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  1. They've already cancelled the Douglas East by-election who's to say they won't cancel the election next year.
  2. Considering how small it's listenership is it's incredibly expensive. I will be willing to bet both 3fm and Energy FM run on a lot less than the cost of the subvention let alone the additional commercial revenue.
  3. Don't tell Juan Watterson that. He'd raise a militia to take out anyone walking the streets!
  4. An interesting fact for you - promulgation doesn't have to be on Tynwald Day, in fact promulgation used to take place when necessary. Read the Legislation Act 2015 from page 9 onwards and you'll notice that nowhere in it does it state that they have to be promulgated on Tynwald Day. The below is taken from Peter Edge's book on Manx Public Law: "A consideration of promulgation between 1700 and 1800 indicates that Tynwald Day was preferred but not essential. Between these dates two Acts were promulgated in February; three in April; one in May; thirty-eight in June; seventeen in July; one in August; twenty two in September, seventeen of which were promulgated at the same time; three in October; and two in November. Taking into account the postponement of any Tynwald day which fell on a Sunday, and the adoption of the Gregorian Calendar during this period, of the eighty-nine Acts promulgated during this period, forty-six were promulgated on Tynwald Day." I am sure I have read of an example in the 20th century as well.
  5. For now. If everyone is under lockdown though who is producing the food? The major fallout from the lockdowns won't hit for 3 to 6 months when the supply chains start to run out
  6. They'll be that many gone by the end of April in the UK. I really hope this comment will prove to be wrong but sadly I have a feeling it won't.
  7. But people aren't dying of flu at the rate they are dying of covid-19. The first person to die in the UK only died 5th March it's now 2352.
  8. There will be more than that dead in the UK of Covid-19 by May and that is with a country in lockdown. It's only been in the UK for little over a month and 2,352 are dead already. A 13 year old with no underlying health condition died in the UK yesterday. What are you not getting about this?
  9. Blindly following Public Health England AGAIN. That'll be Public Health England that are going to oversee the worse health crisis in the UK in modern history all because they didn't prepare. Four doctors dead in the UK now.
  10. Even mild symptoms take a while to recover from. This is is not a walk in the park as some people make out.
  11. Indeed not a good idea. Work on the assumption that everyone who isn't you has it. It'll help you to practice social distancing.
  12. It'll happen here as well it's only a matter of time. Perhaps we should speed the process up and "flatten the curve" faster.
  13. They're mirroring England's approach which was far too slow.
  14. They'll be evidence this week when the tests eventually come back from England. They can't slow this until they speed the testing up and that means stop following public health England
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