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  1. Didn't they have some land transfer or the likes as security ??
  2. For the most part I totally agree
  3. There's so many more Asians also . However most now have obtained British Citizenship over the last 10 years at great expense . So these figures don't really tell the full story . For instance there's many hundreds of Filipinos but most will have British passport now . Also Thai .
  4. It was done away with in Eddie Teares time. He dropped it from £700 then to £400 then stopped it
  5. Totally . Creative accountants will have had a field day with this agreement . As mentioned above TT outlay ,hospitality tent etc why was it needed as it has had a monopoly . Keeps bottom line down though !!!
  6. None of them have a clue !! Fact
  7. I don't get this alarmist rhetoric . So according to Quayle we maybe won't have fruit and veg etc . So those selling it now presumably fir a profit are now going to not sell it and leave it to rot . No there not . If there's a market wherever it is they will want to sell there produce
  8. Also ...Me and my girl ..in the west end ..brilliant actor .
  9. No it's not. I've been waiting over 3 years ,well before Ashford , for the eye consultant after being referred . How to cut waiting lists !!! stop checking people yearly and boom ..instant short waiting lists but more people with major eye issues because of not being checked yearly . Again patients suffer because of incompetence and deliberate creating of waiting lists to increase the consultants private business . Who remembers a few years ago when they brought over a guy to clear the backlog .in 6 months waiting lists were down to weeks rather than years . !!
  10. Numbnuts

    Food Banks

    Yes your right. And also something most have paid into over a along time as required and then find the cupboard would seem to be bare . except for grandiose schemes dreamt up by a protected species called CS and MHK/MLC's
  11. Numbnuts

    Food Banks

    Some great comments on here not !! There's a assumption from some that anyone not working is a scrounger. Very very unfair and wrong. Many not able to work and on benefits are there not by choice but because of illness . I unfortunately have come under that banner after working up to illness for upwards of 43 years . In that time never really being ill and never out of work or having to claim benefits . My reward after that time when succumbing to CFS /ME was incapacity benefit eventually at the highest amount of £108 a week and approx £ 9 a week income support . You really think for 5 years plus I wanted to have to live on that !? I live alone and luckily don't have mortgage etc but still when rates time comes along and I have to find £ 760 it's a nightmare ! So please some of you have a little empathy for some out of work and on benifits. Fro the record I stopped Sky years ago ,never smoked and don't really drink with if lucky a night out in the past maybe once every three months or so. Yes I know there's some cheating the system but it's far from all . Thankfully my illness has relented recently and I've started a few hours a day at my own initiative but it's far from a easy step to take having not worked really for five years . as for food banks. There is a big need and I was helped by really good friends who would drop food around and recently I've been able to drop items into the food bank as there really is many out there struggling . Look at my income mentioned above and work it out for yourself . It's been tough ! So don't be so quick to generalize please !!!
  12. I reckon the 9'99% profit is after expenses and any creative accounting and spending ! Clear profit is how I see it .
  13. Have they ? Fritz hasn't been around for ages I know .
  14. So how do snthe so called plan to leave ,is it 5 feet , when passing cyclists going to work here ?? Cycle lane plus 5 ft and it's one way traffic surely ?? You leave 5 ft into Ramsey and run them over coming out ? Clearly not but this really hasn't been thought out . Does anyone think maybe it's a Xmas sweep each year to see who can come up with the stupidest plan for the roads. Wonder has anyone won twice ?? Peel Road ! Strang road and St Marks come to mind . Minor awards and runner up prizes for hillside speed bumps .
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