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  1. Hahaha you make me laugh . How did they change all the housing to gas ? A magic fairy from the fairy bridge? how much did it cost to change to gas and how much does it cost for the boilers to be serviced annually? I think some people think drilling for gas down the north is the answer . There must be a few brown envelopes going around. How come it’s only the weed dealer and the pretty criminal that gets done on the island? there is only one reason anyone would want to keep It the way it is.
  2. Can you answer these questions if you don’t mind as you know so much about who pays what and lives in social housing causing it to be subsided. have you asked how many get benefits and still waiting on waiting lists to see consultants due to illness .How many are waiting for mental health. How many are using the housing stock as their own business premises? I mean even David Christian was using a house in spring valley for years for his cleaning business. One member now has there own gardening business on a council house. So I think you need to look around a bit more before commenting . The point is they have not asked what the tenants want . They however pointed them to Manx gas and charities how to pay Manx gas. How about they look after the housing stock not Manx Gas . Maybe there is no housing crisis any more, so damp houses can be afforded.
  3. No it is not. They have solar in some of their housing stock. If it’s in one house it should be in them all.
  4. You do not have to reply to what I’ve wrote. Be happy paying for your gas, I’m not trying to prevent you from doing so. Fill your boots.
  5. Manx gas has always been more expensive. Today and tomorrow is what matters now. I see gas as the same as smoking. Light it up get a hit and like a puff of smoke it’s gone when turned off. Total waste of money. Money that not a lot of people have to waste. At least with a fire you had hot water and heating day and night. Bit of slack and it was in for the whole day. obviously we can’t have that now to help the environment. But theres nothing wrong local boards asking tenants if they would rather help pay towards solar instead of gas. maybe they should ask instead of just looking after the health of the wheels bin.
  6. So is Manx gas if you can only afford to put it on an hour a day.
  7. You stated you do not see the issue with gas being used in corporation houses. I would say you are in the minority.
  8. Electric could help. But I’ve found this that I will share I hope it helps. Today, more and more homeowners realise the advantages of a solar panel system installation in their home. However, many people find themselves overwhelmed with the wide variety of information available, making it difficult to decide whether or not it would be beneficial to install solar panels. The best thing you can do in this situation is arm yourself with knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages of solar power to make a decision. We cover exactly that for you in this post! Let us give you a complete list of the pros and cons of setting up a solar power source. In the end, we hope that you’ll have the information to make the best decision about whether or not install and use a solar energy system. Solar Energy Overview Before we dive into the pros and cons of solar energy, it’s a good idea to have a quick overview about this energy source first. The sun serves as a powerful energy source. In fact, it is thought that the solar power provided by the sun to our planet can meet our global energy demands every year. One of the best ways to collect a fraction of this solar energy is to install solar panels or solar power systems. Solar energy produces the necessary power after being taken in through solar panels. These solar panels come with solar cells which are responsible for harnessing energy from the sun. Solar cells need daylight to produce power (not necessarily a bright sunny day!). We’ve written a more detailed guide about how solar panels work which you should check out. What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy? When considering a solar panels installation, it is essential for you to take a look at the pros and cons of solar energy. Before going into more detail on each pro and con, let’s first look at a list of some of the notable pros and cons of using solar energy : Pros of Solar Energy: Solar panel installation comes with a number of benefits. 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  9. Douglas Corporation and other local board housing are there for the more less off in society, they are not there to feed rich companies. It is well known Manx gas has been a rip off for years. Putting gas into housing stocks should of been a big no in the first place. The people in corporations or local boards are there either employed or voted in to look after the housing stock , not just public toilets flower baskets and a carnival. Every time a boiler broke they should of put in solar instead. In the long run it will save money and better for the environment. If they think the tenants of houses can pay Manx gas prices then they should ask if they would rather put that money into helping them change to solar, so in the long run it saves them in bills. It is very rare that they evict people for having to much money to need social housing , mostly they just put the rent up to the same amount if were in a private rental. So there is no excuse or reason they can’t ask if they want to put what they pay to Manx gas into improving the house instead., I’m sure most see it as their home They have known about Manx gas and have done nothing. Switched the focus and made it about recycling without actually doing that properly. So most people are in uproar about the bins and forgetting gas prices for the moment .
  10. Well you must be fortunate and have a lot of money . Good for you.
  11. To true, I feel very sorry for the people in corporation housing that don’t have showers. Can you imagine the cost in gas for a family to get a bath . I find the whole situation terrible.
  12. If you are hell bent being happy with how it is now on the island it’s a waste of time answering.. like I said the houses had heating before changing to gas. If solar was a problem they would have not used it in some of the housing stock when rebuilding Pulrose.
  13. Don’t act daft . Boilers are breaking and new ones are being put in all the time. Why not find out how much it costs a year to have the boilers serviced as well. Ps maybe stop making it your business and have look around at what is happening instead.
  14. The houses were already able to be heated. If they were to be changed, surely it should of been solar or environmentally and well as cost effective. Or is it in your view money should be wasted three or four times until they get it right? ps it is none of your business where I live, I’m Manx and if I live on the island or not makes no difference. I still have many family members still there.
  15. I don’t think that’s a problem if we are sending money to Afghanistan and Pakistan.
  16. Putting on fireworks sends out the wrong message, especially when the island will have people going without heating and food. I hope in these hard times Douglas corporation will not be wasting man hours on putting out lights and Christmas trees up, when they have not organised the issues surrounding recycling. Most people are proud of the island and keep the area they live in as clean as they can. 2022 people are cold hungry and in a couple of months will most likely have an RAT problem as a result of not emptying the bins. Glossing things over with fireworks and Christmas lights to hide real problems, will not do. I’ve a feeling come next year washing out containers to put in a box to blow away in the wind across the streets, will end up with water metres. So that will be another added cost plus buying and fitting them.
  17. I’ve wrote about damp in houses as a result off people not being able to afford to turn on the gas boilers the corporation have put in houses. Are you expecting people to have windows open this winter and no heating on because Douglas Council dictated to the less fortunate who they should pay, A councillor has agreed with you, so just goes to show what an asset they are.
  18. Damp houses will happen because of the cost of gas. They must have something in place. I’m sure a damp house is more important and will cost more to fix than a vandalised public toilet or filling a plant pot.
  19. It’s the housing stock. Where income comes from. What have Douglas corporation done or doing to stop houses going damp after them making sure most tenants money went to Manx Gas. Not a lot of people will be able to turn the heating on.
  20. The best way to combat wars , is go to governments and make a stand and say no more. If countries are wanting to boost their population, that country has to find out why people leave, inviting people to stay anywhere without sorting out the issue in the first place. Just means a quick short solution whilst they them (governments) in power at the time look like they are doing something and fill their pension pot. The isle has watched families come and like the Manx children their children leave too. So in ten twenty years there will be more of an aged problem. As governments don’t seem to want to work to a better future. When I say work I mean work hard and make changes. So the future young and their young want to stay. look at the main shopping street of the new found city of Douglas. It’s full of second hand shops and coffee shops ffs. To improve it they think hang a few flower baskets up.
  21. So they have had the public toilets made pay as you go. plant pots hanging baskets looking pretty. Are attempting to have recycling and rubbish covered. Fireworks look bright for half an hour at most . But what are they doing about the housing stock? As in heating, in social housing before they become damp, as people will not be able to afford Manx gas. They spent a lot of tax payers money on one provider. They seem quite quiet on the situation as the island heads into winter. Most of the housing stock , I would say have paid themselves 3 times over if not more. So what are they doing with the money ? We need to know this before the houses become unliveable and look for more taxes.
  22. Fireworks are full off toxic pollutants . They should of got proper recycling bins instead of those boxes with no lids. What a crazy thing to do and announce.
  23. The island does have sex offenders that do a few months or years in prison and do it again. Life is cheap. To criminals and the courts. They should be locked up for good the first time.
  24. It wasn’t a child it was a grown man, (boy) only an idiot would use the term after what was said in court. Racist or not.
  25. Not according to Manx radio she didnt, it is written My son is there because he’s black. You are all against my son because he is black.” the mother came with the racist card. I would say people in government should not be using words ie (boy) to make her seem right. He is a rapist not a victim. The lady showed strength courage and bravery to put this person behind bars so he can’t do it again.
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