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  1. I've explained this before Derek. From a friend working for a firm who is responsible for lots of services , not Auldyn etc , while they had a concept plan from day one ie what the finished job would look like they didnt have detail plans for contractors to be able to work too. So because of this it was literally a day to day operation to keep the contractors occupied till infrastructure plans were issued. Hence what we saw early in with the jumping of work areas and from a initial plan of work being abandoned and no structure to works. Also hence why there was very few men on the job. Been a mess from day one . Clearly it shoukd have moved progressivly along the prom from one direction and one side at a time. Now we are left with a clusterfuck and total carnage . DOI ! ! Most in the know knew this woukd be a disaster .
  2. N Black CEO DOI J Robinson Director of Highway services P Singer Director of projects J Reece Chief Engineer A Burrows Project Manager K Podmore Design Team Leader G Saunders Construction Manager
  3. Tim Baker though says its fine at that time ! Clearly you have a selective memory when you join that Department
  4. Used to be buses going down as there was a bus shelter on the Left just past the bridge years ago I'm sure .
  5. Anyone signing there name to that timescale haha not a chance will works go to schedule.
  6. Haha yes knew about it from a friend with a business on the prom . I too promised him I wouldnt say... The gift that keeps on giving . Now what ? Was having breakfast in the Villa Cafe around lunch time , very nice too , and perusing whats still to be done . Seaside supposed to be finished by early September , which leaves 6 months to do the hotel side ...not even close despite the dropping of lots of the works... Expect another announcement of change in plan and more works left till next phase late next year .
  7. Combined bill though !??? Drinks with food surely will be 5% on all ?? Bonus for pubs who serve food I'd say .
  8. To be fair he's on their case all year round but they slow it all down and delay. So when Tymwald day comes around its a chance I guess to make his points publicly which gives him leverage in his arguments and stand . Its a good question as to why though and even though I know him I still cant be sure as to motives. He has a boat in Peel Marina , Dandara built over the road from his house without planning and abused the planning they did have and the dumping waste was taken past his front door with the spillage involved . Read between the lines and you can see lots that ignite his anger ..ohhh yes Gubay ! He was the only person I know who stood up against Gubay in Government regarding work permits and NI . where he was senior inspector and they didn't support him when it went pear shaped . He wasnt happy about that for sure as he was carrying out his job totally and rigidly .
  9. You have no idea and are so wrong its untrue . Known him for 48 years through many avenues. He has the guts and inteligence to stand up and challenge the powers that be . ! That alone has to be admired . Do you ? or just bleat on here against those that get off their ass and try and right wrongs. Yes , and I'm the first to agree he goes about it often the wrong way but thats his nature and manner . Do I agree with him , no he can be so cantankerous and augumentitive which counts against him but at least he challenges. Who else is doing that ? If there wasn't people like TC around powers that be would have a totally free ride .
  10. Nail on head ! Never bet against Trevor ! He's relentless and usually right ..and they know that so will be cacking themselves over this for sure .
  11. But what is in it for TC ?? I know him very well and I cant work it out tbh . It certainly isnt financial . Maybe he genuinly is fighting the system as its corrupt in many ways.
  12. Paul Moulton has done a interview with HM Sole about it all. On you tube and his platform
  13. Yes your right he did but it wasnt his fault that terms and conditions were offered to him and everyone else that were not sustainable ! Who TC ?? Ohhh he does surprisingly !
  14. Its been edited . As you were posting
  15. Well clearly you dont as if you did you'd know he will have made sure his submissions were correct and following correct procedure . Wait and see ! This isnt over by any means knowing Trevor as I do .
  16. They have always been like that ,all areas of government but with TC they have more than they bargained for or need . They really need to bring there A game or he will make fools of them . What they will do is spin it out over time like they are doing with planning and Marina etc.
  17. I know for a fact he pointed out the pension debt issue back in early 2000's and also the potential problem with funding and he was not believed . He argued it and eventually got a friend who was a MLC to bring it up in Tynwald and from that day on they started to take notice . He also was right about Peel Marina and Planning dept being flawed and not having the authority to make planning authorisations.
  18. I know Trevor very well ,and yes he's OTT and obnoxious at times but one thing he isn't is incomptent . He knows every angle and when arguing or putting forward anything you can bet your life hes researched it and he will be right as he cant afford to be wrong due to reputation. God help them as he'll rip them a new one for sure . He knows the system and goverment law and procedures backwards and still has many friends in government who can be relied on to 'help' .
  19. Was in there last night and your not wrong !! At least the Victoris Tavern /salt and pepper /Blind pig as it is now have refurbed their's and they really tidy now ..great job done
  20. Well from my observations and DOI's explanation to justify this mess it was to enable Buses to keep to timetable. Interestingly once around St Ninians they are then faced with backups all the way down into town so I would have at a guess especially at peak times buses are all running late . Its not about lanes etc , its about amount of traffic which fortunatly currently is reduced but when everyone working from home goes back its going to be far worse .
  21. Yes my friend is not on a mountain bike. But as its a cycle lane it should be perfect for any bike right !! But I know you know that too . Who the hell signs this stuff off !
  22. Have a friend who regulary cycles that way and he says the cycle lane is dangerous and not fit to cycle on
  23. Everyones missing the real point. This traffic issue in these areas are totally the responsibility of DOI and the complete clusterf**k they made of the promenade in the first place . From day one they didnt have a clue ,and along with lack of design plans , and this is why we are where we are . How is it suddenly we have big numbers on site but for a year often there wouldnt be double figures for months . The Prom doesnt need to be one way as there is plenty of room for two lanes . As there was all along.. Management at DOI have completly failed in everyway and how Black is still in charge is mindblowing. Along with senior CS there they need to be made accountable .
  24. Mobile number please , I'm on the case saved 30 groats over lockdown..fill my boots
  25. Really ??!! Lots in the Met and other forces whos 'best practices' wont suit Isle of Man.
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