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  1. Ahhhh but she used her feminine charms , unfair advantage
  2. Agree if this is true its wrong. But wouldnt surprise me one bit if its true. Phillips has no scruples , me me me ..
  3. Theyve always sponsored riders havent they . Indirectly McPint has had loads of money over the years , 'start money' yeah right lol
  4. Numbnuts

    Firm closing

    Aahhhh the good old days with Isle of Man banks coloured cheque books with a nice image on. How the mighty have fallen .
  5. Think I saw a post on facebook from him regarding it and how bad it was . Think he mentioned he was asking questions in Tynwald
  6. Numbnuts

    Firm closing

    I'm a cash is king kind of guy but its getting increasingly harder to go about your daily life like it. Still take £50 notes on holiday with me as you get better rate for changing into local currency. Its hard though for car hire without credit card , which I dont have , and for hotel bookings . But its still doable and I do have 2 debit cards .
  7. I complained about the trolleys to Tim Glover in December of 2021 . Acknowledgment from him and a promise to sort it out. . A further e mail from him that same night to say he'd passed it on to management . Over a year later !! . But we want 15k more in the population and they cant oil a few dozen trolleys. Mind blowing incompetence. Oh but lets spend multi millions on refurbishing the Sea Terminal to house the muppets . Can of oil and 1 hour of anyone with half a brain and its sorted.
  8. This sort of thing worries me about the whole situation. There will be many out there you will be worried sick about all this . In some cases pay up when money isnt really owed. Sorry but regardless what Stu Peters says this should have been jumped on months ago. Again , at the risk of repeating myself I dont think OFT have actually any powers .
  9. Numbnuts

    Firm closing

    Yes it will be big talking point in many years to come when those that remember about how you went into your local branch and manager down to the counter staff would be on first name terms with you. And the young generation would listen and look incredulous as to what the hell are you talking about .
  10. Numbnuts

    Firm closing

    Your right but its very hard not to as I've found. I'm with IOM Bank and you've had to embrace it to get any sort of service sadly. And believe me I'm old school and miss the branch interaction and service.
  11. I stand by what I said further back. Im not sure they have any workable legislation that enables them to do anything. It would be down to civil courts or AG's office to come up with something and hell would freeze over first
  12. The key one I have clearly they cant empty it unless I undo it on the day of empty. If I dont then they dont . This week didnt bother as only one bin bag in there .
  13. Puts in doubt the integrity of Expol I would say .
  14. Of ebay around £11. Pretty simple just a chain , a pin you put through the hole you drill , loop it up through a second hole .lock goes in the pin. Two locks and 3 keys . Only small locks and comes with drill bit too. Corpy will fit one but charge £45 ish but far more substantial.
  15. Yes me too. Only issue I've had is the small cost of a lock to stop other residents around filling my bin when they have filled theres .
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