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  1. Very sad . No words really . Heart goes out to family and friends . 😔
  2. Before any ministers are appointed to these posts , treasury , Chief Secretary and the likes need to sort out the massive flaws in the departments. Also this needs to be done before any CM appointment. I however think this wont happen . The incompetance , structure and continous waste of tax payers money cant go on though . Our government have been shown to be usless in anticipating issues and being pro active so I dont expect anything different in September. There also will be a big cull in sitting members so thats a ready made excuse for the powers that be .
  3. This 'rumour' is actually pretty well true. And why they jumped all over the place till the powers that be came up with plans. Quayle should have called a halt to it all months ago , had a forensic examination of what was happening and only allowed to continue when answers were satisfactory . I believe the DOI budget has taken a hammering to cover overspends as Harmer hinted at before it started .
  4. The DOI have actually got at least one 'pothole' repair team as know a guy who works on it. However he's often moved to a driving job and the likes as need arises.
  5. Your right but the only people that seemingly don't reckonise this and certainly haven't done anything to sort it is the Government. The writing has been on the wall for years in smaller contracts , road maintenance and the likes. Have they all got blinkers on or just totally incompetent . Or have the CS got that much of a hold ?
  6. About 6 years ago I was put on incapacity benefit due to illness . Soul destroying as had worked hard all my life and hard to get out of the situation without making me worse. I was really helped by the Permitted work scheme at Markwell house while keeping the benefits . It allowed you to work up to 16 hrs and earn up to £150 a week which was such a godsend. I was lucky to find a great part time job which helped my mental health and self esteem so much . Its a great scheme in so many ways. Not only did it improve my mental health so much it also helped my finances . And after 18 months , its initially up to a year , I was able to resume normal work and come of benifits totally . As a footnote for most benefits are a nightmare . I was getting £108 a week on incapacity and a small top up of around £11 income support. You really dont choose to be on them and like Xmas when you can stop them.
  7. Thats actually the scary truth. He's making Harmer look almost passable h
  8. Dont forget the NSC flumes , another DOI classic cock up and under Baker's watch . Wait till he has to stand in front of Moulton and explain how once again the Prom finish date will be delayed , for the umpteen time.
  9. DOI should tender for it. They have the skill set and understand the process .
  10. There was no letter and as for Ashford being a man of his word ! Your joking right ? He's told untruths now so many times he hasnt a clue as to what the truth is now. Sorry he's been winging it for ages and thats one of the reasons they are keeping Henrietta out of the loop as the lying would be exposed . Quayle too ! Both playing at experts with mininum knowledge .
  11. Yes , the random hole diggers had finished their other random hole digging so Tim Baker, with authorization from Nick Black , instructed the minions to walk along the Prom and wherever it seemed the area was finished, to dig it up and make sure the cones and harris fencing hire was justified. On doing so they have been instructed to leave the random hole , fencing and cones and move on to the next one so the level of disruption is maintained.
  12. Simple really . Once the decided to open borders the Heritage sites and the likes should have been open. No excuse its just incompetence in not ensuring they were. Joined up thinking which IOMGovt doesn't do.
  13. Till they give the next updated finish date !
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