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  1. At the end of the track but not the busiest junction on the roadway.
  2. Quite simply because they are idiots.
  3. Indeed here's an interesting video that compares both IC and EV and which pollutes more - long but worth a watch: A lot of EV drivers also have solar and use the solar to refill the car.
  4. I suspect were going to see more privatisation and outsourcing rather than less. It's a quick easy way to shift the problem functions off the govt books to the private sector. As you say it will just cause bigger problems further down the line but those driven by a right wing ideology seldom look further than the 5 year political cycle.
  5. The last suspicious package that shut something down was a packet of cocaine that had ripped at the post office. I guess this will be the same thing, a ripped packet and some suspicious powder inside from the mail plane.
  6. https://www.bhf.org.uk/informationsupport/heart-matters-magazine/news/coronavirus-and-your-health/is-coronavirus-a-disease-of-the-blood-vessels
  7. Harmer was in charge when this was forced through before a proper plan was in place. He/CoMin set the unrealistic deadline.
  8. She works for Manx Radio and they provide the commentary for the TT...
  9. Because he wants to improve road safety?
  10. I thought that accredited media sources were obliged to hand their footage in if there was a crash so maybe the police think one of them hasn't.
  11. A bit like, oh I don't know, the petrochemical and car industries.
  12. Why is the comparison always between the TT and mountain climbing? It's a little weird. Why not with another adrenalin filled sport like competitive wingsuit flying?
  13. Who said encourage? If public servants wanted to switch across then they could offer it and have them sign a waiver. There is always a way.
  14. They've already started a new scheme. A new defined contribution scheme. Not available for current Government workers to switch into though so the problem will keep getting bigger.
  15. They do publish a report on this and will have to publish it along with the cost for the festival of motorcycling (or whatever it's called this week) for this year's event.
  16. Nudge theory. Specifically in this case once you become aware of the danger you are in theory nudged into approaching it a certain way. Nudge theory is behind some screaming successes such as brexit (hatred of immigrants) and the UKs initial COVID response (they advised rather mandating things). What they failed to do is actually tell anyone on the boat about how to use the roundels or the shared space. If no-one gives you a nudge in the right direction then people shouldn't be surprised when things go wrong. A two minute video on the boat might have helped. Regardless of this the police should be stationed at the roundels on race days to ensure traffic flows correctly.
  17. Medical MDMA might actually be on the way.
  18. That's not very reasonable.
  19. They've also left loads of bits of tarmac on the walkway because they haven't bothered to sweep up. It is amazingly bad.
  20. It's dreadful. They have to to it up after TT. Watch Longworth put the horsetrams on next week.
  21. The bit of tarmac they've just thrown on the walkway is massively uneven and looks shit. I can see a few cyclists coming off or at the very least tyres damaged. Hopefully it will all be ripped after TT.
  22. Or maybe he's just changed jobs?
  23. Private sector doesn't always mean better and generally means more expense in the long run. Just look at anything privatised in the UK. OHR just need to... recruit better.
  24. Most people's have Android phones although Apple are increasing market share.
  25. I guess Public Health because what's the point of them if we just follow Public Health England anyway.
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