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  1. What I thought was daft cos we don’t have squirrels here is a squirrel proof bird feeder. However, it keeps off the jackdaws, rooks and magpies. Result!
  2. Sounds like a "Cabinet Office" snafu and according to that tweet the local authority has asked voters to disregard the inaccurate cards. Well, they haven't asked me. Anyway, who should I vote for?
  3. Sorry to hear that doc but the numbers in our garden have held up well. I regularly complete the garden birdwatch form and the last couple of weeks there's been over 20 goldfinches each day feeding on nyger seeds and sunflower kernels.
  4. The Sunday papers arrived by air yesterday at about 7am. Query I'm wondering if this means the airport has changed its operational hours or was this a one-off.
  5. Wrighty seems to be the most popular contributor this week so far. Salutations! I put some faith in his meanderings.
  6. Piece on BBC newsreader Hugh Edwards’ grandad was merchant seaman/POW. If I had a flagpole I’d put up a red duster today.
  7. As tho 2020 wasn't bad enough.
  8. Susie Dent has come up with a good word today 'Empleomania' there are a few in various world governments with this problem, but hey-ho it seems apposite for here too.
  9. All these infected folk heading back....we'll have to keep our eyes peeled captain! It reminded me of a song.
  10. FYI Manx BirdLife are asking for volunteers to spot swifts tomorrow. You may be interested.
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