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  1. Told you Neil that this was happening . Incredible really . Will when they finish this current adjusted work wonder will we get a unredacted honest costs of what it cost tax payers ..Interesting times ahead
  2. It all fits in to the flawed policy of increasing the population to enable managing the CS/public sector pension hole. How are they going to reduce head count in this area . They need to but without throwing lots ! of money at lots of current workforce its not happening .
  3. Will ? I'm not sure ! Why change a habit of a lifetime !
  4. Thanks , not mentioned either is the likelyhood of Queens Prom area to now be tarmac on land side and not granite as planned . Also no mention of removal of roundabouts which I believe is also happening in this 'revised' scheme !!
  5. Ohhh having looked at what is being said again the plan is to have the work finished by xmas and snagging to take place and all finished by end of March in time for season. Correct me if I've missed them actually saying that in news flashes . Again thats the alleged plan .
  6. Well I take no pleasure in this finally being announced as I said it would be . Yes I was wrong by a week and was also very reluctant to absolutely confirm it as was aware it would be a shit storm when announced . And it will I'm sure . I knew my source was solid but still wary. Once again DOI are getting out of jail again it would seem. Also can I say thank you for not giving me a hard time when I mentioned it initially as tbh I expected it even though it would have been unjustified . I've just seen the headlines so will read the report and see if they are holding anything back that I know off ..I'd be surprised if there not . Sorry as this is sad on many levels . 3 sets of plans proposed and two rejected and Murray Lambdens efforts whether you support the horse trams or not its been a total disgrace whats gone on from day one .
  7. Thats going to backfire on UK big time . Sorry but theres no sign over there that they are on top of this .
  8. Thanks always for your enlighting insights much appreciated by me anyway .
  9. Totally but will they do anything about it ..truthfully my guess is no ! Despite the fact they are going to be strapped for cash
  10. No you misunderstood me. Nobody I know really takes much notice of the press briefing but only interested in new cases and hopefully its none and of course worried about any new deaths .
  11. I disagree as all the people I know religiously listen every day so hoping its no cases and we are closer to ending all this . Most people have been following guide lines but its taking its toll for sure ..So no cases is win win
  12. Hasnt been one although promised . Another possible PR disaster !!
  13. John seems a bit late in the day to do this !? Could there be any legal implications and this is why its happened ? . Clearly there will be a investigation on Abbotswood some time in the future but does the government in effect taking over a private care home effect any possible legal action hence .....
  14. The other thing is DC are straight out with summons the week after rates are due if not paid and its a fortune on top of the rates ammount so they wont give a toss tbh ..there ruthless totally .
  15. If they got thete act together , as flights could be through the roof , they could promote holidays here big time . Will they ? Doubt it as by the time they have drafted up whatever they dream up and get a plan together it will be to late .
  16. Oohhhh bless his little cotton socks that hes had to earn some of his inflated salary for once . Thought he'd have a nice easy term to get his 10 years in before not standing ( he knows he hasn't a chance of being relected ) and going into paid retirement ,with his farming sudsidies . He really is a buffon out of his depth sadly and was even fortunate to get voted in this time . Ask the health services what they thought of him !!??
  17. Haha I need something and it never entered my head o go near the place after experiences early in the week ..no not for me ,maybe early Monday morning .
  18. Ehhh when I was just a lad I had three by the time I was 6 . ............
  19. You havent looked too closely . I countered 472 in the red concrete between Palace and Queens Promenade Tee shirt shop . Lots are only hairline ones but there is also lots of bigger ones
  20. Totally !! Agree with you and they getting the flack when its been DOI all along . Wait till what I posted earlier is announced . Heard more but I'll not post it as what I've said before hasnt happened yet so I'll be cautious
  21. Being maybe a tad cynical I would say its probably because DOI have had time to get the detailed work plans finished so now there's some structure as contractors now know what they are supposed to do as opposed to day to day instructions .
  22. Over 5000 now but I believe there two on the go at least so will be interesting to see how this ends up. I'd really like to see the rational on this . I suspect its finance related but they will not be to keen to announce that as that will be another shit storm as Government departments waste millions yearly just on massive cock ups and wastage .
  23. Bottom line is Government are panicking and rightly so.. but its because of the 400 million yearly wage bill plus 4 billion pension requirement which needed a boost of 50 plus million in 2021 but its likely to be much more now and needed now also ! All because they didnt reign in there schemes and incompetence and excess middle and senior managers years ago. Coal face workers ive got incredible sympathy for !!
  24. Are you for real !! This is about private sector workers often on minimum pay adapting to the issues that this virus throws up and knuckling down for 6 weeks now ,many at risk of catching it and they are rewarded by having a perk taken off them that most will have been entitled too and also get paid for . Ohhh and Government workers arent getting furloughed but are on full pay !! Its wrong on so many levels to stop this holiday . End off .
  25. The figure of hospital cases has been pretty stable for ages now . Confirm if you know , are the 21 including Newlands from Abottswood 15 ish ? It confuses me and Im assuming that is the case .
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