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  1. Makes it all even harder to understand . She clearly should never have stood as shes brought nothing to the party . I accept your comments and so hope she is okay etc .. Sometimes in life we all take a step to far and live to regret it and it leaves a mark . At least she's handled herself with dignity unlike the likes of Geoff Corkish when he was performing
  2. Numbnuts


    My guess it's all about who pays . Client government is not paying for the plume and alterations and the manufacture is not paying as it's allegedly not there fault . Neither buging so it's in the hands of lawyers . Which as we all know can go on for years and as it's subject to legal argument nobody can step in and sort it . God there's some incredible cock ups and wasted money on government contracts . And then add to it failure to carry out maintenance ,laxey flooding ,grandstand bridge and radar to name three classics and they wonder why there scratching for money
  3. Don't think in my memory anyone apart from her as done so little i.e. zero ..in their time as a MHK or MLC . And that's saying something when you think of some of the muppets we have had . And it's a lot more than 150 k . Remember expenses is around 22 k alone
  4. Yes supposed to be finished October 2020. So revised schedule is saying that they are now 6 months behind . And counting !
  5. Neither is big holes made. Or failing to keep the rivers clea from branches etc as promised in 2015
  6. I'm expecting rates to rise and will be gob smacked if they don't. The current rate and seemingly the new system are very unfair to many . But hey powers don't care about unfairness just what brings them more money and provide less services .
  7. Employing civil servants makes heaps of unjustified money for the said persons . Steam packet reguarly made 10 million plus so let's see how tha goes in future years . My guess it will plummet
  8. I agree and what's more laying granite will seriously slow the job down..Anyone remember strand street and castle street !! No I'm thinking they will be a year overrun just gauging progress up to now .anyone surprised ?? I'm not !
  9. That's how I see it too...
  10. Ecobob enjoy your well earned pint or three ...and your right for once they have been caught out big time ..lying bastards . Would be interesting to hear John Wrights opinion !
  11. Well that could be key ..As goverment departments are all denying blame it woukd seem whosever name is on the contract must be first in line ?? Really can't see contractors just doing it on the fly.. must have been instructions and job description and scale of works surely ?
  12. Or do what they said they woukd do in 2015 and keep the river clear !! Lessons despite constant claims never get learned
  13. Hopefully this will really be a watershed for the lying avoidance of responsibility ..can't see how they are getting out of this as too many pics and witnesses ..Scum really and the CS feeding them the stories and what to say !!
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