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  1. You mean, the public and the Manx crabs think they know who is to blame
  2. OK, Time to redress the balance and give some truth. Firstly I am not one of the directors or management as the Government has issued a gagging order on them. Not me though :). PPE was always available at Abbotswood. The Government was tardy in the first place as when approached via 111 by some staff, they did not test and for some it was nearly 2 weeks before they got a test. Action by Government sooner would perhaps have saved lives. One of the directors appealed on Manx media for help due to low staffing as public health had sent most of the staff home to self isolate. DHSC then suspended Abbotswood's licence under the pretext of not being able to use DHSC staff unless they did so. DHSC then provided staff who did not know how to look after the type of residents Abbotswood gave a home to and mistakes were made by these staff which, as yet not come to light, but I have no doubt will. DHSC agreed that those Abbotswood staff who could, would go back to work and together they would be deep cleaning the home with a view to the residents returning. From the moment that DHSC took over (not helped) no management of Abotswood was kept informed of anything.No mention has been made by the press that the inside of Abbotswood's building has been ransacked and destroyed by the Governments employees. At no time did Abbotswood's employees go without pay, they were fully paid even though they might not be in work. Today in DHSC's wisdom, without consultation with Abbotswood's directors, the DHSC has stated that all remaining residents at Abbotswood will be moved out to Nobles and other homes (good to transfer any possible cases to other homes, yes?). Yes, the well-being of the remaining residents is paramount but It seems clear that the Government are pursuing an unknown agenda against Abbotswood as a business which will in the future put at risk numerous jobs and decrease the amount of beds available for elderly people. News releases continue to be given on unilateral decisions by DHSC. Updates will be given on this ongoing unfortunate situation
  3. Isle Of Man Newspapers say that "We have deliberately not allowed contributors to make comments on this story for legal reasons." I bet that wouldn't happen if it wasn't an MLC.
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