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  1. Or a trip down Sky Hill in a barrel as in days of yore would work. Kill two birds with one stone . Put to bed the story , did they or didnt they , and kill the muppets in the process
  2. I feel a idea would be to see if these muppets can swim after throwing them in the harbour after removing all their clothes . Absolute dickheads .
  3. God help the powers that be if they get this wrong ! I like the Bee Gee's statue and at least we knew that was happening this could be the straw that broke the camels back if they get it wrong . Their track record isn't good tbh .
  4. What worries me is which one of MHK's or even CM will be on any plaque ?? Hopefully none of them .
  5. DOI member and of course MHK Rob Callister was asked on facebook this morning did he know about these plans for Ramsey. His one word answer ...No ..says it all really how the DOI operate .
  6. Had the census people around my area yesterday . Asked the woman how it was going . Apparently the calling around has already been delayed twice and going on the sheets of paper she had and her confimation theres lots of people who havent submitted the census form. She had three propeties in my street ,multipe occupancy , that she believed were empty. There not ! In all I reckon theres at least 15 people in residence that there is no record of. I know quite a few are on benefits etc and mentioned that and was told government departments don't speak to each other apparently. Street is maybe 16 terraced properties in Douglas East . If that sort of return is shown over all of lower Douglas the census is going to be a long way out .
  7. Voice of Reason will be along shortly to tell us how everything in the garden is rosy and Government is wonderful !! Never fear .
  8. Pretty sure that they haven't started checking on the people who haven't submitted there census forms yet but like you It will be interesting what the results show . Census was a bit of a mess tbh so be surprised if they get anything credible from it. Hope they do. But not optimistic .
  9. But its DOI concrete !! . but yes , not withstanding he is .But likely to be a Minister in the next regime adding to the brains trust !.
  10. I liked David Ashford and indeed chatted to him often in his early days. However he got caiught up in the 'firm' and seemingly became a expert on so many fronts. He then resorted to lie's to justify his many mistakes. Now I am not impressed in any way with his attitude and stance. I'm sure he is a nice person underneath but got lost in the hype and self importance . Oh , sorry for my seemingly incomprehensible post ! Clearly your education was unhindered unlike mine. But being a smart guy as I said you knew what I was saying !
  11. Nope , you know exactly what I'm saying and mean . Sometimes even you can't defend the indefensible .
  12. Unbelivable that anyone could think that Ashford being elected means alls good in room. He has lied consistenly and its clear he has hidden behing the Mafia surrounding him. Yes he will be elected next week but thats more to a lack of voters looking more into what hes offered in his term than his ability and capability .
  13. Its crsis management thats how they roll .
  14. No , but clearly it is when you have a ego as big as his . Just confirms my consistent opinion of him that he's a complete numpty totally unsuited to anything except for being a total obnoxious , egotistical arrogant twat . Ohh and he's thick . Worst CM ever and thats quite a accolade with so much competition. Oh in case theres any doubt I really hate him with a passion .
  15. Baker is missing in action so not hearing from him anytime soon and hopefully not ever again if he doesnt get elected But I agree its still a hot potatoe I'm sure but its clearly not happening this side of a years time at least . They wouldnt dare !! .
  16. But he wont as he has illusions of grandeur so dont hold your breath. He's so gone down in my estimations over this Government .
  17. Guessing because they have pinched some of the road for between the tram tracks and not enough left for a decent traffic flow if they made the parking bay wider. Your right its to narrow . Wing mirror heaven ! .
  18. A insult to planks ...Planks are useful !
  19. For sure agree totally .
  20. I still cant work out how we all afforded it back then. Mind you take out mobile phone costs , designer gear etc maybe I can . !!
  21. As in so much more variety then compared to now. Yes for sure and lots more places for various age groups too . Bouncing from Thursday night, even from Wednesday . Groudle of course along with so many other venues before even getting to Cave, Paramount , Toffs and the rest.
  22. Cave closed at 2 am back in those days as worked in Summerland. Last orders from memory would have been 1 30am . Great days in there socially or working there .
  23. Hi EAG , As your the advisory body we appointed whats your thoughts on the border changes we are thinking of implementing. That would do as a start and after listening to their thoughts the powers that be can decide whatever. It brings to the fore why they even bothered to set up this group in the first place. Clearly they could have done with advice from day one but Ashford and Quayle don't do advice it would seem.
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