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  1. There will be only one reason these numbers are being given out, and that’s for excuses to why services are not up to scratch. I can understand in the beginning why governments were cautious as they didn’t know what they were dealing with. But now it’s supposedly business as usual and not as serious as first thought. Anyone can say they have had a positive covid test and click the button. Same way as people don’t report it. It’s like a mad hatters tea party. The only reason now to have flow tests is if going into a clinical setting, no other reason. You don’t invite over 30 thousand people with no test if it is that bad. It is time the excuses we’re stopped and putting fear into people , for the incompetence.
  2. Manx17

    TT 2022 ??

    They have done it down the sea terminal every day for years. People find it annoying and rude. as they have people going up to their vehicles asking questions how and what they do with their money before they board the ship.
  3. It’s wrong to blame politicians and it is lazy as stu says. There is a lot more that needs to be done by ourselves. I wonder how many people have took out hedges and put fencing up or dug up the grass and put fake down or concreted, decked the garden. How many cars does each house hold have, how many walk where they can. Who buys only locally sourced food instead of going to the big plastic covered supermarkets or buys goods online. I think everyone has to look at themselves and see if they are doing enough to make changes. That includes local businesses putting profits and greed first, so many people have no option but to go to the big supermarkets. The one thing I have a disagreement with what government does is subsidising farmers if they are not using their land for food.
  4. That’s a good excuse to get rid of all the paedophiles. Just think how much cleaner the world would be.
  5. They are an embarrassment and short sighted. Every rider and sponsor should matter and here they are, like flys on shit because of an American with a bit of money. I bet they don’t know anything about the riders that died or even cared to find out about all riders that take part. The best thing that could happen, the next time they visit the grandstand . Is for someone to lock them up in the police station across the road. They don’t represent me on the news that’s for sure.
  6. I found them disgusting and shameful. The bodies of the poor men that died racing, are not even cold yet. Same with Manx radio talking about companies making a profit out of the TT. Just greed. One things for sure the prices will be enough to put anyone off moving here. But that is Ministers for you, putting their sunglasses on for a week and everything is rosy. Have they been hitting the wacky baccy?
  7. That’s the one.
  8. It was a man not a woman and I said I hadn’t seen them for a couple of days . When they are ready I’m sure they will go to the papers and yes it was for the garden. Maybe they are waiting to see how long the sunken gardens are going to be left before they do. Government should not be able to dictate where you spend your money that you have worked hard for nor should people dictate what other peoples children should or shouldn’t do. Especially when they have brought their own children themselves.
  9. I think the fair was already booked and paid for on the boat. It was only a few months ago it was cancelled by government as they didn’t want money going off island and wanted people to spend locally. The owner pays everything themselves to come. I think when the owner talked to Manx Radio about it they said they pay locals and use local resources. I over heard a bunch of kids talking about and I did tell them that it was awful and did they know the dolphins are for charity and they should inform the police if they know who did it. It is a shame for the charity and the artist too. I would say a lot of time and effort went into it.
  10. We had an albino poisoned dwarf as a head master in Ballakermeen in my day, he could be seen as a little hitler to some. But then we had teachers that if one person acted up and the whole class would be out in the corridor for most lessons and learnt nothing and we had some good teachers that probably didn’t get enough recognition.
  11. Just anti toss Potts
  12. Not really it was there best chance of an education and getting away from Manx crabs who sit outside fun fairs watching all the Manx whores that just go for a ride on the person collecting money. It was the best thing I ever did for them. They laugh at people like you. Mr and Mrs prim and proper. Most of you are probably not even Manx. Coming here with your ideology.
  13. Now your reading other comments. I said it was done because some children were upset as they stopped the fun fair. There is nothing wrong with fun fairs they are all over the world . Here the thinking is if there is a fun fair it’s just giving young girls the excuse to open their legs and act like prostitutes and that is a sick mentality. Have you never been to a fun fair before ?
  14. Going off some off you, thinking a fun fair means knocked up girls. If that happens I’d say that is your crap ability to parent your children properly and putting the blame on fun fairs and people going out to work. You sound very deluded and very narrow minded . Thank god my children left . Where else in the world do people think if you go to a fun fair children automatically open their legs? You sound like the same people that went after the gays here. Rent Boys they were called devil worshipers. Now fun fairs equal girls acting like prostitutes. Are the male population Ok in your ideology ?
  15. I said it was unfair that they were not allowed a fun fair , I haven’t however condoned vandalism
  16. Where have I said it was reasonable to do that?
  17. Now that’s not fair, they had tried little paper cut out children on the pavements last year, but you could argue, was that to catch a nonce or someone speeding.
  18. Good question why has silverdale gone to ruin? But saying that I can’t see many 14/15 year olds wanting to play on the swings and round about.
  19. Kids talk Gladys and that is exactly why it was done.
  20. Kids went into their primary schools here last year with drugs. Are you saying 8 and 9 year olds understand enough about drugs at that age? Or are they going to play in parks where the bigger kids go and that is what you do when your big? lucky they didn’t know enough and brought them out in the play ground so a teacher could take them off them before they did damage . Your glasses are very rosy.
  21. I’m unsure how you all think the way you do. I’ve never heard of so much stupidity in my life . No money for a fun fair and money shouldn’t go on a fun fair . But we have a massive problem with drugs and alcohol. I know where I would rather money be spent on and it’s not a local dealer.
  22. My kids don’t do drugs thank you. Children are not stupid if they do drugs they do it because it’s either rammed down their throats , their friends are doing it and they follow or they get into a depression because there is nothing to do and before they know it are addicted and mostly because it is allowed to get here . So maybe if the authorities spent less time on Twitter and Facebook and did their jobs properly it wouldn’t get in.
  23. I would just be grateful that our children have experienced fun things to do on the island together with their parents. Like I have with my parents. Where our island was seen as a great place to live with fond memories growing up. Now we have mainly sports for children, if your into sports that’s ok but not everyone is. My children have experienced the glens beaches wild life park cinema trams trains boats like many others when little, but they get to certain age and they don’t want to go on the train or the wild life part for the 50th time. Near every country city town has a fun fair. Is it too much to ask to have a fair for two weeks of the year so that children have the experience of going to a fair like our children? It’s very sad what’s happening to our island. Kids leave because they want to live life and I don’t blame them.
  24. Manx17

    TT 2022 ??

    It keeps them busy.
  25. No, I think the hospice has lost maybe making money on a dolphin. If they were going to sell it later on. Which will be sad if it happens. The fair will probably be back soon as that cock up on the prom has been rectified.
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