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  1. Ham_N_Eggs


    In your perception. The reality of the situation is most likely very far from how you perceive it to be.
  2. The act of buggery was illegal back then. In fact as the new Sexual Offences Act hasn't had royal assent yet it still comes under the term "unnatural offences". So to answer your question buggery between consenting adults over the age of 16 is no longer illegal so it would be a different offence if they were caught in a public toilet now.
  3. Ham_N_Eggs


    It's easy to over sell yourself for an hour or two. It's much more difficult to carry it on when actually in the job. The issue is people not using probationary periods correctly leading to having too short a period to properly assess new recruits whilst simultaneously not taking the time to train staff to the required level.
  4. “people in this country have had enough of experts”.
  5. That they have to kill seagulls with a digger?
  6. Yes, currently working as a taxi driver.
  7. The vast majority of that waiting list was already there pre-Covid. The Conservatives have run England's NHS into the ground like they do with every industry prior to privatising it. Covid is just the latest in a long line of excuses for them.
  8. I think you do. Why else would you spend so much time debating the issue? I think somewhere deep down you're really worried and it's just coming out as anger. If you aren't concerned then could always prove it by not posting anything COVID related for a week.
  9. Sigh. No they didn't. This: “It's worth noting that these admissions are not necessarily to treat Covid-related illness. A child might be admitted to hospital with a broken arm, but will be recorded in the figures if they test positive for Covid." is the opinion of the journalist / editor not the Scottish Government.
  10. This week and next is when you'd expect to see hospitalisations rise; and they are (currently 1024) If they haven't gone up by next Friday to around 1500 to 2500 then they'll be very lucky. Feel free to come back then and gloat if they haven't and I for one will be very glad if they haven't because my friends and family have suffered enough.
  11. But nowhere near the house prices. If you end up spending more on the deposit on a house you have less to fix it up with. Even houses that are wrecks are being snapped up because people simply don't have the choice.
  12. Headed that way? On the day that the news broke about Peter Cruddas being given a lordship after the House of Lords Appointments Commission turned it down and him subsequently donating £500,000 to the Conservative party two days later what did newsnight run with? An attempt to smear Howard Beckett the leading contender in the Unite leadership election because he's very left wing. To be fair he defended himself excellently.
  13. No standing on a rock just yet, in fact barely a mention of what he has done for his constituents (hint not much), but Cannan has declared: https://twitter.com/alfredcannan
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