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  1. With any luck in one of the alleged voids on the Prom !
  2. Particularly if you remember how long it took to do Strand Street etc agree totally . Me thinks that might be dropped due to overspend etc
  3. Of course one could just not do anything wrong and that will ensure you avoid jail ! Not hard really ,but for some it would seem it is .
  4. Respect. You always talk sense and say it as it is .
  5. Anyone involved in sports are likely to have heard of him. A real superstar and without doubt the best player in the world for a lot of years .
  6. Good point and observation . Hadn't thought of that and probably neither have they !
  7. I think this is what's just been thrown up the other week with the minutes of the monthly meeting saying that the £800.000 to 1 million which hadn't been allocated to budgets for the signals. I believe this was for the crossover and the Broadway roundabout . Could be wrong though .
  8. Long time ago Quayle should have called a halt to the whole contract . Around June time when it was clear is was only heading one way. Of course he didn't and as each month has gone by it's gone from bad to disaster . It's not suddenly getting better unless it's stopped and more importantly DOI management are brought to task. I actually don't feel it's much to do with Auldyn and from what I've heard that's correct and all to do with lack of detailed plans and a structure to work too. The gateway to the Island...Mmmmmm that's was the blurb when it was first mooted but all it's been is a unmitigated total disaster which we all know is going to cost taxpayers many millions . They just don't learn do they ..some mighty ego's in DOI even to contemplate this contract with their track record .
  9. Can't see how they can as there governed by pavement and entrance to properties levels I'd have thought . So I'd say it will be a camber on the road . But who knows ! Probably not DOI either .
  10. Apparently he was out for a morning walk anyway ..took him around 10 mins as apparently he just walked down the center panel as roads were quiet lol
  11. Well a very good friend of mine this morning decided to call out the DOI and particularly Tim Baker's performance in Manx radio last week claiming the Prom cracking wasn't so bad . Over a approx 350m stretch between Great Western and TT shirts shop he countered 131 cracks in the center panel of red concrete and in the small fringe on the building side he countered 241 cracks . So apparently a total of 372 over a short stretch isn't deemed worrying or bad
  12. I'm really worried now . Had a eye test with opticians 10 days ago which flagged up a issue ..old age etc , and got a phone call today for eye consultant next Tuesday mmmmm last time I heard it was a 18 month plus wait ! Happy to be seen so quickly in all honesty but def jumping the queue .
  13. Totally ..I can trace my issues back to events I've had to deal with from the age of 13 . Most people will be the same . Suicide is a last resort when all other options have been tried or not been accessible ...No light at the end of the tunnel and more issues stacking up .
  14. Nonsense and a particularly bad taste comment . Situations and circumstances that people have to deal with mostly without input or help causes most of these outcomes and Mental Health issues .
  15. So sad and such a waste ...thanks .
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