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  1. Numbnuts

    TT 2022 ??

    All the points mentioned just above I would be worried about and think will cause problems. But the biggest one in my opinion will be tge medical cover . Not sure how many medical personel come over for the Races but it would seem quite considerable . I know theres doctors on this forum so would be interested to hesr there take on it .
  2. My bet is the influence of the biggest problem, the Chief Secretary . Quayle was weak and only interested in ego, gongs and perception. So he wasn't going there . Protected species are CS and the Chief secretary keeps it that way . My opinion for what its worth. I do also think that these issues with points and lots of other problems along the way will be seen to be down to DOI and not Auldyn hence the reluctance to make more of a scene about it.
  3. Wasnt HQ in drag was it ??
  4. Numbnuts

    TT 2022 ??

    Sorry didnt make it clear . Yes charging them . Surely their trying it on to say you cant .?
  5. Yes had a really nice meal in there a couple of weeks ago too and yes shes a real character .
  6. Numbnuts

    TT 2022 ??

    Isn't it something to do with extra races or racing everyday. Something down those lines I'm sure .
  7. Numbnuts

    TT 2022 ??

    Genuine Question !?? How can it be illegal for someone to stay in your property and how can it be enforced ?
  8. What!!?? And no mobile phones , thats not happening !
  9. Has he got a jetski too ??
  10. I'm in for that Gig , where do I apply or sign on !???
  11. Yes your right , and have been reading them , but to not have it sorted before now and also having to send points away at this late stage is just incompetence in my view.
  12. Since the start of the contract , or somewhere along the way they must of known they needed points for the rail corridor. How or why has it only reared its head now . Sorry but someone on project planning or engineering needs to be heading down the road. This is really beyond a joke now. All through the contract there doesn't seem to have been any joined up thinking about requirements and it says it all about DOI and irs set up. Be lucky to have it finished for end of March with weather , snagging and this latest cock up. And then it will start again at the end of the year with finishing the rail corridor. Mind blowing incompetence.
  13. Great point. There not going to rush to do it thats for sure !!
  14. If I was DOI management I woukd be frantically looking at the prom crossings and markings over this weekend and getting them sorted before it really hits the fan. Many warned them about St Johns crossing but the neanderthals wouldnt listen till too late .
  15. Yeah right ! Batch numbers and manafacture dates should narrow it down youd have thought . Strange on really .
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