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  1. Called in today and got exactly what we wanted.
  2. Sorry Declan. As a part timer I don’t think I have the nous to insert a linky but it was on MR “news”.
  3. For the first time in its 127 year history. I think that this is good news.
  4. Len Trench


    I had the same message last month, but then a message appeared in my manx.net mailbox saying a new invoice had been generated for me, so I clicked and paid via Paypal.
  5. On offer at Iceland - exclusively at Shoprite.
  6. The Finnish ferry that sails itself The that sails i https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p06tb24y
  7. GE White on Twitter say supplies will be flown in - they say that they expect supplies to arrive at around 7:30am
  8. Thanks everyone and Happy New Year to the Forum. Resolution? To touch my toes. Without bending the knees.
  9. Merry Christmas: goodwll to all and Nollick Ghennal. Oh! I nearly forgot thanks to the site owner and the Mods.
  10. Unless you are the government as I seem to recall. Didn't Douglas power station pollute the river and harbour a few year's back?
  11. Len Trench

    New Rules

    Hang in there peeps. Please.
  12. The Bus-Man app on my iPhone has stopped working but seems to be still available for Android, also as a web page. The App Store says no longer available. Any update out there please? Thanks.
  13. Just a heads-up. Aldi are currently offering free wine delivery to Isle of Man addresses. I've no connection to Aldi.
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