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  1. Ham_N_Eggs


    No, it was fine when I went through at just before 9.
  2. Did you get turned down for a job in the civil service at some point?
  3. Or the sun: every year more and more bubbles appear that get badly cut off and patched.
  4. Everyone had to book online so an FOI about how many tickets were booked using @gov.im and all the Offices and Boards email addresses should give a number for that.
  5. That's him admitting that the civil service run the show. Political parties are the only way the Island will ever make any significant change to the Civil Service.
  6. Nothing there was literally no substance in anything announced today. Moorhouse pointed out that some of the bits in this support package are things they are already doing (badly) just rebranded. The bus fare part was pathetic they should either of made them free or just half the fares and give all kids free school travel. The weird thing was even though there were a few dissenting voices all of them voted for it and not one of them tried to amend the motion into something more useful. Were they under orders or are crop of 2021 still to green around the gills?
  7. Allinson said nothing at all. KLB is lauding funding heat-hubs as if it isn't a policy failure on their behalf. Heat hubs for fuck sake. Like the UK they are blaming Ukraine without actually blaming the energy producers blatant profiteering.
  8. Working to the terms of their contact is appalling? Why?
  9. That such a poor arguement. Maybe if the Government started dealing with the unions earlier then they would have had a pay deal in place before the budget and before inflation went crazy but they didn't. It's not a surprise it was rejected. If you had the choice would you take a real terms pay cut? If you don't have a choice in your current workplace then join a union.
  10. Yawn. Are the wages are rising in the finance houses?
  11. Who teaches the nurses... Teachers!
  12. I've seen plenty. A lot of people are frustrated but it's in the government's have to fix this. Looming on the horizon is the civil service pay deal. I guess we'll be finding out what they actually do if they go on strike.
  13. Exactly. A good education system is a key foundation stone to a successful society.
  14. Most jobs pay overtime. If you're not getting overtime then you need a new job. All you're doing by working over and above your normal workload for free is making someone else richer. Why you would do that is truly mind boggling.
  15. The same number will leave the Island in that period. I know quite a few people seriously considering it now.
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