wrote. But in another post stated if you bag it up and place it in the bin they won’t take it. the whole point of there operations was to recycle ( clean the planet) and obviously keep Tom dick and Harry in a job to go on facebook and of course up the sales in bin bags. When everyone is trying not to use them. Havr they got them motors out of the field yet to bat they fly tipped? Hoping no one noticed .
  7. Lovely teacher Max, I remember him at Braddan School and why he left. All we need now is for MHKs to take up two or three areas, and there wouldn’t be the need for so many, what a saving that would be.
  8. Well the Isle of Man doesn’t get known by 80 thousand piss heads hanging off a rock for nothing. Well done him
  9. MLC Marlene Maska ? What a comedian. When she buying the site for her great idea? “ you don’t go to your GP to have heart surgery, you go to a heart specialist”. who the fuck voted her in. 1, it costs a fortune to ring for an appointment with a GP on the island 2, you have to count your lucky stars if you can actually get an appointment. 3, Newsons on the quay will most definitely be crumbled to the ground by the time get you see the heart consultant on the waiting lists they have. what a great find she is.
  10. She is the worst person to be put into the position she has been put in. When working at a high school. She would be in the kitchen taking joints of meat. Where there would not be enough for the students and some would have to do without a Proper cooked meal. Probably for some their only cooked meal. Not only that she use to be there when a certain business rep came and he would go home with a meat joint too. Get the teachers paid so students get an education like you did and your child did and if you don’t understand the importance of that maybe you need to step down from the role your paid for. Never mind looking for 15000 educated people to come and move here. She needs sacked and her wages stopped every day the kids are off.
  11. Well let’s hope they changed Mondays cancelled hospital appointments to this weekend instead. Seems anything involved with government always favours them. piss ups lazy days off and off course greed of the publics money. If your cancelled hospital appointment ends up with anyone in worse health. Remember this weekend where people were fighting and looking forward to this festival but did nothing about Mondays cancelled hospital appointments. Where government and big bosses need the day off to count their profits. As I’m sure if anyone becomes Sick and in need of medical assistance can go to their MHK Stu Peters, who can be racist in their remarks to The Manx on their own soil. When he comes from the UK, im sure he will push you forward to the front of the queue of waiting lists. In between his brain working over time of how he can spend your hard earned cash down a mountain.
  12. It is not and never was the governments money and there would be enough if government did not think the publics money was from their own piggy bank to spend on their pipe dreams. Like broken flumes from Turkey or broken choo choo engines or giving money to corporations for them to then have enough money to waste to buy vehicles to sit in fields, Or chewing gum machines and the rest of the crap they buy. The island has gone to pot.
  13. Yes and you could wonder why I left but you hit it on the head there. Plastic dolphins are thought of better than human life. But I suppose the plastic dolphin is as quiet as the all the people put on Valium. Enjoy your drink festival.
  14. The government are the reason some people can’t afford heating or food. the people buy the gas for those in government to sell on to Manx gas for the people to buy it again. Then act like they doing good by giving hand outs to the poorest whilst they have to listen to people put them down like it’s their fault., it is an Isle of Man problem that has been a problem for years. they have not educated the people . Job have been got by who. You know not what you know. They have been collecting money whilst being lazy and not doing what they got paid to do. Whilst collecting fat pensions. I’m Manx but glad I left. you just have look to what an old minister Cretney wrote tonight about himself and his daughter giving himself and co a pat on the back. But actually a person who wants to help don’t shout about it. too many do what Simon says anyone who does not do what Simon says or does not agree with Simon watch out. It’s laughable
  15. I would rather the queen or king than those voted in robbing bs down at the wedding cake any day.
  16. It’s the Isle of Man, I’m sure there are a lot of sad Karen’s if that’s what they call fun. each to their own. I’m sure they will use the extra bank holiday to nurse their hangover. I say no more.
  17. It should be . Most people are crying poverty and looking for hand outs. It’s only to fill the brewery’s pockets and a few food outlets. I don’t blame her wanting it stopped.
  18. Each to there own. I know what I will be doing and I’m sure you will know what you will be doing. If the lady from the chocolate shop doesn’t want to attend a drink festival then so be it. But the disrespect shown because she thinks it’s wrong is not good is it, and people wonder where the kids get it from. as long as the alcohol sales are up that is all that matters until Monday when some will need the food bank and cry poverty.
  19. How have Manx gas got away with changing their name. When we Are supposed to be opting change for our climate. The government may have seen to it that near every house has a gas supply and held at ransom. But allowing a company to change its name so it looks more eco friendly is astounding. have government members got shares in the place?
  20. It’s a material and money greedy world. if people can not stop and show our Queen respect then god help everyone else. Next month the same people will be shouting about how disrespectful our young are and wonder where they get it from.
  21. God bless her majesty’ . She’d be putting that MBE back in her handbag, if she would of known the truth. I bet Davy is devastated, he be able to write a story about their very close relationship now and how he got his award.
  22. A bit late in the day. Must of took them all last night and most of the morning to make a bright spark idea. There was nothing announced this morning. When I bought flowers to pay my respects. Shameful
  23. Really surprised a place has not been dedicated to lay some flowers and pay our respects to the Queen on the island by our government. They should be ashamed.
  24. #Queen Phillip came to me today, and said it was time to go. I looked at him and smiled, as i whispered that "I know" I then turned and looked behind me, and seen I was asleep. All my Family were around me, and I could hear them weep. I gently touched each shoulder, with Phillip by my side. Then I turned away and walked, with My Angel guide. Phillip held my hand, as he lead the way, to a world where King's and Queens, are Monarch's every day. I was given a crown to wear or a Halo known by some. The difference is up here, they are worn by everyone. I felt a sense of peace, my reign had seen its end. 70 years I had served my Country, as the peoples friend. Thank you for the years, for all your time and love. Now I am one of two again, in our Palace up above.
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