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    TT 2021 ??

    Wasnt just journos but also wives of ministers !
  2. Sorry I must get down to specsavers as missed the roundabouts when I went past earlier . And yes they are a laughing stock ! Or is it us for putting up with such incompetence .
  3. Marina road and Broadway closing again in January as soon as Xmas/New years festivities are over for up to 3 months !. Apparently to do the roundabouts etc ! And so it goes on !
  4. I was also told the same by a couple of guys who worked down there for 4 months . All the spoil was put through a crusher and reused and isnt up to standard and yes , original was indeed very substantial. Your last sentence hits the nail on the head as to where the problem has been from the start
  5. Well wasnt the revised plan announced 6 months or more ago to stop at end of March and finish the tram rails from Sefton to Sea Terminal in September . So what now ? Finish in June 'ish then start again in September ?? Surely not ??!!! Its a total Mess !
  6. Numbnuts


    Alf Cannan , in case you haven't realised , you are the treasury minister and holding the purse strings. How about you rattle some cages and call a halt to this continued wasting of money in all the different areas. Its a joke and as a matter of urgency Cannan and Quayle , hmmmm, need to once and for all sort some of the departments and CEO's in charge . Starting with the most incompetant DOI !
  7. On good authority, most of the issues have been caused by a ill prepared DOI planning which prevented a sensible work schedule and bigger work force. I believe that the day rate hours booked are very very high due to inability of contractors in early days to proceed .
  8. Just setting the standard for when they are tasked with the underpass !! Ohh I do love the DOI and their expertise .
  9. Thats not acceptable in any shape or form. If this was your drive would you accept it ??
  10. Trying to be not overly cynical about this but not sure how this is going to work. I walked a 300 mtre or so length of the pink concrete and counted over 460 cracks of all different widths and lengths . Also be interesting to see how the repaired cracks will blend with the now older concrete which even now already is fading in different rates . I watch very interested . Hope it does work though !
  11. Have it on good authority , a ex member of Tynwald , that the costings for the contract had a very high figure for unknowns in it . Black is already on record saying they will need more for the second stage they wete going to return to next September but thats in doubt now. They have also had a figure ,approx 750,000 k already granted by Tynwald a few months ago .
  12. No I agree with most of what you say but clearly in every aspect of the points youve made above he and the DOI management, designers and CEO have totally failed at every turn. They now have zero credibility , not that they had much anyway , and they still cant give a final date for finish of prom and they are already going to be alot more than 6 months and likely to be over 1 year late by the time its finished .
  13. Well he might be a nice guy socially but clearly theres issues at work ! Title is director of highways ! Buck stops there I'd say !
  14. He must have been a Alan Bell appointment right ?
  15. I think so but not much point if there all bullet proof as clearly theres management and CEO there who are in the wrong job .
  16. Must be a pre requirement on government recruitment policy as theres so many of them !
  17. I've heard some unbelievable stories about Jeff Robinson . Apparently another arrogant piece of work who feels turning up to management meetings is seemingly beyond him. Has also a perchance of falling asleep in ones he does go to . And yes my source is very credible .
  18. Cringworthy and just summed up what a low life loser he is . And what a total liar , he just doesnt care what he spews out . Mind blowing !!
  19. Mind blowing incomptence and your right you couldnt. And bearing in mind the public outcry over the Prom its beyond belief that they are not making massive effort to avoid any more cockups.
  20. Apparently Gibsons the pavier contractors due to start beginning of September not arriving till end of month now. Quite a delay . Is it today or tomorrow the brains trust , Black and Baker are up in front of public accounts commitee ?? That will be interesting to hear the latest excuses and delays
  21. Numbnuts

    TT 2021 ??

    Biggest issue I would say is going to be a PR disaster. The return of deposits and carry over bookings. I honestly feel theres no way that the 2021 TT can go ahead due to many reasons not least availability of marshals . I for one will be gutted as not just the financial benefit to the Island but the feel good factor it brings to so many. I know people who rely on TT for survival over quiet winter months so its all not good.
  22. Easy analogy really. If your in a fight you dont leave the guy/girl with the gun out of the battle ! We are faced with a uncertain future as far as lots of things go so currently left with numpties in charge who know jackshit and a person with knowledge , Rachel , left on the periphery. You couldnt make it up. We are governed and led mostly by ego driven people that believe their own hype and are not bright or intelligent enough to see the big picture. This all has confirmed what many of us have suspected for along time.
  23. Not in my many years experience it doesnt . 3 years ago I was told by CMHN I would have to wait about a year for psychiatrist and I did ! I had waited 4 months before seeing anyone after doctors referral . Had a assesment over the phone which lasted about 15/20 mins and told I needed medium to severe input . My doctor got on the case and after the 4 months had a appointment with CMHN every fortnight before getting the appointment with psychiatrist . She was brilliant and really helped while the two CMHN were at tye best adaquate and one just terrible if she ever turned up. And yes I made a of
  24. This will make interesting reading the answers to this.
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