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  1. It so is but its not happening on Quayles watch .
  2. Usually a manhole will line up with the pipe its enabling access to. If theres ever a issue it makes access as easy as possible to rod etc
  3. Numbnuts

    TT 2021 ??

    After Richmond Hill has been done !
  4. Numbnuts

    TT 2021 ??

    Agree re expense but its DC run the Cemetery not government so I think it is relevant tbh . Yes also agree with the graves issue .
  5. Numbnuts

    TT 2021 ??

    Theres a issue I believe as DC wont allow government to remove trees in the cemetery to enable bridge access . Wouldnt you have thought DOI would have checked out that before plans produced and removing old bridge
  6. Numbnuts

    TT 2021 ??

    They have said it will get replaced with one of 4 options . Time will tell. I think they have to put something in its place but not sure they have any intention of getting it done for next year though . And if DOI are involved forget it for the year after .
  7. Numbnuts

    TT 2021 ??

    Looking at various happenings like the Bridge at the grandstand being removed and no signs or replacing and now the news about the scoreboard and no design agreed and not likely till early New Year it would indicate to me they have already settled on no TT next year . There's no way I woukd have thought that a scoreboard can be designed , manufactured , tested and inatalled for end of May 2021 . Time will tell .
  8. No. Theres about 25 mm or so to still go on that part of the road which will enable any water to go into the run off already formed in the kerbs . Hence why water is gathered currently . It should be fine when they finish the surface level. But I'm not 100% sure they have got levels right . Time will tell
  9. They will , as far as I can make out , have to go back again to Tynwald for any works not finished by April and to be continued in September 2021 . Nick Black is already on record saying those works are going to involve extra costs but when speaking he wouldnt commit to how much. My guess is it has to be well into 30 million plus . I'm being kind ! More like 35 !
  10. They have already gone to Tynwald for 750k I think just to get up to April 1st and thats not including the approx 1 million for the lights etc for horsetrams at the Sefton which they forgot to incude in original budget .
  11. Well from the pictures they have been put in wrong. I can see why they have done what they have as it will take ages to redo and services that were there already , mainly Electric , have made their mind up for them and easiest option was to do what they have. Coming across all those services in such a short space is any groundworkers nightmare . And bearing in mind the cost implications there must be with a massive overrun on the contract they hoped they would be able to get away with it. If they do redo then it will cost alot of money and time .
  12. Most of those services are newly installed
  13. You can look them up . Same as I can . And I'd say minimum requirments is a better phrase . Do you agree that cables lying on gas pipes isnt acceptable ?? Or you think its okay ? When those same pipes are not at the minimum depth .
  14. Aaaaahhhh just reading that indicates you know far more than your letting on !! You dont work for DOI do you !! Now we all know your agenda !! Which you claim you dont have .
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