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  1. Possibly as seems theres no checks on gear and who has it. Tbh nobody should have it outside work but it goes on everywear. I had lads working for me who would regularly borrow stuff but always asked.
  2. This !! And yes it so goes on. A guy I know had a breaker 'on loan' !! for months
  3. To late , I got there with a newspaper under my arm .
  4. Nah , it would just have property of current minister ...
  5. That means DOI will have paid £1200 plus the compulsory consultation to make sure its up to the job.
  6. I met her once and she is a nice person for sure. Is she a good newsreader. No idea tbh as never listen to MR.
  7. Dont think that version is the whole story. Yes the end result was that but before makes interesting reading .
  8. Big questions need to be asked about the regular damage to post office vans and a seemingly reluctance to have them fixed. I have heard , maybe on here , that lots were sent to auction the other week while the 50 new ones arrived a few months or more ago. allegedly. Oh and what colour were the first to arrive !!?? Yes white. Where are they now or just lost between many departments like DOI etc.
  9. The biggest issue with the new arrangement is not making it work but the lazy tossers not trying and just dumping their stuff in other peoples bin. I have no problem working to a fortnightly empty but winds me up when accessing my bin to see several bin bags in before me. Am on holiday currently so not bothered but when I return the lock I've purchased will be fitted and they can all do one. But wouldnt mind betting they will just dump it on the ground if they cant bin it .
  10. From memory Chris Thomas was pushing this along with single occupancy but last I had heard it had got to Treasury and it was to complicated for them to be bothered. A few years ago now certainly pre Covid. Its safe to say its not going anywhere which is so wrong. I'm a single occupancy and my water and other utilities are minimal . Mind you if they did make changes you can bet your life they would screw it up big time.
  11. Zero , as far as I can see. Falklands a total jaunt, New Zealand a scam and yet to see any benefit of Westminster. Though a few got to meet some 'celebrities' !!
  12. I really dont see , with the current state of finances here, how this trip can remotely be justified. At a push one or two only but 8 plus. Nope sorry , another jolly to be seen to be doing something when reality says it could be done equally successfully with a saving of money by getting together here in a room and thrashing it out. Equally will anything be forthcoming in a reasonable timescale after this jaunt. Cynical in me says no it wont as history has shown.
  13. That Natalie Robinson explaining whats happening etc , am sure was involved with Gusto's on Bathurst Street that lasted a very short time.
  14. Ahhh , thats where your wrong. They say lessons are learnt but history tells us they never are..
  15. Interestingly , or perhaps not... Thailand has recently legalised cannabis with shops all over the place including garish coloured signage etc. Now flip flop Thai Government , always changing their mind, are seriously considering banning it again due to the open abuse generally., big increase in kids using and generally hasnt gone well. Most of the Doctors that matter want a quick reversal.
  16. Interestingly Thailand have recently made cannabis legal with shops all ov
  17. I've always found Hailwood brilliant and only the other week receptionist went out of her way to get me a earlier appointment . Never have had a complaint about the service from there.
  18. Who ?? Theres been that many
  19. Well it sounded like it cost them big time for this woman alone. She said they were very good in sorting her. Yes would agree but maybe its not something that needs replacing very often. Who knows . Certainly its costing someone big money and its not like its a one off.
  20. Think this is right as the Aussie women mentioned having to ship in a part .
  21. To be fair have said before I feel sorry for Rob but for sure he doesnt do himself any favours. Dont think he's a bad person though and despite me giving him a hard time I just wonder is this issue with him getting sacked has anything to do with possible him standing up to the long standing mentality of the CS . Maybe he rattled the cages , and god do they need it , and they have closed ranks to protect there cosy life and job. ? Of course the other MHK's and MLC are going to toe the party line. Just a theory that maybe has no mileage but possible would explain a lot .
  22. No sign on life on Wednesday night when I flew out. Had a interesting chat to a lady from Aussie with son on Island who she has just visited. Says shes not coming back as the travel through Heathrow and departing Ronaldsway was terrible. Two flights cancelled , in the end they flew her to Gatwick , put her up for two nights in hotel , voucher for transport to hotel and a few enlighting tales told to her in IOM Menzies guy called Paul. Brilliant customer service as she had been brought to tears by it all. They also rerouted her Aussie flight too. TBH was knackered because of my own travel but pretty sure had 3 flights impacted. Teck reasons given initially , then the other flight waiting for a part to come to fix another plane. She is adamant shes not coming back as at her age its too much to deal with and her son will have to visit her. God knows what damage this incompetent operation is doing for the future of potential visitors. Ohhh , bright note Easyjet at 8 pm was just a few minutes late setting off but landed on time and full. Airport though apart from that was empty. Never seen it so quiet but 3 or 4 Loganair /Menzies staff doing nothing .Not sure was there a later flight out.
  23. Police got him a day or so after the appeal. Dont know did someone snitch on him or what tbh .
  24. We will never know as he will have shredded his notes ....
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