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  1. A decent firm would build a decent building this size and for this use, for about £4million tops. Land worth in the region of £1million.
  2. it's just been blown off when I sparked up a ciggie
  3. Howard Quayle was just on Manx Radio spouting his business sense to spend £8.1million of our money on this building. Apparently, to build on the Glenside site would have taken ages because it needed something called Planning Permission. And it would have taken 3 years to build. Well, this thread was only started in January last year so obviously this sort of building does not take 3 years to build, Howard. Minister Howard Quayle seems to be the most easily persuaded person ever. A fool. A numpty. A man who the private sector and civil servants and health chiefs must love the very bones of. A man who has just spouted on Manx Radio about seizing opportunities when they are there. Such as, I suppose, employing the Messiah Mark Charters. I despair.
  4. Carbon monoxide is cabon monoxide, natural gas is natural gas. Phone Manx Gas for advice. Or go to internet and choose the advice that is easiest.
  5. Well, perhaps bankers are nice cuddly benevolent people once more. They can't be worse than hotel managers
  6. I feel that only a fool uses this as an excuse for not voting. eta: I would also suggest that if he hasn't bothered to vote he won't take much interest in or follow politics. But I suppose he has demonstrated that already by aligning himself with Phil Gawne.
  7. He would have fun at the local frog frolic: http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/isle-of-man-news/pictures-family-fun-at-frog-frolic-1-7915869
  8. I didn't click on the link, but I assume that David Anderson replied to Lord Lisvane, or at least acknowledged the question. Which is a damn site more than he did when I wrote to him concerning a serious matter when he was Minister for Health.
  9. Henderson didn't stand up to him though did he. He had a change of mind and rolled over and became Teare's lapdog, having his belly tickled and jerking his hind leg, panting with doe eyes and his tongue hanging out. Only to turn into some sort of rottweiler once he was rewarded with a safe seat in the Legislative Council to do the dirty work shouting for the Treasury and his master.
  10. It's a bit of a Lady Di situation. Unless you hold your hands up and shriek you are castigated. What price should we pay? £400,000pa? £800,000pa? £1,000,000pa. etc What is our health and or lives worth? More than that surely. and we can easily afford it.
  11. Well I am one of the guilty ones here, as I and other family members, have voted several times for JH. along with Bill Henderson. On a local level they have been very good to act for us and others we know on several occasions and for that I will always be grateful. I don't know why Bill has jumped ship and gone into the upper house and as a local MHK he will be missed. However, JH on the other hand, in my view, has gone too far now with a couple of thing bothering me and this latest one is definitely a step too far. There will be no votes this time around unless he has a massive change of heart and that is seeming less likely as each day passes. Bill jumped ship because he's used to jumping ship and abandoning people. Hideous man. Bill Henderson was sacked from Treasury in 2013 because Eddie Teare could no longer work with him. It didn't take him long to feel the pinch and soon learnt how to toe the line and got back in there as the golden boy. Rewarded handsomely with a seat on the Legislative Council.
  12. Roger who? (actually I know who he is, an establishment bore who wrote a pretty shit book about the finance sector n the Isle of Man, and a few decades ago must have held the record for appearing in those photos of parties that used to continually appear in the likes of Manx Life magazine etc) Howard Quayle - wtf? David Anderson, famous for one thing and one thing only, and that is for holding the record for the most ballots needed to squeeze him into the Lucrative Council. To be fair he is also famous for being an ineffectual Health Minister
  13. When people put themselves up as some sort of arbiter or self styled font of knowledge on this sort of thing, they are often wrong or nothing like representative, or just speaking from within their own limited sized bubble and narrow view on life, albeit a Manxie type of life I think it's all well and good, but a bit of a giggle watching it from the outside.
  14. Now, now, dilli, don't wind up or take the piss out of TT marshals. They are indeed essential but nonetheless sensitive folk. It takes a certain type of person to do the job and I for one, am thankful they are there. God bless' em each and every one.
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