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  1. 12 minutes ago, Declan said:

    Or Nick Crowe reads MF.

    Maybe but Longworth wasn't mentioned on here and he is clear both have gone. Brave to make such a statement when you have a business etc 

  2. 3 minutes ago, Boo Gay'n said:

    So Nick Crowe's post on his Facebook page is the only source for this whole thread...?

    Nick Crowe posted on Friday so I guess he could be .

  3. Just now, Rhumsaa said:

    I had in my head it was one of the satire pages but having done a bit of searching it was actually Nick Crowe's facebook


    1. still might be satire tbf

    2. make your own judgements as to the calibre of the source material

    Mmmmmm yes hear where your coming from , thanks though

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  4. 1 hour ago, Rhumsaa said:

    Saw this rumour on Facebook earlier with some braver people throwing some names out

    it'll all out in the wash if true

    Must say not seen anything . Any link or ??  Not disbelieving you btw  

  5. 31 minutes ago, trmpton said:

    In which case what John thinks are stop lines, aren’t stop lines.


    Basic enough apparently

    My prom said that there would be line painting going on to do with the Roundabout ! today but was down around 11 am and couldnt see anything . Supposed to open tomorrow to access Broadway only .

  6. 59 minutes ago, Gladys said:

    What is a safe area for pedestrians crossing other than a pedestrians' crossing?

    Agreed but just passing on what I've been told . Its apparently between the two lanes of traffic to allow a pause when crossing . But why not just as you say have pedestrian crossings . Who knows , maybe I was told duff info . But if so what is it for ?? 

    Oops just read your post correctly now. Yes apparently its a pedestrian crossing , sorry , but still not sure what the red concrete wide band is for 

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  7. 20 minutes ago, Gladys said:

    But where is the traffic to go? Between the lines, or following them?  

    The crossing outside of  Admiral House - is that a pedestrian crossing or not?

    Were these designed approved by a traffic management consultant or some GCSE installation art student?  At least if it was Banksy there would be some acerbic wit in there. 

    Does anyone in DOI actually understand that if it is not clear how to use a road, the likely consequences are serious, if not grave? 

    This is not designing a patio FFS.

    I think the red concrete 'band' outside Admirals house etc is meant as a safe area for pedestrians when crossing. But that doesnt fit in with the red concrete between rails and either side of rails tbh. Its not very clear and equally not sure how it would stand up legally when a accident takes place. , and it will sadly 

  8. 5 minutes ago, trmpton said:

    To be fair it has been in the plans and public that this cock up was coming for at least 2 years.

    I expected it to at least be finished properly though.

    Its quite different to the plans though. And check the pics out again as doesnt look much room for traffic coming from north to south down the prom. Certainly looks very tight for a bus or truck etc And yes the finish is completly unacceptable .  

  9. 26 minutes ago, the stinking enigma said:

    I think we probably need to start thinking about this as art. 

    Is carnage another word for art then as thats what its going to be . Throw a horsetram or two into the mix , traffic from all directions with no clear giveway lines , a few cyclists and multiple pedestrians and its going to be a real tourist attraction for the wrong reasons . 

  10. 19 minutes ago, The Old Git said:

    It’s two different junctions but I can’t see the Sefton one being and better than Broadway at this rate

    Yes I know its different junctions but from memory the original plans showed the two 'roundabouts ' looking the same.  And I totally agree its not. This will have to be redone and quickly at the bottom of broadway as its not legal i'd say . Never mind the standard of work. 

  11. 6 minutes ago, Apple said:

    This thread isn't about the Executive Director of Social Services is it ? 

    Rumour has it she can reapply for her job now the job description has been changed and will be returning if she is successful. 

    If true, I am sure its is only just a small stitch in the rich tapestry of life here on the island. 

    Surely your not suggesting that they have written it to suit her qualifications are you. They would never do that ! 

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  12. 10 minutes ago, ellanvannin2010 said:

    Good luck with getting an answer.

    Police never replied when asked if the bus lane on Glencrutchery Road was legal and signed correctly

    They did say they were monitoring  it to be fair and it was done away with quite quickly . I think this is such a glaring issue and clearly doesnt meet road traffic regs that they will be brave to ignore it if brought to there attention. 

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  13. 49 minutes ago, trmpton said:

    Honestly having walked most of the prom today it really is a crap job all along.

    Shoddy workmanship and poor design from one end to the other.

    What is the planned end date at the moment?

    The current re jigged plan is August but then they have to return later in the year to finish the tracks to sea terminal and yes !! dig up this roundabout allegedly and do it in stone/granite although I've heard it said that this could be the roundabouts final finish . In the original plans this roundabout and the one by the sefton were to be feature stone/granite and raised .

  14. 4 minutes ago, Dave Hedgehog said:

    Forget the roundel. The concrete work in the bottom pic is for want of a better word.....shite

    If that has been signed off by the powers that be then we really are in trouble. The standard of workmanship is just terrible .. The finishing to the various areas and to concrete and tarmac it really would be hard to make a worse job than they have . Incredible really . A Prom to be proud off . Not !! 

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  15. 24 minutes ago, trmpton said:

    There is a new crossing in the region of the empress.  When you come off it there are those red bobbled bits for visually impaired people.

    They lead you straight from the crossing accords a new pavement, to a five inch kerb drop onto the walkway.

    Also the crossing by Sam Webb’s is an accident waiting to happen.

    Feels like a continuation of the pavement and is only a matter of time until someone walks straight out in front of a car.

    Mind you the artists impression outside the gaiety actually show a trendy young dude crossing the road while staring at his phone so maybe that is what they expect.

    And what the hell is that thing outside the Sefton.

    Apparently the Sefton have paid for some of the works outside and around that area. Dont know for what exactly. 

  16. 4 hours ago, NoTail said:

    The new bit at the bottom of Broadway. I prefer not to call it a roundabout as its not round. I think it looks silly at best but could be very confusing.


    Mind blowing , what a mess . The tarmac hasnt been finished very well at all . Oh dear , yes apparently its all coming up at a later date so why bother with those lines which just make the job look so much worse.

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  17. 1 minute ago, The Dog's Dangly Bits said:

    I'm not suggesting it's acceptable.   It isn't.

    But it isn't sackable either.

    Well I disagree . If it had of been a lad or lads working for me they would have been sacked no question. However I'd like to think the guys who worked for me in those years wouldnt have stooped that low .

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  18. How a ordinary guy came here as a low key weights and measure officer and climbed the ranks to be a total failure as CEO of DOI . Only on the Isle of Man . Mind blowing really. 

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