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  1. Chris Robertshaw did in Tynwald and he also asked why the press are limited to two questions only. All Howard Quayle did was waffle about how the room isn't big enough. Listen to it here from 3min 50secs for the full rant, 8min 20secs for the media bit and 31min 10secs for Quayle's excuses. Love him or hate him Robertshaw is on the money with this little rant about the Governments approach to the crisis at the moment.
  2. Some people will always look to be lead and favour perceived power over actual ability. Spout enough words with enough confidence and people will believe you. The reality is it was the Island residents that stopped infections rates rising not the government. Let's not forget CoMin refused to close the border initially and they religiously followed PHE, even when it was clear PHE advice was fundamentally flawed in the wake of what was happening in China, Italy and Spain. Even their refusal to mandate masks in shops ran contrary to emerging scientific studies at the time and looks daft now the
  3. The big rise today was coming from the South specifically the London regions.
  4. There is an element of seasonal impact but there is a larger impact of lack preparedness; taking the whole country out of lock down when the North wasn't ready; corrupt ppe contracts; the Cummings factor; lacking of closing down the main area of infection (schools and universities); and eat out to help was just plain stupid.
  5. They are not in the same household as the original infection. They didn't catch it in a household at all. The Facebook rumours on this are not a million miles from the truth.
  6. Given what I have heard about this little group of cases and how things are being run up at Noble's the senior hospital management will have a lot of questions to answer over the upcoming days.
  7. Yes, tell that to the 595 people that died in the UK in the last 24 hours. Oh wait you can't. Before you start (because I've heard this a lot) yes people die every day and yes these people would have died anyway but for virtually all them that day wouldn't have been yesterday. Further I also am aware that lots of people died of other things yesterday but if the pandemic gets further out of hand and hospital admissions continue to grow (now above first wave levels in the North of England) then hospitals will close down to non-Covid patients and even more unnecessary deaths will occu
  8. You picked the wrong Minister. It should be Saint David and his daft letter.
  9. Statistics. This was supposed be an evidence based policy making Government. But when offered the chance to gather evidence they rebuke it. At the moment they seem to be doing things on gut instinct.
  10. I may be over simplifying things but the issue with the access road is the width of the bridge and maybe a little bit of the road in places. So.... why not widen both bridge and the road? I guess that's not grand enough for the DoI.
  11. He announced one major policy change that irked a lot of MHK's. Cregeen is to become the Minister of Home Affairs and Justice. What could possibly go wrong?
  12. Are you sure it was re-pressed and not just transported to the Island in someone's petrol tank?
  13. There hasn't been a sitting where Hooper hasn't asked a question. Bar the ones to the Post Office, which seem to be a personal vendetta, they are good questions. Julie Edge's questions all seem related to personal vendettas either against areas that have sacked her (DoI), people who've slighted her (eg Lawrie Hoopers areas), places she's previously worked (education), or her fellow constituency MHK's areas.
  14. Being a successful business person does not necessarily make for a great politician. Government is not a business.
  15. Probably 90% members of Manx Forums.
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