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  1. They were a startup (is, not brand new but looking to grow) They wanted to move here. They had plans to move here and had recruited staff. The office in the UK (Readjng) was going to stay in place for a year while operations transferred to the new office here which was due to grow over 12 months into new premises which they were planning to build. They couldn't get staff to come here and bolster the local ones they had offered jobs to because of travel restrictions and no reassurance of a way out. So they invested tens of millions back in reading and Windsor and employed staff ther
  2. So with sound evidence offered to you that discredits what you say , you declare that evidence irrelevant . OK then. You keep living in your world and the rest of us will live in the real world. The one where poor governemnt decisions are costing this island an absolute fortune.
  3. What are you on about? Pongo was saying businesses weren't pulling out (with no evidence) and I was pointing out they are
  4. Go to bed Howard. Breifing on Monday and yiu need to rehearse
  5. So how on earth can't you say that? I speak to loads of people who were coming here but now aren't. My Mrs had an exceptionally good job offer that fell through because the business decided against coming here because they couldn't fill posts because of the borders. Plan was 90 staff end of 2020 growing to 375 in 18 months. They couldn't get staff or any reassurance of future border strategy so they pulled out. That's fact. I can forward the emails if you need evidence
  6. The only way you would know that would be if you worked for the doe. Which would make you a civil servant. Which would explain a lot
  7. Out of interest and without giving away to much what do you do? Are you paid by government?
  8. You know the Manx public don't select the chief minister? 😂
  9. I could with the relevant input from other people. I reckon it would take a week. Not at this time of night and for free though. Plenty have offered to help them and they have refused. MBE my arse 😒
  10. Yes there would. It was announced before they travelled and long before they became an issue thatbit would apply to people arriving on or after 23/12 They didnt implement new rules from 23/12 as a result of a positive test 11 days after that date
  11. We didn't They arrived back just before the new regime of testing and isolation came in to place. Had they come over two weeks later there wouldn't have been a lockdown
  12. Its a specific reply to pongo "Really? What plan was that then? What didn't they bother following?" There are now two examples above that neither you or he appeared to know existed
  13. Thank you. I couldn't remember and couldn't be arsed looking. Can you find the trigger point for lockdown that they ignored for me as well please because I can't be arsed looking for those either 😅. Would be pointless anyway as according to some on here there never were any
  14. So you don't think there were previously published trigger points with regards to borders or lockdowns?
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