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  1. The cost of electricity could rise as well. It all depends how far in advance the MUA have bought.
  2. It's outside the gaiety in a dancing pose.
  3. I know that Joney Faragher asks people to get registered when visiting even if they weren't going to vote for her. It's a good tactic and one that I wish her well with.
  4. It really is sad that the only time some MHK's will listen to anything, other-than-the-voices-in-their-head-telling-them-how-wonderful-a-chief-minister-they-would-be, is when they turn up on someone's doorstep seeking a vote. Fifteen years wasted. Let's hope AMC do the decent thing and don't make it twenty.
  5. They'll only get things done if they stop pandering to people and just change things. They also need to do it early so they can reap any benefit before the next election. The first major pitfall they need to avoid in the new House of Keys is putting Alf Cannan in as Chief Minister. If you think things were bad under Quayle just wait till the Treasury Minister who enabled it all takes over.
  6. Cherry can barely string a sentence together.
  7. Wow! Well Onchan has no choice at all. Edge and Callister will be getting returned.
  8. No, just no. It would be nice to have one administration where they don't have an investigation into Public Media.
  9. It seems the Gef article has been taken down. I wonder if they actually met the person or if the interview was conducted via email.
  10. What's odd is when you try and look the guy behind the site up. He has a blank Facebook profile and a Google search turns up nothing on him apart from the Gef and manx radio articles.
  11. Before he becomes ruler of Earth?
  12. Because they are idiots. I seem to remember they specified it as something like 1.85m or 1.95m wide. The average car width in the UK is 1821mm in width. Whilst they were building the bays too narrow they also pinched some more of the road for cars. All this on the narrowest stretch of the prom where there were already issues with poor parking meaning people couldn't get passed the horse trams. If they aren't idiots then god knows what they are.
  13. Chief Minister or nothing for Callister.
  14. Deserts are not the ideal place for solar as the panels overheat and require a cooling system.
  15. Well they had to do something to take the focus off the fuck up with the deaths.
  16. Handily it is not on the tynwald website but http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=57263&headline=Unfair to disclose gas documents&sectionIs=&searchyear=2020
  17. I seem to remember it being on his members interests form. You're right though he definitely wasn't a director.
  18. Robertshaw is involved in that company.
  19. Ask him. Peter was and still is remarkably approachable. With regards to the nursery voucher scheme as part of CoMin he was bound by CoMin decisions and as such when they watered down the scheme he had to bring it to Tynwald. But that still doesn't change the fact it was poorly thought out idea even before the funding got reduced. This support for Willers is also daft.
  20. Not a surprise. He kept his head down, never really did anything and as a result was rewarded with a Ministership under Teflon Bell and then a cushy MLC job. He is a nice guy but a vote for him definitely won't be a vote for change or progress.
  21. Some people will do anything to be in the spotlight.
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