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  1. May the gods bless you and your families in the new year.
  2. http://pressstart2begin.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/gaius-baltar.png
  3. Chewbacca dies? Thanks for the spoiler, might as well not go watch it now you've ruined it for me.
  4. I haven't seen it so can't comment but I'm sure it wasn't her fault. It was probably that JJ Abrams guy's fault. Can you explain why the let down?
  5. Come on, Rob. He needs to resign. He could have killed a person or even a child or pregnant woman while driving three times over the limit. A slap on the wrist is not enough. He needs to fall on his proverbial sword. His political career is finished. Then again, this is the Isle of Man, where you CAN...
  6. Boredom is a troll/twat. So say we all.
  7. I'm too busy having a life and getting pissed to get into a grammar argument with keyboard warriors on here. Merry Christmas!!!!
  8. Frakk you! Carrie Fisher is still a gorgeous woman. Not.everything is about looks. She has a wonderful personality.
  9. You were wrong and I see no point continuing this boring conversation with you. My final word on the matter. Good day.
  10. Not guilty and I was responding to someone who ranted to me.
  11. Try reading a real newspaper. When they use phrases like 'the country' or 'our nation', they don't capitalise. 'Island' is no different. Google: common noun.
  12. Utter bollocks. 'Island' would only be capitalised if used in one of two ways: as the first word in a sentence or if used as part of a proper noun. Referring to a specific island still doesn't make it a proper noun. Duh.
  13. Earlier in this thread we were told blood had to be sent away for the results, as the MLC has a medical condition. Now you're saying this never happened? Looks like the local establishment are already rewriting history on this one! Next this thread will have never happened.
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