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  1. It was worse than that . 400 guests at a Jewish wedding held at a school where the head had died last year from Covid . They just dont get it for whatever reason
  2. What !!?? And miss out on more moments of importance nahh not happening
  3. Nah they must have been mistaken , its one rule for all surely !
  4. And looking for his moment of glory . Think this might backfire on him though .
  5. Is he local or ?? Whatever he's a dick big time and looking to cause trouble . I believe management has a right to refuse entry to anyone that they deem unsuitable . They did ! Any legal thoughts on this from anyone. Clearly there trying to make a issue of this .
  6. Based on what ?? Genuine question . Sorry quoted wrong post ....50 plus in community !??
  7. Its ironic how the government wage bill , 400 million and counting , hits home when we are in the position we are in currently . So many are going to be struggling , understandably , but the gravy train keeps on rumbling on . Pensions and the head count need looked at but we all know they wont be . But you can bet we all will suffer when the adding up is done and they know what all this is costing .
  8. He really is a knob , the world and his wife knew this new strain was worse .out of his depth sadly , caught out , and now we are all suffering because of it .
  9. Rob Callister will lie low for sure , always does. Cant understand why anyone voted against it tbh . Playing politics when peoples lives are at stake is wrong. What price the injections against the cost of lock down. ? No brainer really
  10. He is such a knob , your right just how hasnt he been booted off . I've reported him as I'm sure have others
  11. He might of said that but thats not reality bearing in mind 21 in community and most the last few days . He cant delay it tbh based on figures . Sad for all of us though .
  12. Thats the final nail for lockdown possibly ending when they said. Briefing tomorrow will see it extended I'm sure
  13. So when do we receive the bad news that I'm sure , sadly , is coming ?
  14. Probably wont be happy but I'm really not happy by there short sighted stupid move to eliminate anyone who can assist in the fight . They and the people advising them need a good slap , morons
  15. Going to be a shit storm here this next week or so looking at all the places involved in possible infections . Not good , stay safe everyone .
  16. BoJo gets to be a bigger dick , if thats even possible , by each day that goes by , we have are own dick or dickettes even ! There multipying quickly it would seem
  17. Yes sadly it would seem they are making it as they go . And getting in a mess because of it .
  18. Yes. , there being economical with the truth for sure . Possibly because they dont know all the answers yet . Tomorrows news is not going to be good me thinks .
  19. Sounds like there not sure of either .
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