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  1. If a man speaks in a forest, but there's no woman there to hear him, is he still wrong?

  2. Brian Blessed gets his jab with a little help from a mock-up.
  3. Not that we’re thinking of travelling but Manx BirdLife also appears to find gov.im socials are pants.
  4. Sorry to mention this again but I find it odd in the current climate that we advertised for hnwi to 'come to the IOM' in yesterday's Sunday Times. http://www.locate.im/hnwi
  5. Well that midnight post from Gov topped off a rotten year. Anyway Happy New Year all and thanks to the mods.
  6. There's a half page ad in today's Times, other papers are available, that is encouraging folk to move here. I wish people would just stay put until we all have the jab.
  7. Out and about yesterday spotted two new cafes opened or reopened. The Dhoon and Glen Helen. They are next in line for my patronage. (I have no connection with them or any other).
  8. 킹 오리 king oli is Korean for King Orry. However I like "None of the Above" which is what I usually write on my voting slip.
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