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  1. Ham_N_Eggs

    Rob Callister

    You're not vegan by any chance?
  2. Ham_N_Eggs

    Lack Of Road Safety Strategy...

    He actually speaks pretty much every sitting - one of the few that do (probably more often than Onchan's local hero Callister I may add).I don't agree with what he says most of the time but what is wrong with a 20 mph speed limit in towns? I am sure he mentioned an all island speed limit as well. As to why 20mph check this out. This vote was a bit odd today Malarkey talked about wanting better enforcement but then didn't want to introduce speed cameras (with an under strength police force how else are they going to monitor speed). One member of comin talked about how wonderful peoples driving is over here then in the same breath how people don't know how to use roundabouts (think that was either Malarkey or Cregeen). Still it's in and it's a start as Derek says.
  3. Ham_N_Eggs

    Rob Callister

    Didn't he break the news on Alf Cannan withdrawing the motions on EPA the other day before treasury could put out a press release? He must be very popular with his colleagues.
  4. Ham_N_Eggs

    Manx Gas Findings

    Guess the OFT is due a re-brand soon then.
  5. Ham_N_Eggs

    Low IQ drugs mule gets 2 years

    The Government need to get on with legalising and taxing cannabis to take it out the criminals hands. It's going to happen soon or later they may as well make it sooner.
  6. Ham_N_Eggs

    Disconnect between young voters and MHKS

    Given there is no single definition of socialism please do enlighten everyone on what it is in your opinion.
  7. Ham_N_Eggs

    Disconnect between young voters and MHKS

    Or perhaps they start out believing that all humans are equal and every deserves an equal chance in life and can't understand why life isn't so. Then slowly but surely they are moulded into good little members of society. They are educated on the very important value of greed and the even more important lesson of hate all wrapped in a lovely little parcel of fear by those who themselves once had dreams and ambitions of a better fairer society. An outsider looking in might say you live in a society that would rather hate itself than work together. But hey who am I kidding right? That first scream as a babe emerges into the world is actually them demanding they are put back in the womb because they don't like change fella; their first steps obviously so they can join the marches against the never ending tide of come-overs; their first words so they can tell little johnny come-over that there is a boat in the morning; and then they go to school and then those left leaning idealistic Bolshevik bastard teachers with their "unions" to represent them destroy all that hard work mother nature had put in and not to forget the good old evil embedded in each every one of us from the original sin. I mean how very dare people have a union to help lobby on their behalf not with voice of one lone person but with the collective voice of hundreds / thousands to insist on better pay and working conditions for them and others. Don't they know that there are those in society not in unions who haven't had a pay rise in years... Our leaders and therefore our betters say unions are bad...I mean why would they say that if it wasn't true...there's nothing in it for them if workers don't have a voice is there......
  8. Ham_N_Eggs

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    He's also turned off comments so even if he wasn't banned he couldn't reply anyway. The madness is strong on facebook at the moment.
  9. Ham_N_Eggs

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    Busters been on the Onchan Residents facebook group slagging Vader off egged on by a couple of fake profiles.
  10. Ham_N_Eggs

    Moorehouse Strikes Again

    And the money that went missing from police evidence. If only these thieves had been carrying a crumb of cannabis they'd have been locked up ages ago....
  11. Ham_N_Eggs

    Rob Callister

    Looking at the various IoM politics groups on facebook there are several people who suffer from that issue on the Island.
  12. Ham_N_Eggs

    Manx Radio

    Well thank God you're not in charge of the Island.
  13. Ham_N_Eggs

    Manx Radio

    He's running Home Affairs now
  14. Ham_N_Eggs

    Manx Radio

    The sad thing is that even though this highlights the attitude of Manx Radio board members Tynwald won't actually make any changes.
  15. Ham_N_Eggs

    Manx Radio

    Part 2