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  1. Won't change the volume of traffic though . In fact will increase it I'm sure
  2. Sadly I just think it fits in with CM own self importance . Cynical maybe but so wasn't surprised that he was there .
  3. Why has agriculture plummeted so much ? Making too much on subsidies and on the countryside maintenence scheme ? Anyone know ? 30% is a hefty figure
  4. No I wouldn't mind but I don't travel back and forth to Ramsey . But the point really I'm making there's been no mention at the announcement of this happening but wouldn't mind betting it's been promised . Will be interested to see . If it has and its sprung on last minutes it's naughty .
  5. What's the betting TT mountain circuit will be made available to these guys ! No mention of it but woukdnt surprise me
  6. Accountability of MHK's is one thing but it's long past the time that CS have to made accountable too . It has to happen as the constant fuckups this last couple of years particularly have to be addressed . I said at election time a strong good leader was desperately needed and all we got was Quayle . Almost weekly there signs of incompetence ..most recent is the Bridge at grandstand . Oh DOI needs a huge sort out and a few desks emptied . Don't like anyone losing there job but it's past a joke now .
  7. It wasn't though was it. As first thing they did was fit another cab on it on the other end. Making it too heavy so had to fit new bogeys to it. Had to made or source and then didn't fit tracks so had to be altered .. lots more issues now a oil leak so it'd probably cost as much as longworths original costing. Funny as he insisted they had to have it ,rescue broken trains etc but have managed without now for 7 years . Remind you of anything ????? Try airport Radar !! Had to have etc and as far as I know still not signed off ..9 years !
  8. In both these cases it's because of cockups and really bad workmanship . Roofs leaking but getting plasterers to plaster walls and then paint them . Rinse repeat when the paint peels off . Apparently this happened before on the care home on York road area built by JCK
  9. That's a perfect analogy . And so true ! Mind blowing really screw the locals who are stuck here but fit in against any sense the 700k loss making trams. I actually like the horse trams but they should have stopped them for this project for sure .
  10. Heard yesterday that lack of men has something to do with St Mary's school , should have been finished for start of autumn term and a big job ,can't remember what it is in Ramsey that's also already 16 weeks behind and men needed on both . Both messes apparently and common denominator , Auldyn !
  11. No I agree re the mess but your missing the point . If the trams had stopped then the job could have worked its way along from Derby Castle doing say 2/3rds of the road at a time leaving 1/3 for two lanes of traffic . The rest of the Prom in effect would have been untouched and parking not restricted elsewear . The issue now In my opinion is because of the failure of the pink concrete ( cracking) and not knowing cause/ remedy has created a issue as till they have established problem they have had to move on . Having already committed to doing middle lane (tram tracks) they are now in a mess . You don't dig up a whole Prom (apart from traffic lanes) in a common sense world. Clearly there lacking in DOI in this regard . If they had done say , 100mtrs section disruption would have been a minimum and parking etc would not have been compromised so much and hence hoteliers ,businesses etc not effected . It's a clusterfuck of a mess with no sign of any improvement . The above is very simplistic but in my opinion the problem . Ohh and no where near enough men on the job and clearly no one who has a clue how to run a big project . Steve Christian and sons being the exception who are always seen busy and working through the day . Auldyn / Colas terrible but again my guess is it's lots to do with DOI planners engineers and suspect plans ..i.e. Rails fitted wrongly .
  12. Your wrong as the fixation with the trams having to run has led to the complete piece meal mess we have now with so many areas started but none finished . Without trams they should have been able to systematically work there way along the Prom finishing blocks at a time .
  13. That was supposed to be finished by start of term...so well over due . Not going to be finished this time either . Maybe Xmas ! But you can see it now ..Where sorry it's late expect ect but you now half a first class facility etc etc which you should be proud off.. 6 months later !! When workmen return to put right various issues !!! Any bets ??
  14. A general comment with all this fuss over roads and surface renewal. Just been past the Wessex garage and the road has just been resurfaced last few days . God knows what's going on with resurfacing these days but it's a disgrace . Standing water at the pedestrian crossing where clearly levels haven't been done correctly . And general poor workmanship. Clearly something is seriously wrong with DOI/Colas road works .
  15. I believe this happened in a big way 2 weeks ago . The latest plan with timetable and dates was thrown out by Tnwald and the DOI was told to sort it out once and for all . Will they listen or have they the capability mmm don't think so
  16. The dye always washes out over time as it's a additive . Shouldn't have been noticeable this soon though . But in the big picture least of the problems I'd say
  17. Anyone else pick up on this report that penalty clauses have been removed on this contract. That could really come back to haunt DOI if anything like suggested above kicks in ..re levels etc I agree they have never looked right as the build up has progressed but what do the general public know ....mmmm increasingly it seems more than the powers that be it would seem..scary really . Maybe as a stakeholder .ie tax payer it's clear why that's the case and as DOI and staff at the top etc never seem accountable they just don't care
  18. Footnote another meeting on Monday and still no revised timetable but they are not doing the hotels side of the Prom now next summer ! So when are they doing it . Has to be next winter so it's going your be 3 years plus I reckon till finished
  19. Yes I agree and also was laid in very hot weather and not kept wet so probably dried out your quick. . Experts looking into it haven't come back with report of officially why ..
  20. Don't think this affect IOM cyclists but sure puts a question mark over Braisford and Wiggins Tour win !
  21. Well I'm sure they still don't know what's caused the cracking in the red concrete so clearly they won't want to lay any more till they do.. also there currently ,due anytime , a update on timetable from now onwards for the works That is not going to be easy as they have indicated they wanted to dig up the hotel side of the Prom next summer. That's clearly not happening despite them wanting to . Thinking their at loggerheads and can't continue till this is sorted and I believe a ultimatum has been given that they need to sort this out once and if all .
  22. What has Longworth done to warrant such clout and hold on government . Seems he can do wrong and can get money for seemingly anything . Shits going to hit the fan though when DOI come back with the new dates and timetable for works any day soon . Tynwald threw out the proposed timetable the other Friday in a big way hence the meeting the other week with stake holders and businesses . But removed the fact they are digging up ,or we're going to ,the hotel side of the roads next summer ! Yes you read that right .
  23. Anyone else notice the reference to the diesel l train in this report ..Going to use it to polish the rails when the oil leak is fixed ! Some bargain that was !
  24. Makes it all even harder to understand . She clearly should never have stood as shes brought nothing to the party . I accept your comments and so hope she is okay etc .. Sometimes in life we all take a step to far and live to regret it and it leaves a mark . At least she's handled herself with dignity unlike the likes of Geoff Corkish when he was performing
  25. Numbnuts


    My guess it's all about who pays . Client government is not paying for the plume and alterations and the manufacture is not paying as it's allegedly not there fault . Neither buging so it's in the hands of lawyers . Which as we all know can go on for years and as it's subject to legal argument nobody can step in and sort it . God there's some incredible cock ups and wasted money on government contracts . And then add to it failure to carry out maintenance ,laxey flooding ,grandstand bridge and radar to name three classics and they wonder why there scratching for money
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