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  1. In typical DoI fashion the sign at the bottom of Summerhill says it's closed for nine weeks.
  2. You would hope that doing a scaled down Tynwald this year would help them realise they don't need to waste money on the guests and military. But I suspect next year they'll be twice the pomp and ceremony of a normal year given it'll (hopefully) be the final year for most of this lot.
  3. They'll be a report in July Tynwald which will explain why they were all rejected. It's not as if Cowin can't submit a petition at anytime. He probably does it this way for publicity.
  4. Baker is the king of the buzzword. Listen to the interview again and count them. He uses standard management speak which makes him seem like he's saying what you hear but in reality he's saying nothing at all. Nothing at all will change in the DoI.
  5. I saw Peake driving an electric car so describing him as a petrol head is a bit of a stretch. I am very surprised he has asked less questions than Anne Corlett. That's some achievement.
  6. It's blood donors not blood tests that are getting the antibody testing.
  7. The biggest issue is that the education Department is run by educators. Whilst a teacher maybe great at teaching that is not necessarily a transferable skill to administration. They also tend to focus on their area of expertise and the question people have to ask is does a university lecturer really understand the needs of a primary school teacher?
  8. I read people's comments on this report on Isle of Man newspapers Facebook page. People seem to be under the illusion that the only Tynwald Members that have been working are the ones they see at the briefings. Considering the PAC have been meeting and producing reports on the Govt response to the crisis on a weekly basis this seems a little unfair. I suspect that this is because they used a picture of Dr Allinson and he appears to be beyond criticism at the moment. Curious times we live in.
  9. Victim blaming. Let's look at why your calling him violent. The guy gets racially abused in a take away place, gets understandably annoyed, gets into a scrap, has half his ear bitten off and then gets smacked over the head with a plank and is still standing (which explains his Twitter handle because that is pretty badass). What would you have done differently if you were in his shoes? As for drug user according to his own status which you pu posted he had one joint in a year which doesn't really qualify him as a regular user now does it. Why attack Jordan? Why deflect from the subject at hand? Stu was clumsy with his comments and has previous. At a time when racial tensions are high because they are being highlighted by the situation in America he should have had a little empathy and a lot more tact.
  10. Isn't it? Why not?
  11. My issue with Baker is he rarely challenges the status quo and is very condescending to anyone who does. He has done what is necessary to get himself into CoMin so we'll see how much of a poison chalice DOI actually is at next years election.
  12. It was always going to be Baker. The surprise is they've finally moved Harmer on.
  13. Hopefully people have now seen him in his day job and will remember this next year
  14. He may be hard working but does that make him any good? I've known plenty of people who work hard but the end product of their labour is poor.
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