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  1. FWIW I’ve never had a decent pint in a warmer climate.
  2. Slightly embarassing for me but I bought the Sinclair Executive pocket calculator, cost a bomb at the time but great fun and helped me to study and revise. Much quicker than log tables/haversines plus I never got the hang of a slide rule. A model is in the science museum.
  3. I'm glad I kept my old Whitworth spannersI
  4. Apparently BoJo is bringing back Imperial weights and measures; and a pint glass will be allowed to be marked with a crown, banned by the EU.
  5. Would anyone like to comment if this is likely on IOM?
  6. Works fine. I also have patient access.
  7. Does this mean some pubs will open at 0001hrs Monday?
  8. IOM Newspapers are reporting that the tip is full today.
  9. Looking forward to a trip to spoons..........dreams....
  10. This sums it up for me. As an aside, I’m very sad that we’re unable to take grandkids on the railways for the Easter holidays, which they love.
  11. Thanks 2112. Big of the gov to admit it’s silted up another harbour lol.
  12. apologies if this is a repeat
  13. Like Roxanne I know nowt about him but he used to (maybe still does) sponsor the New Year's Day fell run which I thought was ok.
  14. This. Testing should show when the virus has departed these shores.
  15. Forgive me - what is the Guernsey structure please?
  16. Happy Mother’s Day! ( Thanks Gov) At least we can get a takeaway.
  17. Nobody should EVER get pissed on their own.
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