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  1. 23 minutes ago, NoTail said:

    I was not convinced bt Mr Baker's performance on the radio 

    He said the foundations were rotten and needed to be replaced.  I saw no evidence of that. In fact I even heard a story that workers were complaining that they were too solid and hard to excavate, now replaced with lower standard hardcore.

    He also emphasised the problem of services being difficult to replace.  This does not ring true, of course old victorian pipes and drains and things need replacing.  This happens all over the world on all big engineering projects.  Competent contractors do that stuff all the time.

    A project like this should be planned with precision before even starting. 

    I was also told the same by a couple of guys who worked down there for 4 months . All the spoil was put through a crusher and reused and isnt up to standard and yes , original was indeed very substantial. Your last sentence hits the nail on the head as to where the problem has been from the start 

  2. 25 minutes ago, Non-Believer said:

    Now "Unlikely to be March 2021 and more likely to be June" sayeth Minister Baker (iomtoday). Just as well there's mooted plans to push the TT back then?

    Well wasnt the revised plan announced 6 months or more ago to stop at end of March and finish the tram rails from Sefton to Sea Terminal in September . So what now ? Finish in June 'ish then start again in September ?? Surely not ??!!! Its a total Mess ! 

  3. 3 hours ago, Non-Believer said:

     "Govt has a poor track record in delivering capital projects on time and within budget" (Cannan - no shit, Alf?).

    Alf Cannan , in case you haven't realised , you are the treasury minister and holding the purse strings. How about you rattle some cages and call a halt to this continued wasting of money in all the different areas. Its a joke and as a matter of urgency Cannan and Quayle , hmmmm,  need to once and for all sort some of the departments and CEO's in charge . Starting with the most incompetant DOI ! 


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  4. 1 hour ago, Banker said:

    But if contractors are on a fixed price contract with time penalties surely it makes sense to work Sunday to try & finish on time?

    On good authority, most of the issues have been caused by a ill prepared DOI planning which prevented a sensible work schedule and bigger work force. I believe that the day rate hours booked are very very high due to inability of contractors in early days to proceed .

  5. 2 hours ago, ellanvannin2010 said:

    From the levels this looks like the final surface that the DOI are putting in on the pavement just north of the Palace.

    Not exactly a top quality finish, two completely different shades.


    Thats not acceptable in any shape or form. If this was your drive would you accept it ?? 

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  6. 58 minutes ago, Amadeus said:

    One bit I discovered from the audio is that the cracked pink concrete is being fixed now https://frankdrives.com/remedial-work-now-underway-to-fix-cracked-pink-prom-concrete/

    Trying to be not overly cynical about this but not sure how this is going to work. I walked a 300 mtre or so length of the pink concrete and counted over 460 cracks of all different widths and lengths . Also be interesting to see how the repaired cracks will blend with the now older concrete which even now already is fading in different rates . I watch very interested . Hope it does work though !   

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  7. 1 hour ago, Andy Onchan said:

    And substantially over budget.

    Speaking of budgets......... does anyone know if there is a publicly available QS bill of materials available and project costings for inspection for the various stages of the project? If not I might be submitting a FOI.

    I'm told that the cluster-feck that is the bottom of Broadway was/has been known before the project began. In which case you have to wonder why DOI didn't arrange for test pits/holes to be dug to determine the extent of the problem before digging up the whole prom. Similarly, the bottom of Church Rd Marina.

    Have it on good authority , a ex member of Tynwald , that the costings for the contract had a very high figure for unknowns in it . Black is already on record saying they will need more for the second stage they wete going to return to next September but thats in doubt now. They have also had a figure ,approx 750,000 k already granted by Tynwald a few months ago .

  8. 1 hour ago, yootalkin2me said:

    Not necessarily, in public service it's extremely complex in certain arenas. You have many different aspects coming at you, or that you need to deal with, the public, businesses, politicians, colleagues, economies of scale, resources, managing expectations etc etc and you have to be as accomodating and as pragmatic as you can to do the best you can... it most certainly isn't merely black or white...and to be honest the system in place can often work against you despite your best efforts.

    No I agree with most of what you say but clearly in every aspect of the points youve made above he and the DOI management, designers and CEO have totally failed at every turn. They now have zero credibility , not that they had much anyway , and they still cant give a final date for finish of prom and they are already going to be alot more than 6 months and likely to be over 1 year late by the time its finished . 

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  9. 8 minutes ago, yootalkin2me said:

    I know Jeff personally and I have to say that your 'credible source' couldn't be more wrong. Jeff is a good person and is extremely good at what he does.

    Well he might be a nice guy socially but clearly theres issues at work ! Title is director of highways ! Buck stops there I'd say ! 

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  10. 15 minutes ago, Roger Mexico said:

    They got rid of Corlett because he did things that would have made the jobs of other senior civil servants more difficult by privatising the running of  TT.  

    Black on the other hand is behaving in exactly the way they approve of - presiding over lots of unnecessary and expensive capital projects and letting his nominal underlings do whatever they want.  As I keep on tediously pointing out that's why he was appointed in the first place.  

    He must have been a Alan Bell appointment right ? 

  11. 10 minutes ago, Banker said:

    Isn’t it time for an independent review of DOI like they did for education & health are are planning for police?

    I think so but not much point if there all bullet proof as clearly theres management and CEO there who are in the wrong job .

  12. 16 minutes ago, quilp said:

    I don't know about Corlett, but there are other seemingly untouchables who're equally as 'wanting' as Nick Black...

    I've heard some unbelievable stories about Jeff Robinson . Apparently another arrogant piece of work who feels turning up to management meetings is seemingly beyond him. Has also a perchance of falling asleep in ones he does go to . And yes my source is very credible .   

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  13. 22 minutes ago, TheTeapot said:

    Trumps press conference was something.

    Cringworthy and just summed up what a low life loser he is . And what a total liar , he just doesnt care what he spews out . Mind blowing !!

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  14. 2 hours ago, Nellie said:

    It also emerged, in the same committee sitting that the CEO, Nick Black, was not aware that the track layout at The Esplanade has been significantly changed from what they have planning permission for. This is despite the fact it was reported by IOM Newpapers already. 

    You couldn’t make this stuff up.....

    Mind blowing incomptence and your right you couldnt. And bearing in mind the public outcry over the Prom its beyond belief that they are not making massive effort to avoid any more cockups. 

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  15. Apparently Gibsons the pavier contractors due to start beginning of September not  arriving till end of month now. Quite a delay . Is it today or tomorrow the brains trust , Black and  Baker  are up in front of public accounts commitee ?? That will be interesting to hear the latest excuses and delays 

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  16. 38 minutes ago, Flyingfemme said:

    Sounds like an economic death wish from  here. You have two different events, with two groups of fans/visitors and an island with very limited facilities for tourists. So a single event and you can sell once, two events and you can sell things twice. You will halve the ferry revenue, the hotel incomes etc, etc. would make sense if the TT was not popular and sold out every year - but it doesn’t seem to be. Or is that incorrect?

    Biggest issue I would say is going to be a PR disaster. The return of deposits and carry over bookings. I honestly feel theres no way that the 2021 TT can go ahead due to many reasons not least availability of  marshals . I for one will be gutted as not just the financial benefit to the Island but the feel good factor it brings to so many. I know people who rely on TT for survival over quiet winter months so its all not good.    

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  17. Easy analogy really. If your in a fight you dont leave the guy/girl with the gun out of the battle ! We are faced with a uncertain future as far as lots of things go so currently left with numpties in charge who know jackshit and a person with knowledge , Rachel , left on the periphery. You couldnt make it up. We are governed and led mostly by ego driven  people that believe their own hype and are not bright or intelligent  enough to see the big picture. This all has confirmed what many of us have suspected for along time.  

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  18. 1 hour ago, John Wright said:

    It doesn’t appear to be a very perceptive question unless she has her supplementaries worked out, and the minister has been briefed.

    You generally get referred for a specialist or consultant appointment for diagnosis, review  and decision on treatment and then a second ( or subsequent ) appointment for treatment. There may be other appointments in between for diagnostic tests.

    You probably want to break down between acute/inpatient and community, and the disciplines between psychiatric, psychological and counselling.

    Not in my many years experience it doesnt . 3 years ago I was told by CMHN I would have to wait about a year for psychiatrist and I did !  I had waited 4 months before seeing anyone after doctors referral . Had a assesment over the phone which lasted about 15/20 mins and told I needed medium to severe input . My doctor got on the case and after the 4 months had a appointment with CMHN every fortnight before getting the appointment with psychiatrist . She was brilliant and really helped while the two CMHN were at tye best adaquate and one just terrible if she ever turned up. And yes I made a official complaint to the powers that be and she was removed from my case and a apology received. However with someone with menyal health issues that sort of thing can be a big problem.   

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  19. 8 hours ago, Apple said:

    Question for tomorrows House of Keys:

    11. The Hon. Member for Douglas South (Mrs Christian) to ask the Minister for Health and Social Care –
    How long a person had to wait from a first appointment with their GP to receiving treatment from a mental health professional in each of the last 4 years; and how this compares with waiting times in the United Kingdom?

    This will make interesting reading the answers to this.

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  20. Well I was at the meeting at the Legion when the three candidates for CM strutted there stuff . They all were full of ideas but Quayle particularly insistedhow we needed transparency in Government if I rember correcly . We have had anything but tbh but thats par for the course in electioneering and what actually happens when voted in. The CoM setup in my opinion is so wrong and far from Democracy  

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  21. 25 minutes ago, Apple said:

    Certainly funding hasn't really been a major problem recently and staff levelness have improved, but there is a wider range of services, more nurses and psychologists, social workers etc, according to the politicians. 

    I think it is more about who is doing what and newly recruited staff and recently qualified staff need time to adapt and adopt good practices from skilled leaders. Maybe therein lies the problems that need time to bed in. But lets not be disillusioned by an announcement the services are doing better. I agree with you, things have changed and we don't appear to be addressing the causes such as the ones you mention.

    You make good points and for sure I would hope it is changing for the better . All I would say regardless of funding , and you indicate its better , what are waiting lists like and after referral what time does it take to get an appointment ? That tells the real story. Just over a year ago it was 6 months plus for psychologist and even CBT was a really long wait. CMHN could be up to 3 to 6 months also  which is not acceptable if your in a bad place. I was lucky as I said as my Doctor was brilliant and rattled lots of cages as he knew I wasnt good . And when you did get to see someone with many you always felt they were going through the motions , to be seen to have done something and precribing meds was a aim to deal with the issues as other help was very limited. So I'm not convinced budget is any better but if those waiting times have drastically reduced then alls well and good .  

  22. Interesting comments above and some I agree with lots I don't. Are mental health services better than they were .?? Definitely no ! Demands are greater though due to people yearning for more and it creates so much pressure . Latest phone , new house , designer gear and new car are all high on the list of must have . All not important in the 60's and 70's . Peer pressure as mentioned above creates so much problems. The actual input from Mental health is to be honest not fit for purpose. Lots of reasons for this though . Too much reliance on prescribing meds as the answer when really its because of case loads and incompetant staff members. And yes I have been under the service in mid 90's and then up to last year for 6 years previous including th imfamous crisis team. When two  MH professionals make appointments and then fail to turn up on numerous occasions without any contact says it all when your in a really bad place and its your one possible light at the end of the tunnel says it all. When a MH nurse meets you for the first time and then lies openly with her report saying you agreed that you didnt need further input after discussing your past and current history in a 50 minute meeting says it all . The funding though is sadly lacking and it is a poorly resourced department but equally with some terrible staff. Not all though there is some good ones but not many in the Crisis team !! I was lucky as was always as proactive with my issues and worked hard to find the trigger with my problems but sadly lots are not able for so many reasons. And once they get you on the meds its not in lots of cases the best answer for the patient but sure is for the department . I could say so much more but for now will leave it . 

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