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  1. If PM hadn't questioned it there wouldn't have been any 8pm update.
  2. So stop defending them. Just drop it. You've backed yourself into a corner trying to be contrary and it's massively backfired.
  3. That is true of everyday they publish the figures. They chose to tell the Manx Public a deliberately low figure. They also never provide updates at 8pm. Ever. They were caught out. They know it, everyone on here knows it, why don't you know it?
  4. Ashford is annoyed you can see his eyes water more than usual. As for Ewart she needs to go. The answer in itself was poor but the attitude was disgraceful. Why is she there now at every briefing? What happened to all the others that came out during the first wave? I get the feeling more and more that we are in this mess because of Quayle's ego and Ewart's inability to think outside the box. When will the first CoMin member break ranks they surely all can't agree with what is going on?
  5. Try speaking to some civil servants most of them are not fans of MHK's.
  6. We are also in the middle of an outbreak in the Island which is the immediate focus of his comments. Even if he is electioneering it doesn't mean that his comments are wrong. The two are not mutually exclusive.
  7. But they acted as quickly as they could based on the data................... Wankers.
  8. It was fairly strange for them to say that considering people can spread it two days before displaying symptoms. As head of Public Health Ewart should have know that and the situation wasn't helped by her condescendingly giving advice that everything was fine when it was anything but.
  9. This just backs up my point. He needs to go. He should never have been there in the first place. They have messed this up at every stage.
  10. I think it's their bizarre aversion to testing people that put pay to this. Test, test test was what Ashford stood up and said during the first wave and it was exactly this they they have failed to do ever since.
  11. I think they do it to prevent fear but don't realise it actually adds to it.
  12. Ham_N_Eggs

    Next CM

    It went through but won't have royal assent for a few month's. It is unlikely to be used before the end of this parliament.
  13. Nobody has died yet. It takes 3 to 4 weeks from symptoms showing for people to pass away of covid. This is a bit like people last weekend saying "it's only a couple of cases in the community what's everyone so worried about" or the week before that with "it's only a little cluster involving a coffee shop what's the panic" or a week before that when it was "just one person caught it from someone on the boat - what's everyone worried about". It may seem like a lifetime ago but this has taken less than 4 weeks (12th February first reported case of UK based SP worker positive, 18th February M
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