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  1. Maybe he's tasked with finding a doctor to sow back on the missing hands !?
  2. There were furries when I was at school. Usually they were in a matchbox and were called mice .. Sorry but whats the world coming too. I really have no issues with those people who like to dress up as cats/ dogs etc but they dont think they are a cat...they just like dressing from time to time. I have spoken to one of them and shes cool and does loads for charity if she can .
  3. Remember Mitch from Just Pizza telling me one of the reasons he had to move was the basement flooded so couldnt really be used.
  4. What comes first ? The Liverpool dock or the new boat from Korea. 100% my money is on the boat . And thats allowing the estimated 1 month for it to steam here.
  5. No magic money tree. It will be the well abused normal money source. Tax Payer .
  6. Colin Ring , ex Prison was def there those days . Took over after someone left. Shared the job though with another guy?
  7. The previous Deputy governor of the Prison , on Victoria road , has been a driver for the governor since he retired
  8. DOI to throw 67 Zillion at it before admitting failure and the Ronague Roustabouts will be called in and fix it for a few pork pies and a barrel of Ale.
  9. Numbnuts

    Christmas 2022

    Have to agree far to early. Luckily I hardly listen to MR so not really a hardship Beginning of December is plenty early enough and some would say thats to early too.
  10. Think the Jurby girls might have something to say about that. No fresh meat of the right inclination
  11. I actually like this Governor. He's been far more active and engaged with life on the IOM than previous ones. He's also seemingly up for anything. Fair play to him .
  12. Yes , done it myself a few times. Nothing like the feeling of putting your foot through a ceiling and the pain as your meat and two veg manages to straddle a joist . Had more than numbnuts that day .
  13. Interesting point. Clearly when it over tops the drains are going to fill , if there not blocked , and then where does the water go to get away ?.
  14. Nothing still. Someone on here I think said they had seen some workmen on site the other month but sounded like they were making it secure etc.
  15. Yes I think so. Had them awhile. I had a friend wanted to buy one of them but he paid more .
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