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  1. Totally agree , Something doesnt make sense about the incompetence . I have always said it should come from CM , a stop put on all DOI projects and the department sorted out once and for all. Not happening though is it .
  2. But but , Charters rides a Harley !!! So he must be a top bloke ! Said Quayle the muppet
  3. No I didnt , it was in answer to your claim it is a big job . Its so not . The powers that be have made it one by incompetence . But as a job its pretty straight forward or should have been. Any building project regardless of size has issues that have to be overcome . Contractors know this and so do clients as always an % rate included for unknowns .
  4. Sorry , your wrong , its not a major job apart from the length. Nothing their doing below ground is any big deal and just standard civil engineering works. They have made it a major job by incompetence and inept planning. Yes its on a bigger scale as in ducts and services but its all done systematically , or should be , and away you go. The only real difference is while before you'd need a 1 metre trench now you need 2 metre one. Kerbs and paviers and the likes is all standard installation . Everytime MUA. or Manx Gas renew services its only whats happening on the prom. And yes as I've said before I have done everyone of the jobs down there apart from Gas and its all about planning and program of works to make it seamless. Hence the issues , they havent clearly had either .
  5. Yes why not . But clearly they didn't think it out before they entered into the contract. You would have thought a contractor would have to confirm they had enough staff before giving them the job . Clearly this didn't happen.
  6. Harmer said on starting the scheme it would be finished by October 2020 ! A major fail in every possible way. No details on how much the works will be now costing although Black has already stated stopping and continuing in September 2021 will cost more !. How much more I wonder . No change out of 35 million I'd say .
  7. If you look back through the minutes over the months of strategic meetings you will , reading between the lines see its far from the contractors fault . On My Prom web site . Makes interesting reading .
  8. Baker rattled my cage when he made light of the cracking on the red concrete early on in his tenure . Insignificant most of them . Yeah right . In a approx 300 mtre length there were approx 472 from memory in that area alone . Yes I counted them as he wound me up making light of a serious issue. Baker hasnt a clue either as neither did Harmer . And yes it was a last minute decision as there was no way out as it was clearly running overtime again and they spun it to look as if they were doing everyone a favour by opening the roads. Sadly they forget the whole contract was due to finish next month .
  9. To be fair , at least up to recently , Stephen Christians lads have come out of it pretty well . Always on site and cracking on. Definately though not how they would have tackled the job if it had been planned correctly. As so many have said , start at one end and away you go , rinse repeat . But as I keep saying as there was insufficent detailed plans to work too , it was very piece meal as we all have seen and most commented on. Again when sold to us plebs it was to be done in I think it was 300 yds blocks. That went out the window very quickly as too much day work was getting booked due too.....yes you got it lack of plans !
  10. Thank you for the credit you give me . Its a road , yes a long one but still a road , rinse repeat and repeat till you reach the end . Yes it has pipes and the likes , so what , again rinse and repeat . Its been vastly altered as without those early plans pipes were put in ad hoc and then they found they couldn't lay the next one , hence the reason the Prom Walkway has been dug up. Never supposed to happen !!! When you build a house , its really not complicated and most actually in here could achieve it with thought and planning . Break it down , its a box joined to another box and so on . The road is the same. With plans and everything thought off in advance it should have been realtively easy for competent people to oversee and carry it out . You know they allowed I believe 4 fire hydrants around the Villiers area. Nobody thought to ask Fire brigade how many were required. Oh dear , not enough , but we cant put more in because pipes are in the way , etc etc . This has been the big issue and the reason for so many delays and lack of personnel on site. No plans to move forward . What about forgetting the cabling and lights for horse trams at junction where they cross over the road !! Forgotten and not included in spec . That will be another 900 k thank you ! Ohh we haven't the budget now sorry . No Dilligaf its a job too far ! Ohh and while your contemplating what I've typed , have a think as to when a DOI job has EVER come in on time and remotely close to budget !? Some are still not finished . NSC , The Cabbage , Radar , Richmond hill , St marys School and so on , By the way I have carried out pretty well all the tasks personally that are happening on the Prom be it in a obviously smaller scale . Theres a procedure which DOI haven't read that book .. Its costing the tax payers many many millions and Alfie boy will be along with hitting the tax payers even more next budget . Also as a footnote , the main reason given for embarking on the scheme was because there was loads of voids and its going to swallow a bus or car one day soon . There hasnt been one found apart from that old toilet at bottom of broadway and also the original spec had them digging far deeper than they have so they have cut corners there too .
  11. Sorry I don't get the excuses offered for what is clearly a totally inept Dept. Its a road ! Whats so hard , its 1 1/2 to 2 miles long. Yes it has cables , pipes and the likes under the surface . Everyone knew they were there but clearly it has just been beyond the abilities of all these allegedly experts in civil engineering with all there combined experience. There has been a total cock up from day one and no sign anyone has been capable of grabbing the reigns and sorting it out. Workmanship as clearly can be seen has been very poor although Gibsons and the paviers and granite seems to be laid well. Bottom line , I've said it so many times , they had no detailed plans to start with hence the jumping around . It was meant to be finished next month !!! Works have been cut back and now still behind again on new schedule so in every area they have failed . DOI are lets face it a total embarrassment in every scheme they take on. CEO needs to be removed and someone , should have been the CM years ago , needs to halt all schemes in DOI's timeline ,after March next year and once and for all sort that Dept out before they screw up anymore and waste more money . They just dont care . Remove their responsibility ! .
  12. Nonsense , in early months and even up to a year or more there was minimal men on the job. Plenty on here can vouch for that . Harmer in those early days stated there would be 50/60 workers on the site but thats not been achieved even recently when there clearly panicking . Sorry , the whole job has been a total cock up from day one made worse by lack of detailed plans from DOI . Even now theres been a issue over order of granite as they got the numbers wrong on quantity. There was also a very generous contingency costing in the original contract to allow for unknown issues cropping up. Simply put the whole contract has been completly out of the scope of DOI management . They havent a clue and whats more dont care .
  13. I spotted a couple of them a month or two ago laying in amongst rubble and spoil over Queens area . No sign of protecting them in any shape or form .
  14. Overspend of 700k . Any bets thats for works up to March . Then we will be seriously into big money for all the bits that their not getting done by March and starting again Sept 2021 . Or maybe its even worse and overspend up to now ! Why would they divert money as it was a 25 million budget so maybe its all gone . One thing is certain they wont care !
  15. They have already started over Queens prom way . Big holes and scaffolding surrounding workings .
  16. I took the pictures and posted them all over facebook. He will have seen them , but as you say his masters in CS wouldnt bat a eyelid . Morons !!!
  17. 476 cracks between Great western and Tshirt shop on Queens prom alone ! And yes I counted them. Only because Baker pissed me off saying there was only a few minor ones . Must think we are all stupid .
  18. Press release on Wednesday morning re Broadway ! This will be interesting !! What excuse they will use !!
  19. I've done that walk , at night admittedly and its a nightmare , like a maze with no clear pathway
  20. Broadway won’t be open on 8th Sept now, because we were given an alternative option that would benefit businesses, hotels and taxis trade etc.... ring me if you need further details . On Rob Callister's facebook today ! Wonder when the DOI are letting the plebs know ! Given a alternative , they havent done it in time so there had to be one, they are so full of S**t .
  21. Big uplift in salary also for a Dept head !
  22. The earlier strategic meetings were enlightening to say the least . Quite incredible what they were basically admitting too. Go back to Jan and Feb I think !!
  23. Yes think so when Broadway and Summerhill opens on 8th !!!!! That was the intial press release and plan . DOI clearly didn't read the script . Also Finch Road was to revert back but thats already been ditched to a few weeks time I believe .
  24. Going to be a embarrassing press release in the next few days !! Cant see how Broadway will be open or Summerhill . Also how is the two way going to work as again doesnt look as if they have a hope in hell of the road is close to taking two lanes .
  25. They wouldnt transfer boookings either to next year , sorry thats just wrong
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