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  1. That's such an IoMNaP thing to say. She's an MHK, party politics don't work across here. Judge her by what she does and how hard she works. Which is a lot more than most MHK's. Anyway back on topic. It's very sad news about Malarkey. I saw him a few months ago and he didn't look well at all. Not sure I would have carried on like he did.
  2. ...and the word "could" it should have been followed by "but probably not"
  3. I believe they were actually only opening the road up again temporarily before closing it down again in June / July so this could in fact be an acceleration of the work. However, as per usual the DoI haven't communicated it properly. Be interesting to see what the reasoning for the extension is in the minutes.
  4. It'll continue until the electorate stop voting for politicians based personalities rather than policies. The thing I find ironic about Watterson wanting to modernise the Tynwald budget process is that it was his committee that massively watered down the Lisvane report to the point it wasn't worth the paper it was written on. He's only a reformer when it suits him.
  5. Well volunteered. Sign up here you start Monday.
  6. https://www.gov.im/categories/travel-traffic-and-motoring/public-rights-of-way/ "The Department of Infrastructure is responsible for maintaining a right of passage along Public Rights Of Way. This includes maintaining stiles, gates and signing" Literally what we are paying our taxes for.
  7. Ham_N_Eggs


    They did but the UK have updated their legislation and the Isle of Man have not.
  8. Because they wanted to get the horsetram track down first. The DoI said this was because they had contracts in place so had to run them. Turns out this was a load of manure, it was actually written on advertising leaflets which even said the services may not be running.
  9. I think it's already been touched on but this way of electing LegCo breeds cronyism. It's just like the good old days prior to 1867 when two names got suggested to the Governor by the rest of the Keys which lead the 4th Duke of Athol to say "they were no more Representatives of the people of Man, than of the people of Peru". The whole LegCo election system developed because it was a compromise between the Governor and the Keys. Well the Governor has been gone from LegCo for many a year and yet despite many attempts nothing has really changed because nothing ever really does in Tynwald.
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    Yes in theory as long as you're not touching it in any way. In practice that's not strictly true as the police could still fine you if they feel the hands free is interfering with your driving. In the UK this also includes if you are using it as a sat nav; and if you are parked with the engine running.
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    Yes, it's just bringing the Island in line with the UK. Tynwald rarely do anything without someone having done it first.
  12. I remember a similar incident about 20 years ago the kid doing the burning was beaten up by two boys who took it too far and ended up locked up for GBH. The Mannin Line was buzzing for days.
  13. Why they are redoing this bit is a bit of a mystery. Granted the article is from 2013 but there may actually be a clue in the article "David Cretney believes the work is also a welcome boost to the construction industry". Is the whole of the prom work just to keep the construction trade alive on the Island? No need to build houses get them building roads? Also listening to that will the £1.5 million for this section be factored into the final costs? Final question: what are the chances of this bit being ready when the hooded ram put their tent up in TT week?
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