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  1. He went as far as he needed to make it seem like he's doing something.
  2. It's more likely written by one of them.
  3. According to Callister JPW went along with AC to force him to sign the prewritten resignation letter.
  4. Not according to LinkedIn or the Tynwald website.
  5. It's that vague it doesn't actually say who was shouting.
  6. It's so vague and badly written is it any wonder he had to have a meeting with the DM's to find out what on earth they were talking about. I'd also hazard a guess at which one them wrote it based on one of the rare occasions I've listened to Legislative Council.
  7. 13 House of Keys Members can vote him out. London is not the place you should be looking to for good governance. Look at what the last 12 years have done to the UK
  8. What have any of them actually achieved? We're over a year in now and nothing of any note has actually happened.
  9. A dangerous game indeed. I guess we'll see if MHK's believe she can be trusted in February.
  10. It does sound like they were publicly embarrassed so had a whinge and this resulted in a massive overreaction from Cannan. If they were daft enough to put their complaints in writing he could do a data subject access request, get a copy of the correspondence and further embarrass them by publishing it.
  11. Yes both situations were handled in a very underhand way.
  12. Ah yes, I mixed up my pubs/battles. Should really wake up before ranting.
  13. A bit like the protection order slapped on the Trafalgar in Douglas preventing the development of South Quay. The people doing this should be prepared to buy the buildings if they want them preserved instead of halting progress at every turn.
  14. Whoever wrote that statement was trying to be clever but has proven they are not. They haven't denied calling him incompetent (or words to that effect), which in political terms is as good as an admission. If this was all because of the Tracey Bell arguement leading to the DMs being embarrassed by arguing on social media then perhaps the DMs should think twice before... arguing on social media. What's interesting in all of this is, that if indeed these 3 have been stirring things behind the scenes, it is a very risky game for one of them. August-Hanson is up for re-election next year. Will this lessen her chances of being re-elected?
  15. The Political Members have spoken. What they don't say is whether or not they complained about him.
  16. there's over 100 comments on their including Michelle Haywood and Tracey Bell but here are Joney's comments:
  17. It was about this: https://www.facebook.com/groups/IOMNewspolitics/posts/5159168280856524/
  18. "'Easy convictions, that’s all the constabulary cares about these days. ‘Thank God we are getting a new Chief Constable.’" Always someone else's fault with Martin, at least he didn't blame the Russians this time.
  19. They should pay nurses more not teachers less. Why? It's their job to get the best deal for their members.
  20. They had the opportunity to do that last year but weirdly it was a step too far for the atheists in the House. The longest recess in the British Isles and probably in Europe as well (excluding Parliament's and Assembly's that don't regularly sit)
  21. Because Manx people like their English cousins are very compliant. They don't rebel, protests are tame and tiny, they rarely strike, and they accept what they are told by the Government or their employer with only the merest of tuts. We have only ever had one general strike and haven't rebelled for nearly 400 years. It might just be the merest of coincidences that the CoC are trying to nudge people into second jobs and the Government put this out this morning....
  22. Maybe if they paid people more then they might have people more willing to take up jobs in hospitality and retail...
  23. unless you have solar...
  24. Well why not? If you don't ask you don't get. People are not indentured servants; their labour comes at a cost; and that cost is rising.
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