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  1. To be fair he's raised this issue with Tynwald and pulled the DoI in last Friday for a grilling. He believes he's conflicted because he has delegated responsibility for tourism and now that the hoteliers are / may be getting compensation for losses he is perceiving this as a conflict. Which would be the second enquiry that he is conflicted for because Marlene Maska (Hendy) replaced him for the harbours one. It just goes to highlight again that people who sit on scrutiny committees shouldn't be in Government. This problem is only going to get worse if departments start to work closer together.
  2. I'm not saying it shouldn't. What I am saying is that the politicians won't change anything about the station because they like the free advertising. That makes sense. There's the engineering side as well or is that a separate entity?
  3. Listening figures are dropping and will keep dropping as people curate their own content via podcasts and music streaming services. As has been pointed out previously politicians won't do anything to Manx Radio as long as they keep giving them airtime. Why would they get rid of something that keeps their profile up?
  4. Think you'll find the news team aren't paid half as much as the senior sales team.
  5. The problem is that we're still paying for it regardless of whether we listen to it or not. I pay my licence fee because I like some (not all) of the BBC's content, I pay a Netflix subscription because I like some (not all) of their content, I have paid for Sky but I no longer like their content so I stopped paying, ditto Amazon Prime. I don't get a choice to not pay for Manx Radio as the funds are taken out of direct taxation and those that aren't result in wall to wall adverts that makes Manx Radios actual content unlistenable.
  6. They're not "chucking" diesel they're "recycling" it.
  7. It defeats the object of recycling may as well just throw it all in the bin. But then recycling is after the problem has been created. The best thing for the environment is not to use plastics; more to be done with compostable waste (for instance paper is compostable); glass bottles to be reused rather than ground up; and for the incinerator to be used a lot less (low emissions is not no emissions). In other words fix the problem before it occurs not after.
  8. To be fair after reading the report it seems they haven't factored in anything at all. Which is all very DOI.
  9. Doesn't matter who is on the committee it matters who they took evidence from and yes they did take evidence from marine engineers. Read the report it's all there. I would be surprised if you read it and are still happy with £80 million being sunk on what is a very short term "plan". The DOI really haven't got a clue how much any of the work is going to cost nor is there a clear long term strategy for the harbour. It's a bit like the UK post office sales person. Where they spend tons of money to get little to no return and with no specific idea of what they are trying to achieve.
  10. Pretty sure they did. It was mentioned in one of the many many debates on this in Tynwald before the current incumbents got in. That's how they knew it wasn't a simple skim they needed. But not sure why they aren't using the info now.
  11. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=44690 I think the issue was that the waves would still over top but they would then have no where to go because there's a big blocking them.
  12. Pretty sure Harmer said that they won't be fixing the cracks in the concrete just making sure it doesn't happen on the rest of the Prom. I'll have to double check that when the Hansard comes out. I could listen to his answer to Rob C's question online but his incessant mumbling makes it difficult to follow what he says.
  13. Actually it is the authors fault. Over half the world access the internet via a mobile device. The page should have been suitable for viewing on a mobile or at the very least tested on a mobile.
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