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  1. They should have never been open anyway . Not essential in any shape or form
  2. Saving it up till waking out the door , scary !
  3. He doesnt like women and know that for a fact. Re Rachel , because of pigheadedness and lack of backbone someone could die because of a failure to use all the tools available . Its bordering on criminal that she has been pushed aside regardless of whats gone on. We need every asset we have as clearly CS. and ministers involved have no idea tbh .
  4. I understand what your saying but disagree with your assumption that it is selfish etc. Its what we as individuals have come to expect and rightly or wrongly this is reality . We are not being asked to change our life styles just curtail temporarly parts of it. People are used to having plenty of milk , bread and even beer etc when they want and need it . We are not being asked to stop eating or buying those products just be careful as to what it takes to do so. Commonsense and awareness in the situation we are in as a community is whats important . Sadly there will always be abusers but thats
  5. Lots on here would 'like' to travel for all sorts of reasons . This argument between a few of you says it all about what the problem is. Trying to please many sectors and find a happy medium . The only thing that matters really regardless is that we become covid free asap . Then and only then we can do whatever we want reliant on other countries if its predomentially travel thate the concern . Personally I want very much to see my next birthday and so on and so on and my health to enable me to do so. I know my mental health is struggling currently but thats fine as its nothing new and hopeful
  6. Tbh I'm struggling a bit this time but have been even more diligent than last time. Not been out for exercise even just up to Terrace shops for a few bits and pieces , milk etc . But feeling I might need to get out to keep my sanity . Its a hard one to judge as you want to do the right thing but equally your own state of mind etc has to come into the equation. There's clearly abuse of the recommended but as I said its a tough one .
  7. Re injections , my sister is a community nurse and weeks ago , as she only does 3 days or so a week , volunteered to do a day or two when needed to admininster the vaccine . She hasnt heard a thing back and to date hasn't done any . I believe theres other practice nurses who have volunteered too and havent been utilised
  8. Not mandatory to wear but shops can insist you wear one to get in. Up to the shops to enforce if they wish
  9. Lol thanks , having to leave school early due to epilepsy has hampered my english , and I'm now old so improvement not happening any time soon . Keep posting I really appreciate your input greatly.
  10. Its been reckonised that there is enough vaccine in each vile for 6 doses UK are doing the same
  11. From the horses mouth , copied from post on facebook
  12. Well they surely cant still say its not out in the community now , can they ?? Non-Believer hope your test goes fine ! Ie negative of course
  13. Is this reduction in testing numbers anything to do with Rachel's none involvment I wonder ??
  14. I agree no need currently for a lockdown but certainly a need for the type of precautions 1886 and others are showing . Pity CM. and his minions weren't as proactive . The press release just earlier should have happened first thing yesterday morning
  15. Quayle clearly says that all venues visited by the infected were informed before public announcement . Really you sure ?? Seems to fly in the face of 1886 response
  16. But there might be , its too early to know so personally I think the measures taken by 1886 and the likes are justfied but equally had they stayed open I could understand that also. However if it spiralled after staying open then the Proverbial would hit the fan
  17. Some yes but mainly cancelled due to Police recomending to avoid travel if possible due to roads
  18. Because of travel issues , ice etc. not covid concerns
  19. Maybe it was the Speaker , !!?? He mysteriously went missing last week , just saying lol
  20. Lets see , maybe just maybe the same cliental possibly go in both . Likely I feel ! See it wasnt that hard . Just helping out !
  21. Sadly it would seem utterly idle and incompetent .
  22. Yes I'm sure your right but its both pathetic and incompetent . These people get paid more than enough . Maybe they are asking consultants what to do as clearly they have , once again been caught with there trousers down . I'm 100% positive that theres nobody in this group who has worked for themselves or in a position of authority in the private sector that hasn't been called out or had to step in to sort a situation over holiday period . But our great leaders and underlings are all sitting at home enjoying the time off having left their responsibilities somewhere on there desks . I shouldnt
  23. This situation now really shows up the different mentality between Public and Private sector . Private sector have been totally reactive and taken the right steps while Public sector have done .....well nothing it would seem. Even a hairdressers up by me has messaged on Facebook warnings to their customers . Do CS have their ability to think ahead removed on joining the CS ? We get a tweet from our illustrious leader at 11 45 pm then mixed messages today from 111 but nothing else . Says it all about whats wrong with government
  24. If true and no reason to doubt 1886 's version thats mind blowing incompetence by Government . But sadly i'm not surprised .
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