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  1. Or maybe he's just changed jobs?
  2. Private sector doesn't always mean better and generally means more expense in the long run. Just look at anything privatised in the UK. OHR just need to... recruit better.
  3. Most people's have Android phones although Apple are increasing market share.
  4. I guess Public Health because what's the point of them if we just follow Public Health England anyway.
  5. I thought the same thing. She also said it was like a bad cold or flu and then denied that she said that at the tribunal. Even though she said had said it on the public record.
  6. Not sure you can call a decade very frequent.
  7. Let's not forget this is the man who thought the DOI management were doing an excellent job; then subsequently went off in a huff when Cannan didn't reward with the DoI ministership.
  8. Probably didn't get the CEO job and he has gone off in a huff.
  9. He doesn't think he's done anything wrong.
  10. The civil service write his speaking notes so probably not.
  11. It's more the rise of Ayn Rand's followers in the UK Government, driven by the idea of radical individualism, which is leading the collapse in society. Considering she believed altruism was evil putting one of her most steadfast followers, Sajid Javid, as minister for health in the UK is bonkers.
  12. Why do you think we need a wealthy lawyer, accountant or surgeon? What would their very specific skills bring to Tynwald? Why are you presuming that because someone earns lots of money they will be a better politician? Do you think poor people are not worthy? Read this.
  13. Have you read some of those 109 comments? So many of them saying how honest he is. It's just so depressingly bizarre.
  14. No, CoMin need the votes. That is unless they rebrand it again.
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