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  1. Does this mean some pubs will open at 0001hrs Monday?
  2. IOM Newspapers are reporting that the tip is full today.
  3. Looking forward to a trip to spoons..........dreams....
  4. This sums it up for me. As an aside, I’m very sad that we’re unable to take grandkids on the railways for the Easter holidays, which they love.
  5. Thanks 2112. Big of the gov to admit it’s silted up another harbour lol.
  6. apologies if this is a repeat
  7. Like Roxanne I know nowt about him but he used to (maybe still does) sponsor the New Year's Day fell run which I thought was ok.
  8. This. Testing should show when the virus has departed these shores.
  9. Forgive me - what is the Guernsey structure please?
  10. Happy Mother’s Day! ( Thanks Gov) At least we can get a takeaway.
  11. Nobody should EVER get pissed on their own.
  12. That electronic people counter webcam thingy on the prom near the Crescent didn’t last long either. The sparky’s lost a lot of overtime there as they spent long hours fiddling with it.
  13. Agree absolutelyI said this the other day.
  14. I no longer listen either. It makes me want to eat my hand. I’d much follow up on MF thanks.
  15. The Times newspaper resident doctor says he takes a vitamin D supplement and recommends we all should in winter. I’ve taken cod liver oil for some years for a dicky knee and recently noticed it contains the D vitamin. So that’s all good then.
  16. Maybe this this should be on 'who will have it' thread.
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