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  1. Remember the cockup over the oil spill from the Douglas power station? Very expensive to clean up and afaik the gov were liable for prosecution.
  2. Not sure on this but I think IOM Police welcome dashcam footage sometimes.
  3. The wildlife officials should be on to this and I wonder why not.
  4. Quote from our bus driver - lack of interested drivers - we’re glad he turned up as the previous one didn’t:(
  5. Thanks. You may have saved us a trip. Where is this info please? Or do we have to get facebook
  6. I see, tautology. The commissioner has been listening to the CS and their managementspeak methinks.
  7. I think I heard Andrew Bentley say ‘let’s spend money sensibly’ that would be a first. Also, it looks like the kids play area at the sunken gardens will be out of use until the new sea wall is built some years hence.
  8. Thanks for photos; what a mess.
  9. I’ve said it before - where is the chief exec?
  10. Len Trench


    Onchan Commissioner’s seemed to have missed ‘admin’ off their pie chart.
  11. Thanks. I’m at a bit of loss as to what went on here. Have we been hacked/hijacked?
  12. Three years ago we sent photos to the gov showing disrepair and general untidiness at the front of the airport during the summer stating it showed poor form for visitors. Replies came there none. The entire property is a disgrace; the gardens used to be lovely.
  13. The ex-Prince Phillip is in the “news” today. He is quoted saying when he passed he would like to come back as a pathogen as there are too many people.
  14. Me too - and the missus.
  15. Even more worrying. They haven’t even got any weather currently.
  16. Where is the Chief Exec in all of this?
  17. There’s a temporary bus stop next to the shelter on the prom outside the Gaiety and it’s rusty base has stained the new walkway. Looks awful but so’s the rest of the prom.
  18. Funniest thing on here.
  19. (FWIW) - As a regular prom walker I despair, and I just don’t care anymore as it has zero redeeming features.
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