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  1. Here we go ! Or maybe its a disgruntled TT visitor who didnt get their money back from these low lifes .
  2. Is it real granite or resin based ?? My guess is its composite . But dont know 100 % if thats correct .
  3. Word has it that due to a cock up on order for the famous Chinese granite nowhere near enough has arrived for paving . Missed a zero out of measurements apparently. ! Cant believe the DOI would make a mistake like that can you !??? And roundabouts at Broadway and Rendevous area will both have to be revisted again a year September to finish properly. Temp done with tarmac in the mean time . Anyone confirm or know any different ? Mine is a good source but yiu never know
  4. I ask myself often how many would be still in a job in the private sector !! DOI management would be culled on mass tbh with CEO Black first out the door .
  5. I would honestly say they dont seem to care one iota about the distruption and problems to businesses . They are getting their salaries regardless and have zero accountability so nice and cosy in Civil service land !
  6. Maybe your right but I have quite a good handle on most jobs and this has been lacking from day one. And it goes without saying if there's still no workers on the job in many areas its not getting done anytime soon
  7. Numbnuts


    Up the penalties big time if caught not reporting , I believe theres a issue with ownership of car parks and can Police be involved . Needs addressed and bodywork firms need to be encouraged to get on board as repairs will be needed to both vehicles normally. CCTV maybe needs to be looked at although thats problematic in big car parks. I know its not a easy fix but something needs to be done as its getting a real problem and not fair on innocent party .
  8. Numbnuts


    Far too many incidents like this in recent months and people mostly not stopping or leaving note . Needs addressed urgently
  9. In the Windsor cafe at 11 am till 12 . 30 approx and amazed as no workers to be seen on the Prom . Looked down towards Tower House and along to Victoria street junction. Zero ! On leaving and outside spotted a digger working at Tower house with one banksman but nobody else over that whole distance . A mile or so I'd say so clearly they dont give a toss about getting the job done. Guessing maybe Gibsons men doing the paving have gone back for bank holiday but no reason for no other workers on that stretch. Getting close to 8th September also and Broadway being ready . Anyone seen how far on they are ???
  10. We all want it better but till someone addresses the current civil service setup its not happening. Clearly there is too many incompetents working in various departments with no apparent sign of any accountability. DOI immediately comes to mind . I said it before the last election and will say it again. We need a strong credible CM who will sort out the mess in government management structure. We have Quayle . Enough said. Taxpayers money is getting wasted at a ridiculous rate . Ohhh and I'm not sure they serve anyone but themselves. The coalface workers do but anyone with any power is in it for what they can get .
  11. Numbnuts

    Are you OK?

    Thats a lovely offer to reach out like that . And yes I get your concern totally .
  12. Numbnuts

    Are you OK?

    Quayle and his cronies are just ticking a box so as they can be seen to have addressed the issue . While in fact they havent done anything of the sort. Mental health services over here are woefull . Like really bad and fall so short of whats required its bordering on criminal . And I'm speaking as someone who has needed there help over 24 years but more recently the last 8 . And as mentioned above there is no real help even if your being proactive as I was in trying to get to a better place. They actually get annoyed if they cant prescribe Meds . And dont talk to me about the Crisis team !!
  13. Has he run out of toilet paper ?? Quite sad really as he has issues but not really helping himself tbh .
  14. Any sign of Oliphant-Smith's manifesto ? My betting all along is he would back out , looking likely !
  15. ?? Tram systen does exist just a extra route. heavier rails put in means its totally feasible to extend the route . Good idea for once
  16. Yes I agree . And it makes sense just why the secrecy !!??
  17. Also why the gap between the sets of tracks is bigger . Electric trams are a bigger unit i'd say . All coming out in the wash now !!!! Clearly the plan all along just not honest enough to admit it . Hence the rails !!
  18. God knows but they should be busy in the next few years I'd say !! That will mean another advert for increased staff because cant have the little love's having to work to hard . I believe communications has a staff of 9 and still nobody jumped on board about the airport mess last week and now straight away they advertise for another communications staff member .
  19. Really ! Deluded muppet , Majority of people have given up long ago as its been clear DOI haven't a clue from day one as suggested by most from the start. Progress was slow , yes it was why !!??? Because they didnt have the detailed plans for the contractors ready hence the jumping around and nothing done for months. Harmer said 50/60 men on the job from the start , most will agree we were lucky to see 10 . No weekend work , no sensible work plan to lessen disruption to business and seemingly a dont care attitude from everyone involved. If there isnt a clearout and a new policy regarding DOI theres something serious corrupt about the powers that be. What part of tax payers money wasted continually dont they get .
  20. Heard only today that the tram rails are stopping now at or around Castle Mona Avenue and not the War Memrial as I thought . Did I pick that up wrong or was it always to be CMA? So that means thats alot of digging up of temporary infill in September 2021 ! At what cost ? I did hear also the roundabout bottom of broadway will be tarmac and again finished as plan again in 2021 . If so it would seem they have again cut back on works to be done before April 1st
  21. We have a useless CM and has been from day one ! Who remembers when Princess Anne visted and Paul Moulton asked Quayle about the Prom and he just laughed . He should of got a grip of DOI years ago and banged some heads and told the managememt to sort themselves out or heads would roll . Take the DOI out of the equation and theres not a massive lot left apart from Health maybe .
  22. Heard a story today via a MUA guy that low voltage cables havent been put in and 2 trenchs will have to be dug to accommodate them in a area that has been already finished . Not on plans which would tie in with previous stories I'd heard .
  23. Should just say. public are SUCKERS .. we get paid over the odds for this incompetence.
  24. I'd heard the same story a couple of weeks ago. Find it hard to believe but its Longworth , Black and DOI involved so I'm leaning to believe it
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