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  1. As bizarre as it sounds I'm not sure she thinks she has done anything wrong.
  2. Replying to an email does not make him unsackable. In fact that's a nonsensical arguement.
  3. The demonisation of Unions from the late 70's onwards is one of the biggest tragedies to low paid workers rights. Collective bargaining works.
  4. Julie Edge is in CoMin so won't be commenting anytime soon; Chris Thomas is busy on Twitter; and Rob Callister is probably busy writing a blog about the rally.
  5. Isn't Faragher in DHSC? Possibly not allowed to comment.
  6. As she was a CEO, she would have reported to him and he would have had to sign off on her employment.
  7. No, it's in the chief minister only. He can be removed by a simple majority of Keys Members. Also there's no recall mechanism. We're stuck with this lot.
  8. The more interesting part of that interview was the pressure put on Manx Radio not to report the story in the first place: https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/tribunal-decision-should-be-watershed-moment-says-mhk/
  9. Maybe primary school but secondary school have exams to mark over the summer. As for the hours, they don't finish at 3.30 when do you think they produce their lesson plans? If you want to improve society educating children to a high standard is crucial. Investing in childrens education is investing in the future.
  10. There's still matters for the tribunal to consider (the mystery of the concocted evidence).
  11. So I've just listened to this again he received a letter from a member of "DHSC staff" from the "wider team" (emphasis on wider). Which is interesting wording and emphasis. Everyone took this to be someone from the lab because Ashford added that in with his thanks at the end but with this tribunal it has made me think that perhaps it could be someone senior in DHSC rather than at the hospital?
  12. Or maybe he's just full of shit.
  13. The problem is nothing will change if he goes. He's already grooming/moulding his replacement at the moment in the new COO of Cabinet Office. It's just a giant self-perpetuating mess which they'll probably attempt to solve by hiring their favourite consultancy firm to look into.
  14. Ewart does not come out of this well.
  15. Will Greenhow may have been in charge on paper but Mark Lewin was heavily involved. There's a reason he's landed his position in Cabinet Office. Enterprise designed our exit strategy.
  16. They do. Generally plod will only get involved if clowns start throwing flares on the plastic pitch.
  17. Which you may need to research during the debate... .. . I appreciate you've backed yourself into a corner with this one but honestly it's time to give it up.
  18. Really, of you knew when the debate was you could look it up. That person in terms of Government business will be a civil servant and therefore will be on the ministers side not the backbenchers. Questions are not debates.
  19. Appear but are they? Let's wait for the accounts.
  20. Debates are all focussed on a topic so it won't move on till they have a vote. But if you need to look something up in Hansard because your sure the minister is being economical with the truth that's where you get someone to filibuster for you until you can find the information. Or just stick a penny in Chris Thomas. Don't forget, unlike government ministers, backbenchers don't have a department backing them so if something comes out on the debate they won't get info sent to them when they need it. So why deprive them of the ability to research on the fly but still allowing the Government access to information. As people are constantly reminding everyone on this debate it's 2022, you can't go on about wanting a modern parliament but only allow a few pencils and paper to work with. Still amazed this topic has got to 5 pages people really don't like change.
  21. You say half empty, I say half full.
  22. Where are you seeing the buses? Douglas when they've dropped everyone off?
  23. Why would you lock it to tynwald and associated papers if it their sole machine that they need for both parliamentary and government duties? How would they reply to you if you have a problem? I get where your coming from, that people should be focused on the task in hand, but nowadays people are very capable of doing multiple things at once. Whether tynwald members are is another question though. Also let's not forget, as Alistair Ramsey is constantly highlighting, most of the outcomes of a tynwald session are already agreed in Members briefings before they step foot in the Chamber. So if you want to tackle the big problem with our "democracy" start there.
  24. They changed this. New entrants now get a choice and can have a defined contribution arrangement. So you're only paying for your own pension.
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