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  1. Would be a start. Those wind turbines are going to be at a premium now though. Another few million probably the way our accountants operate .
  2. They had rollers on the Prom I'm sure over the sub site . Not steam of course but big road rollers. I've done a bit of tarmac and in extreme heat its not clever especially on a road as it stays tacky till temp drops to normal. The last time Richmond hill was done with the chippings etc it was November and they did a lot of the work in cold , damp or rain conditions . All not good.
  3. Yes , your right the concept plans that were plastered around looked nothing like what we ended up with. So so wrong but are planners and MHK's /CS have no shame. And so it goes on today with the statement about transparency but again no honesty when it comes to final result. And they wonder why so many people are apathetic about anything thats mooted. Ohhhh the Liverpool landing stage costs are going to really shake us all up in these difficult times. How many multi millions have been wasted on ill thought out schemes or complete cock ups and no correct watch on outgoings. Not changing ever in my life time I dont think as our last Treasury minister has now got the big ticket and despits sound bites he's not showing any signs of being any different.
  4. No the office block , formaly RBS , on the corner on the Prom.
  5. Standing and unit Current charges Domestic and pre-payment Domestic Customers Unit Charge pence per unit Standing Charge pence per day 22p 21.2p
  6. Theres def a electrity standing charge .
  7. God you guys live in a different world...those figures are scary and if I compare them to mine...I totally dont begrudge you by the way that your able to afford those amounts. My electric has been around £10 a week but its noticably been going up recently as you'd expect. I have a electric shower and once or twice a week will have a bath fuelled by gas. Gas hob and electric oven. My gas bill yearly will be around £500 but of course again its going to go up considerably from now . My heating is never on as after struggling years ago I got used to living without it as to be honest I just couldnt afford it. So probably gas and electric would have been around £1100 + a year. , probably already creeping nearer £1300yr . I will say I live alone so obviously less usage for showers etc and cant imagine if I was in a relationship that they would be happy without heating 🤣🤣I get that and if so would be happy to put it on. The whole situation though worries me even with my minimum outlay so I really feel for you guys . I'm so glad that over recent years when been tempted to get Sky/BT again that I haven't as it leaves me still with wiggle room for the increases coming. Ohh well , lifes tapestries . Hopefully it wont be too long till we can laugh about 2022 and how we survived the inflation and hardships .
  8. Well it looks to me as if some of the new MHK's are trying to drag the long time entrenched establishment members into the real world but it seems looking in there not really on board. Rob was definitely pushing the party line but lots of others are being proactive and I think they will win much to the unhappiness of long standing members. Maybe they are used to there extended paid long holidays every summer.
  9. But she's been very quiet too.. Maybe there taking the 'holiday' literally !
  10. I cant say too much but its very very surprising that Labour , bearing in mind there local motto and what labour usually stands for that theres been zero from any of them. We will probably get a reaction to these comments now but its kind of too late . It should be them forcing AC and others hand the way its likely to be in financially weeks and months to come
  11. Love it...OMG were all doomed now as we will make the front of the courier 🤣
  12. Wrong thread ??? But I get it as was in the other one too 🤣
  13. I think it will . Theres enough people like Christian to shame the rest into it. Depends what the CoMin stance is though as others will tow that line
  14. They will get 13 no problem as the ones that didn't join in will be hounded . And they know that.
  15. I came into this expecting to see the name Eric Corkish mentioned. A surprise that theres another mobility scooter rider causing trouble and its not him 🤣🤣
  16. Got alot of time for Christian. She seems pretty proactive with a understanding of whats going on around her. As Bandits said above maybe because she has a business background. I do expect more from Labour though as theres been nothing forthcoming as individuals or collective .
  17. Totally agree Barry...she's got some neck !!
  18. Well we got it in a prime site on Douglas Prom and look how well that went. In my opinion the ugliest building ever built over here.
  19. Glover is spouting off about it to but Rob was asked a few times about it and just repeated that it will be looked at in October. Interestingly nothing from the Labour MHK's .
  20. Thats a laugh !! Still waiting for MG to pay there part of the rebate that they agreed too. Pot , kettle , black comes to mind ...
  21. Hi Rob , listen we are going to address help we can give to GMP in October when we are all back from our extended holidays . Well we can't wait that long CM . We need to call everyone in in the next few weeks and address the issues now. I I will actively drum up support from my fellow MHK's starting from now. That would be a good start !!.
  22. Thank you ! My life though is quite frugal and cut my cloth accordingly when on incapacity and cut out Sky and my phone contract and anything else I could do without. My gas heating hasn't been on for at least 5 years and Electric use is a minimum. I also cook most of my meals which with creative cooking can live on very little. My visits to JPAP are usually treating myself as a reward for that same frugal lifestyle. I live alone so its relative easy to adopt these measures while times are hard. I dont have money really just take care of what I do have. Good luck in months to come in getting through these difficult times.
  23. You would think so but was in Just Pizza and Pasta last night with visiting friends and when leaving at 7 ish the entrance foyer area was rammed , at least 20 people , with people waiting for there tables or on walk ins. The place was full and on a wednesday too.. Clearly some have money still . Prices were around £2 to £3 higher than a year or so ago .
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