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  1. Exactly they vote for people they know or have heard of. That's probably why Rob Callister started the blog shortly before the election to raise his profile further. Don't forget he'd never actually faced a ballot before the 2016 general election. That's not really true on the Island is just a popularity contest always has been. Exhibit A: six simple words for you: Father of the House Graham Cregeen.
  2. You see that the thing, he isn't part of a team, he is an independent Member of the House of Keys. Those "colleagues" will be rivals in two years time. To be frank he can do and say what he wants and the other MHK's be damned it is only the electorate that will judge him worthy or not of another five years. The blogs got him elected last time lets see if they get him re-elected.
  3. Die-hard Brexiteers will just deny the reality of that fact just like they have so many others. Part of me wants a no deal scenario to happen just so I can turn around to these people and say look at what you caused but it wouldn't do any good because they would just blame it on someone else. The big problem is that they're far too stubborn to admit they were/are wrong.
  4. It doesn't help that the price of most second hand electric/hybrid/low emission car is in excess of £12,000 nearly half the median wage of the Island.
  5. They're using that line quite a lot a now. Education being one notable place where they don't like being compared to the UK.
  6. I know very few people who would go into the detail he has about his holiday. Fewer still who would post it online.
  7. Buster aka the failed Dominic Cummings of the Isle of Man can still be found rambling on his facebook group.
  8. Was this just passed around companies within the same group to make it seem like it is generating business whilst being rented out?
  9. When it hits those near the top they'll do what they did with Sefton and bail them out with an unlawful but not illegal loan of some sorts.
  10. It's a shame his blog isn't so succinct.
  11. You can try to justify the access road as much as you want but to cut off 37.5 miles of public roads and have only one single track access corridor is just blatant bad planning.
  12. In fact Tynwald won't be sitting until 15th October by which time the UK Parliament will have returned from its summer break and subsequently been suspended for 5 weeks and then and only then will Tynwald sit the next day. Which is quite ridiculous when you think about it.
  13. I suspect (and circumstantial evidence from FB threads backs this up) it has more to do with the price of travel putting people off.
  14. It's alright Moorhouse is on the case... In amongst the 132 questions (!) in this month's questions-only Tynwald are 18 questions on the prison documentary from Moorhouse.
  15. No one can get a dentist appointment within a day on the NHS.
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