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  1. HM Sole doing his electioneering in 1886 last night with his 20 y old (if that) hangers on complete with rosette and helium balloon tied to his trousers. I suppose its different angle to granny farming .
  2. Yes agree. And some Emu's to keep the Wallabies company , few prides of Lions to get on top of the said Wallabies. Badgers getting a hard time in UK so maybe a conservation area in Foxdale ! for a few hundred . Maybe a herd of Elephants to help with the infrastruture works on the prom. Save on Diesel and if short of horses multi use . Win win . We have plenty of Amoeba's employed in public sector so pass on them .
  3. https://hr.gov.im/media/1168/vexpolfinal.pdf widely accepted to try and reign in TC's constant complaining
  4. Very much doubt it. Hes pig headed and very rarely wrong . They hate him as hes a thorn in there side . Remember the vexatious complaint they dreamt up to try and quiet him .
  5. He's put in petitions at at least 3 Tynwald days and as he is more than a stickler for detail my guess he's been shafted by Phillips . I find it very hard to see how TC would have got it wrong.. For gods sake if you miss a comma out on correspondence he would be on your case .
  6. I posted the same months ago. Read back in this topic. Concept plan but never detailed plans hence the jumping around to keep contractors busy till they produced some plans. Loads of cockups too along the way. And the poster above who states issues with services . Sea side theres hardly any and none that would cause a issue . No the problem is DOI and winging it and management being totally out of there depth .
  7. Bollocks , theres loads of people out there that would put him out to dry if they had anything on him . He wasnt popular for sure for obvious reasons but for sure anything would have come out before now, The only biggy I knew about was the alleged Gubay assault and that didnt go anywhere despite Gubay's money and lawyers
  8. Really ? A later one from Ramsey to Douglas than 12 10 am ? Didnt know that .
  9. I believe another gripe the Taxi drivers have is the soon to be starting , this weekend I think , late bus from all destinations at gone 1 am . The night owl has been around 10 past midnight but now a even later one . I think Ramsey to Douglas say full fare is around £7.00 . A friend though reckons they will stuggle to get drivers as it means getting home at 2 30 ish .
  10. My psychiatrist was from portugal so definately foreign but was lovely but sadly went back to UK due in main the difficulties in getting back to Portugal to see family etc . I didnt mind where they came from as tbh along as they cared . Lots of mental health staff working here leave alot to be desired . Crisis Team included sadly. Take the Meds and sign you off. Bye . Some CMHS team also as bad if they even turn up to appointment or dont cancel
  11. Anybody seen the traffic lights top end of Victoria Road about 20 metres or so from halt sign . Going to cause a big backlog tomorrow I'd say .
  12. The hard core CS. will tie him in knots . Better men than him have tried to sort that outfit out and failed miserably .
  13. I've seen a figure banded about that it costs around 4 K to stand in the elections . Would this be realistic ? . If so I cant see Kevin Oliphant Smith managing that.
  14. Apparently DC wanted a reduction it what they pay to government and they said no. Income had reduced so they said take them back then.
  15. He has . I came across him playing basketball at NSC in at least prior to 2015
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