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  1. He's going to be very upset he didn't get the invite.
  2. The day to day programming maybe but the news has a fairly strong right leaning.
  3. Yes they still have to fix the substrate (skim the surface) then put the road back exactly where it was (but raised several foot).
  4. It's almost as if the media organisations are selecting them deliberately...
  5. Agreed but then it would need to appeal to more people than retirees and Tynwald members.
  6. Go down the portion and look at how they are relaying it. Especially outside the Methodist church you can clearly see the new road surface will end up higher than the pavement. It's almost level now and it still has a couple of inches to go to meet up with the red concrete. This is before they fit the rail on the sea side of the prom.
  7. Bill Henderson as well both raged against the Council until elected to it then, somehow or other, they saw how great it was
  8. Yes both private and government. One was introduced last week and the equality act began there amongst numerous others in recent years.
  9. It's not really though. If it was they wouldn't be introducing legislation. Tynwald also would have actually changed standing orders / legislation to reflect that they are a revising chamber but they didn't... they created a job description.
  10. But that would just leave Bill "I can't live on £50,000 a year" Henderson.
  11. Properties are generally advertised as investment opportunities because they have or have had tenants.
  12. It's literally his job to come up with excuses as to why his client could have been perceived to be acting suspiciously but wasn't actually. The question you should ask is why the police didn't gather more evidence to back up their case.
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