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  1. No RC fan but I assume he sees those posts Facebook as part of his constituency duties so why shouldn't he post them? We don't live in the past and the world doesn't work like that anymore. If they have the capability to answer constituents within a sitting then they should use it. If they are doing Christmas cards or paying bills then they should be kicked out. As someone has already mentioned these are all on their iPad / surface pros. The question you should be asking is the cost of printing all the paperwork for every sitting over the course of 5 years cheaper or more expensive than supplying 1 device to access the paperwork electronically. Given 1 fairly average Tynwald report alone can cost almost £19* to purchase at £665 for 35 copies that is more than the cost of 1 iPad. There are numerous Tynwald and Government reports that go to every sitting along with all the legislation etc. So based on this one report alone and no other papers the saving over 5 years is an eye watering £33,250 (10 sittings a years over 5 years is 50 sittings so 50 X 665) which gives £950 per device**. Even if we assume it's only 7p a sheet (crappiest of crap paper and bound with Treasury tags) for 100 sheets over the course of the parliament that's £12,250 or just short of half the price of a surface pro (£350 per device) based on only one tynwald report and excluding all other documents. Anyway I'm sure an FOI could prove it one way or the other. We live in a modern world and IF it turns out that technology is saving money in Tynwald then I'm all for it. *Not sure if the Tynwald Library actually make any profit on this but I doubt it ** I assume the surface pros Rob Callister mentioned replace a desktop PC which would have been an additional cost on top of the paper.
  2. Didn't they have to modify the cabbage as well? What a roaring success that was. When will enough be enough and IL get the boot. All the delays on the prom caused because he wanted to run electric trams down it without the infrastructure to do it.
  3. That's not what happens. It's more like a giant ground source heat pump. It's a brilliant idea for district heating, which is something the Island seriously need to consider for all new estates. Have a look at this scheme which has been running for 40 years in Southampton: https://www.theade.co.uk/case-studies/utility/southampton-district-energy-scheme Newcastle have a new scheme being built: https://newcastlehelix.com/in-depth/harnessing-the-heat-beneath-our-feet-to-transition-to-net-zero-emissions In summary geothermal has moved on a lot and is very much worth adding into the mix especially for district heating or borehole ground source for individual houses. If there is a suitable well of heat below the Island then why not exploit it?
  4. There a similar problem with the zebra crossing next to the empress on the sea side. Because of way the parking is set up you can not see people waiting at the crossing and pedestrians have to lean out to see if there's any cars coming, especially if a van is parked next to the crossing. It's daft; there's a reason zigzag lines are put next to zebra crossings-to provide a clear line of sight for road users and pedestrians.
  5. People are getting COVID multiple times (Ashford's friend has probably had it seventy times by now) there's little chance immunity would last this long.
  6. Ham_N_Eggs


    You don't like idling cars eh? T'ou uss Bill Henderson, ta queig punt ayd orrym...
  7. Legalise cannabis and decriminalise all other drugs. That would sort out the tourist industry and put more money in the coffers.
  8. Like peas in a pod you two are. Like two hearts, believing in just one mind. Beating together till the end of time.
  9. He's talking about the COVID payment for his rental business
  10. Didn't she say she hadn't taken anything from these schemes in the run-up to her first election? Maybe I'm misremembering. ETA I was misremembering she complained about the waiting times
  11. It's the burning issue of day.
  12. Maybe they did an nobody would pay out the dough they wanted so now the company is toast.
  13. The election was only September. Why would you expect the Government to contact a private business at all?
  14. This may have already been said but I CBA scrolling back through this thread: Tim Johnston is asking Cannan an urgent question on Ramsey Bakery tomorrow according to Moorhouse on Facebook.
  15. You should try and get hold of some Ross Bakery bread by far the superior product.
  16. Not if you wanted a Government bailout. If rumours are true the threat of closure before TT week worked for the Steam Packet.
  17. I know two of the people in hospital. One of them almost certainly won't get back out and if they do it's into long term care - they were in fine health before. Both were admitted because of COVID. I also have relatives with long COVID who are under 40. However, that's not something you really care about. This has always been the case that MOST won't get majorly ill but some will get extremely ill and some will die. This is happening at a greater rate than the flu. The question is has Manx Care over reacted? The answer is no. We have a major nursing shortage (even before COVID); we have vulnerable people in hospital who can't take the decision to protect themselves because they are not in control of the environment; and there has almost certainly been spread internally in the hospital. My major concern for the general public is those who can't claim the COVID payment are going to be screwed if they have to go off ill at a time that everything is getting more expensive. As another poster said there was a time that the Government could have revolutionised the welfare system around sick pay but they choose not to. The sad thing is we keep electing the same tired old stereotypical politicians.
  18. I guess you've not had it then. There's no going to work if you get a proper dose. Which is why removing COVID sick pay is going to lead to both a wider spread of sickness (people working when unfit); and potentially people losing cash because they are to unwell to work but can't claim sick pay for the first three days. As for the hospital considering how many are being hospitalised at the moment with COVID it's a not surprise. Couple that with risking other vulnerable patients catching it in hospital is easy to see why they've done this. The Government and you may think it's over but it's not.
  19. Nothing to see here, everything's perfectly okay.
  20. Sorry forgot the spell to summon him was: @Rob Callister @Rob Callister @Rob Callister
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