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  1. Manx Telecom still have more cell sites than C&W although some of the C&W kit is installed outside! Remains to see how the Manx weather attacks the rack cabins. Although weatherproof, one is located at the foot of a 45m lattice tower. When these babies ice up, the ice crashes down like rock. MT's kit at the same site is housed inside the adjacent transmitter building and has a massive battery back-up bank. The C&W may have some sort of UPS although its not obvious by looking at the kit. I have stuck with MT although people I know who have gone to C&W have not mentioned any
  2. Robin Hood


    Fair play to you Stu, you've always represented yourself and not hid behind a nickname. If manxmedia really is from a rival station, he needs to get some bollocks and put his name next to his accusations. My guess is his surname rhyms with 'learner' For what it's worth, I think it's perfectly acceptable that Manx Radio is partly funded by the government, same as I'm in favour of the BBC continuing to draw a license fee. I think the benefits are good value for the money. I still recon a discount card is a bloody stupid idea though! There was more info on air about it today, an app
  3. I would be extremely surprised if that statement was based in fact. Where would the additional £850,000 in revenue come from? Playing pop music would be unlikely to generate the sort or revenue to replace what MR gets from the government. Also stations like Energy and 3fm seem to survive without such assistance - by employing less staff and being more commercially aware. I believe its called 'public service'? That's something that neither Energy or 3fm appear to have any interest in. Programmes about the countryside, or local politics and events are best done by a station that doesn
  4. Mea classic example. Ah well someone had to say it. The MEA isn't exactly a failure. it's a state of the art outfit with an amazing infrastruture and a very highly qualified and dedicated workforce. Govt should just pay off the debts from their reserves. They'd still have plenty left. This is the rainy day the reserves were built up for. If the economy grows as it has been doing, we'll build it back up again in 10/15 years. The money will only be used for civil service pensions. there's too many of them anyway! Privatise the MEA? - it would end up like the IOM's version of
  5. No names from police or any services now. You have to get the court lists and put 2+2 together. When they announce the details in court, you can confirm what you already suspected. But no decent reporter will go on anything until they have it confirmed. Of course if someone comes forward and issues a statement that would be different, you'd no need to wait until court, but you'd have to watch what was reported did not prejudice a trial or you'd be in deep shit. Although government didnt take any action against its own radio station for that, the AG dropped the case. Now that was p
  6. Nothings 'avoidable', you fool, your life’s mapped out. What's going to happen is going to happen. If I didn’t do this, if I’d left 10 mins earlier, if I’d have gone the other way, if wasn't using the phone while driving, if I wasn’t pissed at the wheel...... These are things people say every day, usually after something’s gone tits up. Very sad for anyone involved in something like this, not forgetting the driver too. The person who knocked the guy over never set out to do it. If he's at fault the police will charge with the relevant offence, but Northern Light you really are an i
  7. not always one or the other: here's an example the Minister for Home Affairs is usually the Chair of the Communications Commission.
  8. Simple, there are three options for Manx Radio, none of which are its current status: 1. Privatise it 2. Nationalise it 3. Shut it down.
  9. Yes they should declare, too much 'old boys network' in the IOM, it's the same in business, 'the old school tie' etc
  10. Manx Gas are fools. I have a gas supply to the house but told them to cut it off. I'm lucky to have oil central heating. The gas is only used for the fire in the lounge. (And a gas hob if i chose to install one) Now if Manx Gas didn’t have this ridiculous standing charge, then i would gladly use the fire and buy gas... But I’m not paying a monthly standing charge for the odd occasion I want to do that. The looser? Manx Gas In the 3 years I’ve lived at this address, I’ve never actually needed to put the fire on, the oil heating is so effective. But if the facility was there, I’d
  11. Paul Hughes at Energy FM is the Head Kandi IOM source. Contact him at Energy FM to find about next years dates, the HK main man does regular spots on the PH Factor, Saturday nights 7-10pm Energy FM.
  12. What exactly is Douglas Development Partnership (DDP)? I haver a few concerns about what appears to be a little club or Quango. Here we have an organisation that is partly funded by my rates and partly funded by Commerce. The problem as I see it, is that DDP are doing work that Douglas Corporation should be doing. Namely: pretty little tress, improvements to town centre, Christmas decs and music in the street. Why are we paying for DDP to have (presumably rented) an office in the High Street and full time staff? What are they doing all day? Another concern is that one of the b
  13. What have the government got to do with this? Its a private enterprise as far as I understand it and from previous posts it looks like the government were asked to subsidise and didn't. Not only are we a nation of moaners, but also a nation of people who want government assistance for any sort of venture. Edited - Many of us on here are Manx too its a Manx forum. here here
  14. i think the criticism is levied at the cost and the fact it was hyped up to be something huge. the prices varying from one group to another is no doubt annoying and the fact its billed as an 'ice' rink and there is no ice is also taking creativity to the limits. Why not call it a skating rink? maybe because you know it would not have the same appeal. I really applaud anyone who starts a venture. But if the venture is to be taken seriously, you have to be honest. you could not advertise a 'pork pie' if there was no pork in it. etc. if the kids enjoy it, then great. but i do ques
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