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    TT 2018

    No his rants are free for the world to read
  2. She covers this. It was in the afternoon session probably about an hour or so in. Just bear in mind Beecroft is in full I told you so mode during her speech.
  3. I suggest you listen to the debate where she reveals what actually happened and is quite candid about it. Malcolm Couch was behind a lot of this. I also suggest you listen to Claire Bettison's speech on this to see what bullying is really like in the health services. It appears that Crouch was the reason she quit as a departmental worker rather than Beecroft. Those two speeches were illuminating, saddening and frightening all at once. Like her or loath her Beecroft was right on this one and of course unlike Quayle she didn't have an army of PR people to spin this for her.
  4. You realise the Prom is flat and the old horses home is on Richmond Hill
  5. Quicker for all of 100 metres.
  6. EJ's murder was it not?
  7. Because the sages in Tynwald knew best. Laying a two lane track on the narrowest part of the Prom where vehicles struggle to get passed the House trams and running a single track on the widest part is evidence of their expertise in traffic management.
  8. Guessing this means parking is gone then. With the road works on the Prom are the bikers going to be parking on the actual prom walkway and isn't this a bigger danger to the public?
  9. Ham_N_Eggs

    Beer Tent

    Is he subsidised? How much by? Is he not just paying normal rent for the Villa Gardens? Something anyone could do including you. He has taken risks with his own capital and made a success out of it. The TT & FoM are just a massive subsidy for local business. As the attached report shows. 2019-GD-0028.pdf
  10. From the first time they tried to introduce this: Up to 90 lone parents and 35 couples could be impacted by the changes to EPA and about a third of the 300 lone parents on income support could lose benefits.
  11. Ham_N_Eggs

    Beer Tent

    DBC should keep it open as a carpark over TT given the works on the Prom.
  12. Presuming the Department got all excited and agreed to release it early. Tynwald order papers are usually published on Thursday lunchtime along with all associated reports and documents
  13. Well it has arrived. Recommendation 1: The Council of Ministers should formally adopt the principle that patients and service users are fully engaged in, and at the centre of, all aspects of planning and delivery of health and social care services. Recommendation 2: The setting of priorities and the development of policy in both health and social care should be separate from the delivery of services. A comprehensive governance and accountability framework should be established aligned to agreed standards and underpinned, where necessary, by legislation. A single public sector organisation, perhaps to be known as “Manx Care”, should be responsible for the delivery and/or commissioning from other providers of all required health and care services. Recommendation 3: Services provided directly or indirectly by Manx Care should be inspected regularly by independent, external quality regulators, with a report to the Manx Care Board and to the DHSC. Recommendation 4: A publicly available Annual Report from Manx Care should be provided to the DHSC and subsequently presented to Tynwald, summarising the delivery of the health and care services on the Island. Recommendation 5: A statutory duty of care (applicable to organisations and the individuals who deliver health or care services) should be agreed, implemented and maintained alongside the delivery of high value clinical governance, underpinned by legislation where necessary. The new statutory duty of care would include:  A duty of confidentiality;  A duty to share information where appropriate to enable the delivery of safe optimal care; and  A duty of candour – a responsibility to disclose where breaches of safety standards or harm to individuals have occurred. Recommendation 6: The Council of Ministers should mandate the DHSC, Treasury and the Cabinet Office to ensure implementation of the agreed Transformation Programme of health and care services as set out in this Report, led by the Chief Secretary. Recommendation 7: The Council of Ministers should receive a quarterly progress report on the Transformation Programme to understand the progress made and to identify any significant issues which need resolution. In addition, it is suggested that Tynwald should also receive an annual report on progress of the Transformation Programme. Recommendation 8: Primary and/or secondary legislation should be introduced as required, and included in the legislative programme as soon as possible, in order to form a modern, comprehensive legislative framework. This legislation should address weaknesses or gaps in the current system as well as enabling the implementation of the recommendations contained in this Report, such as any necessary legislation to establish Manx Care. Recommendation 9: The Public Health Directorate should be empowered to provide advice and guidance across Government, not solely to the DHSC. It should promote and co-ordinate health and wellbeing across the Island to help improve the quality of life and reduce the demand on health and care services in the future. All Departments should be required to factor public health guidance into policy setting and legislation. In order to facilitate this, the Public Health Directorate should be moved to a position in the Cabinet Office. Recommendation 10: An on-going health and care needs assessment programme for the Isle of Man should be established and funded without delay. It is not possible to develop meaningful service delivery models and plans without establishing the current and future needs for health and care through this assessment. Many other recommendations in this report are predicated on the assumption that this programme will be established. The Public Health Directorate should be resourced to undertake the health and care needs assessment programme. Recommendation 11: A service-by-service review of health and care provision, in conjunction with the needs assessment and an analysis of care pathway design, should be undertaken to establish what services can, should or must be provided on and off-Island, against defined standards. Where services cannot be provided safely or deliver best value by Island-based providers, the default position should be to seek services from third parties for delivery on-Island whenever possible and off-Island where necessary. Recommendation 12: Service by service integrated care pathways should be designed, agreed and delivered. These should encompass both on and off-Island components of clinical service models. Recommendation 13: Manx Care should deliver an enhanced 24/7 emergency air bridge, allowing for patients to be stabilised locally and moved quickly and safely to contracted specialist centres. Recommendation 14: A single, integrated out-of-hours service should be established to provide care in an efficient and appropriate manner outside normal working hours. Recommendation 15: The Isle of Man should establish a model for delivering primary care at scale, since further and deeper collaboration within primary care is necessary to deliver current services and provide additional local services. Recommendation 16: The provision of social care should be considered as part of the current review of future funding of nursing and residential care with the intention of removing disincentives to people requiring care and support remaining in their home. This consideration should specifically include equalisation of the current threshold of financial assistance, a more flexible approach to funding to enable joint commissioning of broader care arrangements in the interests of the service user and provision of 24/7 social care access. Recommendation 17: Increased funding should be linked to the achievement of annual efficiency targets. Recommendation 18: Additional transformational funding and dedicated specialist resources, including proven change leadership, are required to deliver the transformational recommendations for them to be implemented successfully. Recommendation 19: Increases in funding for health and care services will be required to support the increased demands that will be placed on those services due to demographic changes, non-demographic changes and inflation. Recommendation 20: Funding, based on agreed need, should, over time, move from the current annual budget allocation to a 3-5 years financial settlement for heath and care services for the Island. Recommendation 21: Ensure data sharing protocols and arrangements are reviewed, agreed and implemented in accordance with the Information Commissioner’s regulations and guidance. Recommendation 22: The development and delivery of the digital strategy should go further and faster to ensure the comprehensive capture, sharing and use of information. This would enable greater integration across the system, improved monitoring and enhanced delivery of quality and efficiency-related information. Recommendation 23: A core data set is essential for the management and assessment of services and should be established without delay. Recommendation 24: The systematic capture of accurate data should be a priority for the Island’s health and care services Recommendation 25: A fit for purpose workforce model needs to be developed to reflect the emerging needs of the new model of care. It should maximise the potential skills available within the workforce as well as the opportunity to recruit and retain high quality professionals. It will then increase the attractiveness of the Isle of Man as a career destination. Recommendation 26: The Government should create a new, dedicated and skilled transformation programme group to oversee and support the implementation of the agreed Recommendations.
  14. Be interesting to see who the beneficial owner is of both companies.
  15. I am led to believe they knew each other hence the nomination. That's not to say you may not be on to something but working on your logic Anne Corlett would have been in with a shot. She was not only a Councillor but ran the government canteen. You couldn't get more establishment than the person who helped mould the Chief Minster into the fine figure he is. Granted she hasn't been mayor but that's not saying much if you look at the current incumbent. The other reason they may have given him the ministers role it to stop him asking questions before he stumbled on to something.
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