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  1. Ham_N_Eggs

    Year Of Our Island

    It was wet and windy so probably not.
  2. Ham_N_Eggs

    Manx students go on strike

    Speaking about protests and pointlessness... This photo is from the farage march on London. Notice the Manx flag... ...oh and the sign
  3. Ham_N_Eggs

    Manx students go on strike

    Robertshaw only got 7 more votes than him in 2016 (487 to 480).
  4. Ham_N_Eggs

    Manx Radio

    I believe Radio TT ad revenue goes to the DfE not Manx Radio which is why they are paid a fee and why they're probably not willing to put it on FM as they'll lose their real income stream.
  5. Ham_N_Eggs

    Manx Radio

    AM doesn't cover the whole of the Island and certainly not in Ramsey. I believe FM covers pretty much all of the Island and is much better quality which makes even less sense as to why they broadcast on AM. It adds to the amateurish feel of the coverage.
  6. Ham_N_Eggs

    Island considers bottle return system.

    They should but an equally important to ask yourself why he says what he is saying. It should be noted that he left Greenpeace a long time ago; he is a nuclear industry spokesperson; his money is earned on the corporate speaking where he offers reassurances that damaging the very air we breathe is not a bad thing; and he also says the scam that environmental companies are persuing is just to get grants and without them then the companies wouldn't exist. The entire model of the nuclear industry is that it simply can't exist without grants and subsidies. Subsidies that are now being diverted away from the nuclear industry. Money over life again.
  7. Ham_N_Eggs

    Island considers bottle return system.

    Do you really want to take a chance that it's not a scam?
  8. Ham_N_Eggs

    Island considers bottle return system.

    So what you are saying is if you used to do something and it worked perfectly well and didn't poison the whole planet but you found a cheaper of doing it but it had profound consequences on everything on the planet then we should keep poisoning everything because it saves money. You realise that you are saying money is more important than life.The same goes for renewable energy, the cost truly isn't that much more than standard fuel but the long term benefit (regardless of whether you believe in climate change because lets face it pollution is just nasty) is immaterial. It should be life before money always.
  9. Ham_N_Eggs

    PAC Report into DHSC

    Lessons will be learnt only to be forgotten and repeated ad nauseam. Tis ever the way of the Government of Man.
  10. Ham_N_Eggs

    Steam Packet to be sold

    He's in the Department for Enterprise, he's obliged to help spin this one on behalf of tourism.
  11. Ham_N_Eggs

    Is this true? Countryside Care Scheme

    So same question I asked you on that Watterson thread which you have yet to answer........ Can you name me 3 things he achieved in his time in Tynwald*? *being a nice guy is not what he was paid for.
  12. Ham_N_Eggs

    Is this true? Countryside Care Scheme

    That is the same chap. He had to refer himself to the Tynwald standards committee for misleading the house a bit like Skelly did over Vision Nine. They refer themselves before they get referred.
  13. Ham_N_Eggs

    Rob Callister

    There is when he ask it for written answer not oral. If you want to make a point about something asking for it in writing is not the best way to do it you want to do it on the floor of the Keys.
  14. Ham_N_Eggs

    Interesting questions tabled for next weeks Tynwald

    Kate Beecroft far left? Seriously? Just because the party has 'Liberal' in the name doesn't actually mean they are.
  15. Ham_N_Eggs

    Rob Callister

    Here's his explanation. Of course a bit like the postage question in the summer he's asked it for written answer so he can't actually make his point in the House of Keys next week. Guess we'll have to wait for the next enthralling installment of his blog..... ....