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  1. With any luck as the sensible members of the public are currently on a roll pointing out DOI failures
  2. How do you monitor traffic speeds but not cycle usage ?? Genuine question .
  3. The scheme underwent significant planning prior to construction works commencing. The DOI has a professionally qualified and extremely experienced team of highway design engineers. The internal design team has been supported by specialist externally appointed rail designers to provide the new tramway design, whilst a small element of the rail is to be contractor designed. From the reply to FOI Request ..Now they are having a laugh. Gansey , Richmond hill , Broadway , Alexander drive , Road works in Ramsey and so many more. All been redone or waiting still to be done , Richmond Hill . But the Professional Qualified and extremely experienced ........ at cockups yes they are very good at that. Next date in your diary..18 th December when the revised , revised plans are presented . And I'm guessing the new finish date . Should make interesting reading .
  4. I'm thinking it was tongue in cheek !
  5. https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/myprom.im/19-07-18-douglas-promenade-strategic-board-minutes_redacted.pdf if you haven't read this you should !! The latest meeting has still not been made public ! This as date suggests was from 18/June / 2019
  6. Interesting ..Haha Very cleverly worded but if you read closely what I'd posted obtained from a really good source directly involved in the contract is actually true. And if everything's so rosy as they are trying to indicate why are they delaying the incredible plan that they allege they had from day one. If you all remember there was a token start to the job at the Sefton and various other basic works clearing areas after the go ahead was given. Then a delay when nothing was getting done...not changed much really ...The services now in Prom walkway was meant to be in the scheme ! Their bullshitting and covering up basic lack of skill set. Quite appropriate that the cracking concrete report has come out at the same time . As to the timeline , Harmer from day one has stated the works will take 2 years and it's still quoted as such on the Myprom site . Only recently it's all changed to April 2021 and privately Auldyn have said it would be June 2021. On the 18th of this month that will be adjusted again when there incredible plan is once again sidetracked as the intention to dig up in front of the hotels/guest houses next summer !! yes you read that right, has rightly due to so many objections had to be delayed till October . So it should be of great comfort to everyone that according to DOI everything's rosy !!
  7. Whatever I'm sure they won't be telling us either way !. My money's on a flier although lots on here questioned several issues at the time as to the methods and times of pouring before .
  8. Broadway supposed to close last Wednesday as advertised . Didn't and it was blocked off and closed Thursday with apparently the job to take up to 4 days . Sunday it's therefore supposed to be finished and open !. Has anyone seen anything happening on it or signs of works been carried out because I haven't. Anyone else think it might off had to close due to safety issues after accident and a few near collisions ? . All seems a bit strange .
  9. And on that note ...it's been a journey ...bye...or is it bi !
  10. Have read most of the threads and seems loads have been caught out ,some have 3 or more DD going out timed to coincide with incomes coming in... Intresting to see what the banks have to say about the penalties . My guess is they will say see government , not their problem.
  11. Apparently some payments are starting to go into accounts . Disjointed and random it seems but people are slowly getting benefits paid .
  12. Agree there were some doing that and equally agree it was easily fixed . I was incapacity and receiving £112 a week. It was a godsend when rates came around as finding £800 a year was a real struggle .
  13. If he really wants to help lower income groups he needs to push for re introducing tax credits . Very effective way of giving a boost to lower earners with a little tweaking it would help massively . That wonderful man !! Eddie Teare removed it almost secretly when he was treasury minister . From £700 down to £400 then just before he jumped ship he stopped it .
  14. Just drove along the Prom. Apart from massive tailback due to Broadway the muppets at DOI have decided to lay concrete between the rails. Only the other day they made the excuse one of there many projects down south I think is delayed as there saying they can't lay tarmac in bad weather . There right of course but then they go and lay concrete in pouring rain. !! Ohh and nobody to be seen on Broadway on the rehash of the crossing and lights etc .
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