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  1. Yes , in a previous life used to build Coldrooms to hang meat and poultry in. Just basically timber stud work lined with a heavy coarse polystyrene like product then a bitumen coating sealing it all. A temperature resistant wall type board then fixed on. Very simple with the compressor mounted separately outside and condenser inside. It’s moved on lots since then (early 70’s) but principal is still the same .
  2. No , that can’t happen as IOM bank have a patent on that exercise .
  3. Interestingly having been in the appliance game along while ago removing a door to fridge etc was a must. For obvious reasons.
  4. Not sure I remotely believe this. But you won’t care so it’s fine. The guys down there when I’ve been have been friendly , courteous and spoke English.
  5. It’s a sad fact that most who fly tip will have never even gone down the legal route. Once they bought the charges in for fridges etc there was only one thing that would happen. My back lane the other week had managed to accumulate a dishwasher and couple of fridges/freezers . Corpy rolled up and lifted them. No option really. Never going to trace the perps.
  6. I so didn’t know either. It’s never been mentioned to me in the countless times been sent for them.
  7. I’ve fallen foul of the Police and have to say I was dealt with fairly , with compassion and empathy. Some of the things that happened lately leave me a bit cold.
  8. Was it really necessary to handcuff the girl given there was two police in attendance.? Genuine question, not having a go.
  9. Your right and what’s worse in my view successive Governments have done nothing to address it. I think back in Bell’s day he made some noise about reducing head count but think it started rising alarmingly very soon after. Now I’m sure where not getting true figures as lots aren’t included in the head count.
  10. Have they even got a crew for it . ? They had an issue awhile back with not enough crew members. One has been working elsewear in government as has been off duties for ages due to a ‘bad back’ .
  11. I would suggest if the £750.000 is an anywhere near true figure you’re not dealing with the occasional small operation. And it’s completely likely that hardened drug suppliers are involved. They ,Im sure, in their environment will be in possession of guns or have access too. Of course this incident might have nothing to do with that drug haul.
  12. Police say they've seized up to £750,000 worth of heroin and cocaine. Guess when you’re dealing with these sort of figures it’s easy to see how guns could be involved by perpetrators . I don’t blame the police if there intelligence suggests there might be a risk. The other week and the guy at the front of the property was just wrong. This , in my view, is being sensible and covering every angle.
  13. Pretty sure they were there a few weeks ago too.
  14. In my humble opinion imminently means sometime in 2024….maybe
  15. I know people who have done that and been fobbed off as they were told they need to apply nearer the time . Of course it’s only an estimate anyway as investment rates change etc.
  16. Took them 2 years to sort out the trolleys at the airport. Give them a break. Rome wasn’t built in day etc…… You’re right of course but recent years they don’t do maintenance sadly. Then we get the likes of Laxey flooding.
  17. They are doing nothing Lilly. As I mentioned Chris Thomas definitely tried to do something a few years ago but met with zero response in treasury and they reckoned it was to complicated to work out. How that is I’m not sure. Just a simple % you’d think might work based on rateable value. Who knows though. They’re not bothered as they pick up over 70k plus .
  18. Mine is ….only another 12,157 to find .
  19. That’s not good . I can type like that and often do but I’m not getting paid for it.
  20. Had a conversation with Chris Thomas a few years ago about this and said he had put ideas to treasury and basically they said it was all too complicated to come up with a fair way of applying it.
  21. That’s fine if you really believe the DOI don’t know. I don’t believe for one minute they don’t. Just don’t want to give out them as they will be a shit show .
  22. It is but tbh the roundels have worked out better than so many thought. Have no problems with them but yes have to be more aware of the vehicles who are going straight though but no big deal.
  23. Yes been there too. And as for it leaving once you get off the ship….nahhhh I was in a mess for days. But I was more referring to someone with ongoing health issues , might even been getting treatment etc. no biggy don’t beat yourself up we’ve all done it .
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