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  1. I agree but Longworths bus operation using tax payers money to in effect cut out the taxi trade is just wrong on so many counts
  2. They have dodged the taxi/bus issue too. Useless branch of government .
  3. Yes and his accounts clearly show a big depreciation but its only this year that they have relented on rates. He has a little help through usual schemes but basically still the issue is there with no footfall and tbh the whole prom in no way inviting if you can even get a park. Most sensibke eople are avoiding it . And I can understand why. Just look at whats gone on around the Castle Mona shops . Must be so disheartening for anyone with business on Prom. Candy store is another one where very little business in winter months over recent years and now zero passing trade due to works.
  4. A very good friend has businesses down on the Prom and his footfall has been decimated and no end in sight . Heartbreaking to watch seeing a business he's worked so hard and diligently ravaged by incompetence and lack of any foresight and with constant promises about areas finished but nothing forthcoming consistenty . Will he survive !?? He has to really but not sure in my view how he's going too.
  5. He cant write can he ? He certainly can't read going on his press briefing performances .
  6. He's going this year not in two years time when it might be possible to have a parade on the prom !!
  7. Clearly he actually has more sense than I have ever given him credit for. He scrapped in in 2016 and he obviously managed to engage his brain cell to realise he wasnt making it this time so jumped ship. Sorry but good riddance to a very very bad CM.
  8. Agreed , one can only wonder !! The original contract was for the finished job so bearing in mind they have paused the single tram track, the paviours on roundabouts and lots of other areas just getting tarmac and not paviours etc its clear they have blew a huge part of the budget and as you say having to go back to Tynwald later in the year . My guess is thats up to 10 million wasted on incompetence and mistakes in design etc
  9. Yes not sure incompetence can be deemed a criminal offence . Not sure how Treasury have not been involved more or maybe they have !?? Certainly should have been .
  10. Think the problem might be that most of the screw ups are down to DOI and hence the problem. Both main parties are keeping each other sweet as they need each other when the s*** hits the fan.
  11. Its amazing when you think about it after 2 1/2 years there's actually not one section or area that is finished . Most of the road areas still have to have a final top coat , red concrete ,we all know about that , and still lots of services to go into dwellings and shops etc . It really has been a failure of epic proportions.
  12. Numbnuts

    TT 2021 ??

    Alot more than 10 at St Ninians and the same goes for other spots . Ballaugh Bridge in the higher teens . No shortage of marshals just they want to be where there have always been and with friends. Get that tbh
  13. Numbnuts

    TT 2021 ??

    The road up and round Ramsey hairpin is not good . But I'm not a biker so bow to your knowledge
  14. Okay, well that might work though not sure its a 'easy' fix as suggested. But not sure theres much other options tbh. Won't be doing anything like that though till 2022 I would say .
  15. Genuine question , what would be the easy fix as I've wondered how they could fix it succesfully and aesthetically for along time. I dont get Bakers reported method of resin as apart from it wont match many of the cracks are very fine .
  16. While I agree with the fact is its the taxpayers who will have to pay I feel this is mostly because its the DOI who have been the main causes of issues. I think if they try and blame Auldyn it will open a can of worms and courts will be involved and truth will have to come out and they dont want that its clear !
  17. Alan , posted in January 2020 after Mr Baker stated that the cracks were not bad ! The Promenade Cracks and Tim Baker Well after listening to Mr Baker, who incidentally comes across as very pleasant and affable , last week waxing lyrically on Manx Radio and stating clearly the DOI stand .The promenade cracking apparently isn't that bad and there's not that many cracks and it's been monitored etc Well Mr Baker I'm sorry but I disagree totally with this stand and rhetoric . It's clearly very bad and to state otherwise is a insult to the Isle of Man public. Whether born here or people wh
  18. Numbnuts

    TT 2021 ??

    Lots of dodgy practices went on on that contract including many workers without work permits and a then inspector of said issue been told to stay away from the job. He was very prepared to sort it but was prevented from doing so by those above him .
  19. Just take a look outside T shirt shops on Queens prom and you can see the new Cable running through and with all the tails coming of most still to be connected into properties.. Properties still being supplied from old supply . When I last looked on Thursday the lads were working on the tails with approx 20 plus to be made off .
  20. Agreed mind blowing but source who was working there early days with services etc said that was totally what was happening . Go back into my prom minutes from Management meetings and you can see it mentioned by Auldyn when questioned about progress of works etc. Maybe have to go back to late 2019 but its clear to see and confirms what I was told from a solid source. It all makes interesting reading anyway if you haven't already looked through the minutes.
  21. Numbnuts

    TT 2021 ??

    They have robbed that enough in my opinion despite Chris Thomas saying it was ring fenced .
  22. Never a truer word ....Auldyn are into DOI for big sums apparently due to day work in early days and of course the ripping up of so much and redoing . Lots to do with spec being wrong .
  23. Wonder if the fact there were no detailed plans when they started , hence the jumping around by workman in early days , will ever be made public. If you read the management meeting minutes its hinted but not openly made clear. The fact they have had to intrude onto the walkway due to major cockups on routing services should be a major factor in any investigation also. All linked to no detailed plans just concept plans .
  24. Heard today that there now going to 'plane' off the top few inches of pink concrete and replace with 'pink' tarmac. If thats even possible !?? Previous was told they are just removing it all and replacing with tarmac. Time will tell.
  25. Numbnuts

    TT 2021 ??

    Yes it will def happen next year , covid allowing . Not sure there will be a new scoreboard in time though as it would need to be ordered asap .
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