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  1. Ethically and morally its just wrong for Government to pitch against private sector. Even more so if there not doing a proper budget and profit and loss exercise before embarking on it.
  2. Longworth just needs to go. Until he does everything to do with transport will not improve. God knows how he managed such a hold on DOI etc.
  3. Ashford shredded it .......
  4. No I dont use the buses often . But thats not my point is it. The buses , on a Friday , that I travelled on , despite cancellations on that service that afternoon were less than 25% full and single deckers.
  5. People use the buses , like I did on Friday , based on time suits them best. Having 4 buses a hour to Pt Erin gives you too much choice and TBH any of the 4 would have suited. So the use is diluted because of choice. If you had 2 a hour majority would still use the service just arrive a bit later or earlier than planned.
  6. Lots could go and less frequent on some routes for sure . And I think the current new timetable is quite different to previous .
  7. Nobody got of or on on my journeys at the airport.
  8. No my solution is to cut down the buses an hour so you should then have enough drivers. The timetable is not realistic for the level of passengers. Remember there were timetabled buses cancelled to Pt Erin and back yesterday afternoon . If you did what I'm suggesting you would have spare drivers to fit in busy times. A bus driver friend also agrees there are to many buses on same routes for level of passengers .
  9. Sadly this seems true the more this sorry episode goes on. The other big one was the point by point rebuttal for RG claims that never appeared . He's clearly a fantasist lost in his own delusional world.
  10. Sorry just checked . Its £13 40 return to Pt Erin... makes it worse in some ways though .
  11. I kinda agree but remember its over £16 return for the train . Still a dear burger and bap though !!
  12. I went down to Pt Erin on the bus yesterday at 12 ish midday and back at 3 ish. Before leaving I looked up the times of buses , as per new timetable , and amazed that there is 4 each way every hour. Clearly far to many as buses I travelled on were a quarter full and single deckers . Surely the sensible thing to do would be have two a hour and maybe make them double deckers. Problem solved , Bill is in the post Mr Longworth !!
  13. I sincerely hope not at £32 a hit !!
  14. Seemingly , and I've been impressed with Claire Christian as at least she asks questions which some haven't done in their first 5 years never mind this term .
  15. All looking good then for the 500.000 visitors then. Always the cart before the horse with our lot. Sort out infrastructure needed and then promote the increased visitors. Wonder if they've factored in delayed flights overnight and no capacity in hotels etc for people having to stay extra night etc. And yes I get maybe some wouldnt get in to airport if people cant get out .
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