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  1. Which bit of "as a direct result " is hard to understand? Have you listened to the last two briefings?
  2. Go on then. Evidence that I am wrong and there are more than single figures who have ended up in hospital as a direct result of this last COVID outbreak, and that the measures and the impact on people like Roxanne and loads of others is justified. £50 to a charity of anyones choice if they can give absolute concrete proof by 21:00
  3. Give over. I was being attacked for being me me me and I countered it with some facts. Noone knows who I am or what I and my family or my staff are doing so commenting about it on here makes no difference to anything. I have gone into any details. If I did you might feel like a bit of a dick to be honest. Still waiting for evidence of how many are genuinely really ill in this latest outbreak btw
  4. You know nothing about me but I would bet a big clock that I and my family have done more to help others out during this nightmare than you have. Financially and practically I would bet another big clock that that is despite you still being on full pay?
  5. I am running up personal and business debt left right and centre to try and avoid my staff suffering too much. Fortunes of it. As are many many others
  6. So how many have ended up ill enough to need hospital treatment? If someone can give concrete evidence that it is making lots of people really ill then I might change my tune. Noone has because noone can (I am talking now on the iom. Not other non comparable parts of the world or the UK last year.)
  7. Less than the "in hospital" figures they quote on the website? Well, apart from DA confirming today and in the last briefing that those figures also include people who tested positive on admission for something else and the fact that he confirmed that it includes people who contracted COVID while receiving treatment in UK hospitals but that it wansn't the cause of admission. Plus apart from knowing personally one of the COVID in hospital from lockdown 2 who contracted it on a hospital visit to UK but didn't even know they had it other than a test pre admission for ongoing care on their return to Nobles. Apart from those clear facts that prove the figures are inflated, then no you have got me, I don't have any other evidence (apart from having spoken to staff at nobles. It's 4 or 5 tops, and some have already been discharged. They need to make these figures more clear as the reality is not what people imagine from hearing "16 in hospital"
  8. I have regard for the thousands who are suffering due to the lockdown. Are you still bringing home the same as you normally do? I am also technically in the vulnerable category myself and booked in later this week for a jab. I would still rather not be stuck at home
  9. Shame we didn't vaccinate them all more quickly and starting before Christmas instead of sitting on thousands of doses then. We wouldn't have needed to lockdowm
  10. You seem very scared of a virus which as far as I can make out, despite ravaging our schools and wider community has resulted in about 4 or 5 hospital admissions.
  11. So before the vulnerable were vaccinated and not relevant to March 2021. Cheers
  12. Are those figures from pre or post the existence of the vaccines and the much better understanding of treatments? We aren't in the same place we were last year.
  13. OK another question. How many of those Symptomatic would have known they were ill without a positive test. "Hi Sharon from Facebook, its superted from 111. I am afraid you have tested positive for COVID following being identified as a high risk individual. Can I ask if yiu have had any symptoms? Er, well, I sneezed on Tuesday. That's a yes then, thanks" Would she have called 111 with the "symptoms" if she wasn't being tested and had to go out and earn a living? Its a big fat no. The ONLY relevant statistics is those who have ended up in Nobles BECAUSE they contracted COVID. They won't tell us what that figure is.
  14. I don't buy that. It was well through the population last year before we closed schools or locked down. Anecdotal but I don't know a single school age child who was tested last year. I know loads this time. Of the ones who have tested positive I don't know a single one who has even had a sniffle or an ache. That would suggest to me it was in schools last time but we never knew or cared. Remember St Mary's after Christmas. A kid tested positive in a routine test prior to hospital admission for something else. If they hadn't been going to hospital we would have never known. Anyone want to do the maths and tell me what the odds are of that particular kid just happening to test positive on the particular day they were tested without any other kids in schools on the Island having had it? You will need a lot of numbers. It is far more widespread than testing shows just like it was both previous times. If we only tested those ill enough to be a concern cases would likely be around 30
  15. Are they still dead against doing a random sample of tests? Would be really interesting to see what showed up if one day they just test 500 random people who aren't in isolation.
  16. What a load of balls re breaking down with covid and from covid.
  17. Serious question. If we hadn't locked down and had tested so many people, with the current rates of vaccination what do people honestly think the situation would be now? Would there be hundreds dead, or would there have been thousands of people infected who had now largely recovered and so had natural protection sufficient to really help limit further spread. With hindsight, who would have done what they have done with lockdown and who would have just asked people to be cautious and cracked on - with the option to shield for those who wanted to.
  18. How many children do yku think had it last time if they had tested hundreds of them?
  19. Doesn't say don't contact us again if you are still waiting for your first jab though. That is where people are getting confused, they are thinking they need to phone again because there is some sort of issue with their booking
  20. It isn't down to supply. Watch how many new batches arrive before they use up what is in stock. It is about to really ramp up. No reason at all to not have less than 2000 in stock. Would much rather see them use everything we have and then be waiting for more than constantly sitting on loads of jabs. There has barely been a day since the end of January when there have been at least 10,000 vaccines "on hand" that is appalling
  21. Crappy balloon businesses, cupcake businesses, lenty of takeaway food businesses etc have done very nicely out of this situation. That is what winds people up, the total inconsistencies. Oh. Plus Gef the bloody mongoose
  22. You are talking about the risk of me and my staff going into someone's house. It is miniscule, even if four of us went in there and all happened to be COVID positive at the same time without symptoms. If we had symptoms obviously we would stay away. Life needs to go on. If an individual decides they don't want anyone in their house I guess they won't be getting much work done, or they are of course welcome to go out while people are there (which most do anyway for work etc)
  23. I am not going to name my company. My staff know the score, they are sensible and intelligent adults. They know they wouldn't be put at any unnecessary risk. The reason for my frustration over this whole stupid situation is that they can quite happily and safely enter peoples houses and do what they need to do with no risk. It is no different to a spark or plumber going in somewhere to deal with an "emergency". They also know that even without masks and keeping clients in other rooms the risk is absolutely miniscule of them being infected, and even less of them becoming ill because they are all reasonably young, fit, healthy and because of the nature of their work normal BMI
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