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  1. I was particularly impressed by the part of the interview where he appears completely disinterested and starts to text on his phone.
  2. What a load of bollocks. No, it's common sense. Why do you think security is there in the first place ? No,definitely bollocks. Too many do gooders and lefties on this island and too many Gov. workers who think they can do whatever they want while the union fights their corner. with respect dilli I would venture to suggest that it was the "director" who thought she could do whatever she wanted. just saying But she is not the one with the conviction preventing them from having a security pass. She seems to be the only one enforcing the rules. Wrongly as the tribunal found.
  3. No, despite certain idiots continuing to refer to it as IOM PLC, the IOM is not a corporation, it exists for an entirely different reason and needs running entirely differently.Exactly a government doesn't exist to make a profit at all costs unlike a company. They exist to provide the rules and framework we as a society desire to help us survive. The issue that we are having nowadays is that the lines have been blurred and those that establish the rules and framework are now creating them to allow companies to profit and survive in the vague hope that this profit will some how filter through to the population, having been persuaded that this will happen by the shareholders & directors of these companies. Companies need an injection of morality by removal of limited liability.
  4. http://www.energyfm.net/cms/news_story_429934.html
  5. If you read the report staff member A told staff member B something in confidence. Staff memberBb told the third clerk what it was and that started the whole sorry affair off. Staff member A then was brought in front of the third clerk and was disciplined. So what was it that staff member A told staff member B that was bad enough to warrant disciplinary procedures in the first place? It might be alleged that the reason the staff member was crying was that she had been caught out. Houghton then waded in and what would have been a straight forward disciplinary process rapidly turns to shit. Having had to discipline members of staff previously it's not a nice process but it generally is an attempt to improve their output of that worker or sort out an attitude problem that was affecting other staff. If someone outside of that process who lacks any sort of diplomatic skills stepped in and started to shout about the injustice of it when they don't have a grasp of the true problem then many of the disciplinary procedures would have had a much more negative outcome for both the company I work for, the staff and my team. Staff disciplinary matters are delicate and personal and require a sensitive approach from all sides not someone hopping on a bulldozer and charging at the problem.
  6. I wonder if the Russians are still after him¿
  7. He hasn't really he's just blaming everyone but himself.
  8. Tynwald had had live streaming for years it's on the website.
  9. Did they ever solve the Great B&Q Robbery of 2011?
  10. Given that both mdma and lsd are such great antidepressants it sad to see them banned. Meanwhile far more deadly and crucially addictive substances are supplied readily on prescription to anyone
  11. They're not govt workers. They are given a mandate by the people
  12. Today with the tynwald papers I believe
  13. The relevance being is that these people (see last week's Courier) left the Island singing the praises of our Parliament and how it is run. Without a thought of how it serves or otherwise the people of the land.. They get shown around and told the history (which I agree is marvellous) and they get taken in. They could probably speak with the likes of Geoff Corkish MLC for hours and be entertained and taken in by his charisma without sussing that he hasn't an inkling about politics other than what he has been fed, not an original thought or idea in his head. Same goes with most of them. I would imagine in the cabinet office they make sure no VIPs speak to Quayle, Malarkey, Vregeen, Quirk or Houghton for too long. The silver tongued bullshitters will be to the fore. The boy Lisvane will be here for a while though. I hope he gets a chance to see what the place is really like. If he does, he'll be that perplexed those eyebrows will be crossed. The parliament is NOT the government. The visitors are visiting the Clerk's Office not cabinet office
  14. Go on a tour of Tynwald it's free and actually quite informative. I went on the heritage open days one and spied they're weekly http://www.tynwald.org.im/visitor/tour/Pages/default.aspx
  15. It doesn't really matter what comes of this review none of the recommendations will ever be adopted if it means changing legco. Besides it's the government (not the parliament) who are arranging the review and they have a habit of appointing the consultant they want to achieve a specific outcome i.e. they appointed a guy responsible for corporatising post offices to review if the post office needs corporatising. There was only ever going to be one result...This latest review is just an excuse to kick reform further down the road.
  16. Meanwhile... https://www.facebook.com/DouglasBoroughCouncil/photos/pb.314410575277050.-2207520000.1461619203./1230390353679063/?type=3&source=42
  17. Quirky is harmless compared to some of his colleagues. He wouldn't shaft you unlike others, unfortunately, being ineffective and what some would term useless, is his drawback. But saying that Tinpotwald has many useless MHKs there. And the important thing to remember is the reason he got in last time because he wasn't Earnshaw or Stowell
  18. Or maybe it's a way to do away with their pensions
  19. Have you ever heard eddie teare give a speech? He's something special...
  20. It's worth pointing out that this wasn't a vote to reform the pensions system. It wasn't even a vote that: which was the main point of Cannan's motion. It was a vote that this motion should even be discussed, never mind passed. So there was no actual debate, even on ewhether to have a debate. According to Hansard, in the Keys: Bell, Boot, Quayle, Ronan, Shimmin, Skelly, Teare and Watterson all voted against. Gawne was missing, but clearly this was a CoMin whip. The other 15 backbenchers voted for Only Corkish and Turner voted in favour in LegCo - the other seven voted against. The motion also covered the adoption of pspa recommendations on Tynwald members pensions whilst reviewing the rest at committee
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