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  1. So essentially we're back to March 2020 with no real testing and we'll only be able to guesstimate how many cases there are based off hospital numbers and deaths. Pretty sure that policy ended up requiring a particularly long lockdown to extradite us from the shit it caused. Let's hope this gamble pays off because I really can't be bothered with another lockdown.
  2. Unlikely as it would have been picked up by a PCR test at some point and the genomics done on it (some people are going forward for PCRs with cold symptoms).
  3. For some reason this popped into my head...
  4. Not all of his victims came forward at the time. They probably still haven't. Monster is too weak a word for that one.
  5. Sounds very much like you're just describing the last year and a half.
  6. If they are taking LFD's and then a PCR then they won't be. The issue is simple: more people end up in hospital with covid than flu; these people need staff to look after them; these staff are taken off their ordinary duties; a reduced number of staff are performing their ordinary duties; ordinary hospital services suffer. We also have nursing shortages at the hospital already. The Island will struggle with a wave where everyone gets sick at once and that small minority of people, that would ordinarily end up in hospital with COVID over a 6 week period with Delta, all need hospital treatment in the same week. Plan for the worst, hope for the best
  7. Which arguement? The one that masks are having an effect on reducing the numbers or that Omicron will spread cases quicker. Because of its the latter then it will but most of the cases over here are Delta. As for the July figure... The high was before they changed from the 14 day "gold standard" isolation period to 10 days, vastly reducing the numbers. If we get anywhere near that figure again we're in the shit big time.
  8. Which last time are you taking about? When we eliminated it? I don't get what you on about. The simple facts are Omicron is more transmissible than Delta; it defeats the established immune response and can lead to more infections; more people are going to get sick; and at a much higher rate. The question that remains to be answered is how sick they'll get. If it is less than Delta then this is the dream (and most indications seem to be that this is the case) but if people get as sick as they do with Delta then things will get very messy, very quickly. Whether you believe that or not is your choice but it doesn't change the reality of the situation.
  9. It's slowed down because most people are masking up.
  10. It's at least 14 times by now. But now he's moved to Treasury the same friend will have also managed to get themselves off benefits and become a millionaire three times over.
  11. I guess it just depends on who's swabbing you. Odd though that they're swabbing cheeks at all though. I wondered if they've changed tests obviously not if they did the back of your throat.
  12. Speaking about noticing changes and testing more... do you know why the swabbing team are only swabbing cheeks and nostril now and not the back of the throat and nostril? Half a dozen people that I know have had PCR tests over the last couple of weeks, 4 of them with positive LFDs, all symptomatic, all of them received a negative PCR tests and all had a cheek swab rather than throat.
  13. PHE said so. That is pretty much our policy now with a few tweaks to make it seem like we're tailoring it for the Isle of Man.
  14. That's shocking but not surprising. I suspect it is a swabbing issue. Funnelling so many people through one point puts pressure on the swabbers to get through as many as possible.
  15. This also happened to a friend of mine. They had a positive LFD then PCR gave them a negative. They took two more LFDs both positive. 111 refused to give them a further PCR test. They told them it must have been a faulty batch of LFDs. A line I've heard a few times. This raises so many issues: a) if they know there's a faulty batch out there why haven't they recalled them. If there isn't why the hell are 111 advising them about a faulty batch. b) swabbing issues. The last time I took someone up for a PCR they barely put the swab up the nose. This happened with my friend as well. c) is there control issues in the lab? d) what about symptomatic people who don't take an LFD but go straight to testing as advised by the Govt. How many of them are being given incorrect results? Having read the thread on Twitter it seems this is happening to numerous people and not just a one off. Let's hope this isn't another one of those great Government cock ups again.
  16. Tell this to the press who for some reason think he has something to say so keep giving him a platform. Bit like the UK press do the same for Nigel Farage.
  17. You use far too many words to say absolutely nothing. Most not-for-profit organisations on the Island aren't set up for the sole purpose of lobbying the Government. Most of them actually contribute to the betterment of Island life (or try to).
  18. I don't often swear but Jesus fucking Christ it was actively removed because they were no longer Members of Tynwald and... you'll like this... it would potentially fall foul of GDPR as we (the actual Manx Taxpayers) were no longer entitled to that information. It wasn't a conspiracy. Stop deflecting.
  19. Man calling for transparency fails to be transparent. Can you not see how dodgy this appears? What exactly are you trying to do Michael? What is the end game here?
  20. Literally everyone is wearing a mask in shops in Douglas. I saw one very sheepish looking bloke walking through M&S without one. But he was the only one. Admittedly some of the older ones haven't quite worked out that masks go over the nose as well as the mouth they did at least have one on.
  21. Neither Speaker or Glover are in CoMin so Cannan has no control over them and nor should he. They didn't fear Quayle, they were coming up to an election and feared the electorate.
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