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  1. Yes Monday seems the big day. A couple of salons have said they have been told they can open on Monday and someone on here said 1886 were getting stocks in. Let the carnage begin lol If all true its going to be mahem in pubs . Think I'll give it a miss for a week or so .
  2. I dont get you , I'm not impressed with your manner and justification of 'voice of reason' . It would seem like bordering on obsession to give a alternative view . Yes for sure we all need the 'other side' but hey , can you not just be a normal human for once . I dont have a go at anyone on here as realise it takes all sorts , especially on a forum , and theres a few on here I wouldnt choose to sit down with on a night out but far more that I would be glad to. There , off my chest and hope you sit back for a time and take stock .
  3. I have a Wint free day everyday tbh . Cant do with MR . Only time I listen a bit is TT race time
  4. Agree , no real logic behind it that I can think off .
  5. Most of that will be how to get airport check in areas open and save the skirting boards !
  6. Numbnuts

    Manx Care

    I have just today, a hour or so ago , seen a letter with the new logo etc which my sister received a week ago . Looks nice tbh so clearly they are available and circulating. My brother in law had one also day or so before sisters but didnt pyhsically see it but it exists I'm sure .
  7. Numbnuts

    Manx Care

    I understand what your saying totally but the whole issue could have been avoided with zero hardship if they just engaged their brain. No ambiguity would have been the sensible and safe way.
  8. Numbnuts

    Manx Care

    Its just very wrong though and totally sending out the wrong message. What really is the problem with setting a good example but clearly they are either stupid or just dont give a toss . Surely they must know the public is watching for any indiscretions .
  9. Was told years ago that this was the exact reason Alan Bell became CM . Allegedly thinking was it was easier to control and keep an eye on him then.
  10. More like these so called 'experts' are sitting in their offices and have to dream up schemes to justify their employment I'd say. I mean only so much input needed in filling potholes and other such menial tasks . Remember we have highly skilled individuals in their field employed in DOI !!
  11. Amount of buses we have we can cope with a swallow or two
  12. I will be very surprised and equally distraught if the planned sea wall in Douglas doesnt also start in the next month or so. . No concrete proof to back this up just a guess on logistics and plant arriving .
  13. From what I've heard on here and PAC the other day will be interesting to see how they are going to manage that !.
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