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  1. Give Putin a shout.....Let the Russians build a airport at Jurby..that should ensure were listened too !
  2. Yes several times and remember her trying in the early 2000 ..The stumbling block is the value of the stock !!! overvalued by Stella
  3. Can you outline your reasons for concluding this? It's a moot point whether it's there any difference between tax rises or cuts in services. It's quite clear to me it actually Amounts to the same thing and at the end of the day,we the public pay !! Dress it up as mich as you want but this is the reality A person I know who in turn is in the know tells me that the health service is underfunded by approx 14 million. There's cuts everywhere to try and balance the books.. As another poster says the kind of pensions and lump sums been payeD are not sustainable !! And the amount of people on
  4. Many thanks to Philip Dearden and other posters for explaining this issue in a civil manner..While I'm still not sure what I thinks going to happen I at least understand the situation better...Thank you..One thing that I'm confused about being a lay person is why is the Income and expenditure figures showing such a high rise and reaching almost a 100% increase in years 2017/18 onwards from the 2014/15 figures..anyone explain please sorry if it's a obvious answer involved
  5. This is all very interesting..thanks guys from a lay person for contributing..will be interested to hear some more from Phillip Dearden if he comes back in...I value the people's input greatly who have contributed...
  6. The other issue with all these projections is that just about all they are.!! What if !!! So many unknowns. The exit of the EU might have a massive effect..who knows ??!!! clearly it's not as clear and obvious as to what's the best for the UK to do...How will that affect us..who knows! But the 4% is definatly on dodgy ground ! As for Notwells post I agree and can't see many heavy hitters coming here or low earners as it kind of relies on each other...More population and wealthy at that means more basic income to fuel the infrastructure
  7. As a lay person and not really fully up to speed on all this ,hence my initial question, I would agree that's it's not going to happen !! Hence the haste to get Vision 9 to increase footfall and therefore growth..still don't know how that's going to be achieved !!! I hope it is incidentally but how and where will be interesting !
  8. From my observations people are leaving in droves. Okay...I actually agree but hard to be sure...the Census will tell some of the story...I was being optimistic . I think it's likely to not have gone up to be fair..but either way it doesn't change income sources..
  9. Finlo....genuine question ? You don't feel our population is only slowly increasing ???
  10. Hi Numbnuts - governments in the past could have pre-funded these liabilities by (1) cutting back spending or (2) raising taxes or (3) borrowing or some combination of those. As none of those choices would have been particularly popular at the time and the default option was likely to be following the UK practice of not funding, I doubt the question detained people for very long when the schemes were set up. There are a number of theoretical justifications for this approach too (such as the option of investing in infrastructure being just as good a use of money as investing in the stock market
  11. Well up to now, and I'm keeping a open mind it seems like bad management to a degree.. As clearly as we have a serious shortfall and the Prom looking like it does and the cutbacks in services and increased bills looks like mismanagement to me... The current ongoing Dependibility assessments despite Tears insistence that it's not is clearly a money saving excise as you wouldn't do what there doing in a civilised society !! All the cutbacks seem to be because of the VAT shortfall so public pension provision would still have a massive shortfall according to the report you posted Neil !!
  12. Why should they!! A government is supposed to run a country and balance the books etc...why should a successful individual bail out a government..Make sure they paying there correct taxes for sure but bail them out NO !!
  13. Okay..it's a little clearer and thanks for keeping it civil and interesting...I'm sure there's others enjoying this insight.. So Neil your saying that instead of investing maybe in various areas the government has likely used the income from pension payments for infrastructure schemes and then have relied on money being available when it's needed...Guess the VAT claw back messed that one up...But where I'm sitting they have over invested in areas as the extent of specification on say Hospital and certainly the MEA power station and also the Incinerator and IRIS scheme ,all major infrastructure
  14. Aslo question to Phillip...why did the government decide in there wisdom not to invest monies as other pension providers do?? Surely over the years with incomes coming in the shortfall would have been covered ? No ??
  15. Thanks Phillip Deadman...didn't mean it to sound like I was putting you on the spot..sorry..but you seem to understand and know what your talking about and honest with your opinions..Aslo thanks Neil for your input..it helped to read those reports...So where I'm sitting it seems that Government at the moment are relying on a increased income and profitability from wherever to fund the ongoing identified deficit ! So leads me to say it's all assumptions of course and based on what's been going on over the last few years..So if Vision 9 etc and increased income from business sector and taxes do
  16. There's been some good and interesting posts on this thread over the last days....Thanks for contributing. As a lay person though I'm still confused as to what is happening...I feel we are in the S*** as far as pensions for cetainly public sector pensions which in turn can't see at the moment how that's not going to have a knock on effect on state pensions. As I said I'm just like so many more out there who haven't a real clue and just going on gut feeling. A friend who's a ex MLC says we haven't a problem and there's loads of money invested etc and everything will be okay and it's just scarem
  17. When Summerland reopened after the fire THF ran it then sub let it to First Leisure and it ended up with Barry Noble then Peter Mcclaren.. It then got stripped out and left closed for more than a year before Government had to replace most of it to enable it to reopen again...just saying !!
  18. I know in my situation it's the other way round..Stress then brought on depression...but don't know if that applies to everyone..
  19. The main issues at Hillsborough were not the rank and file policemen...That's clear from me and indeed most Liverpool people.. It was the persons in charge and the orchestrated cover up instigated by those senior police men and then the West Midlands officers tasked to investigate. I'm sorry but if a group of people are tasked with upholding the law it should be expected they do it also... Most policemen are fine and I have upmost respect for them but many senior police in these forces and the 'Met' years ago were not straight! Like I said the Orgreve report will come out now and it won't be g
  20. Some are still serving in Police and Ambulance and civil cases will be actively pursued. There's lots of serious crimes committed ..The comment on SYP is the fact there's too much baggage now and with Orgreve looming they will get rebranded...IPCC are asking for Orgreve report to be fully published now as only a redacted report has been available up to now
  21. Excellent piece. So Duckenfield fucked up. Well, who doesn't? Imho it was also so long ago there are no lessons to be learnt from it. You are so wrong...The biggest lesson to be learned is that no longer can Authorities and Police attempt to cover up incidents when they are responsible for... This is all not over..Orgreve is coming also about the wrongdoings of the Police at the miners strikes...Same Police force predominately also...although other forces were involved in wrongdoings.... SYP are finished after all this comes out...
  22. Having read through most of the posts in here I find the comments by some tell the story. Even now after 27 years and countless news reports and TV programmers and lengthy inquests and constant reporting still the myths remain. There was no proof in any investigation that any unticketed fans were in the ground! There is equally no evidence produced that any fans were intoxicated.. LFC football club complained from the start about the end of ground allocation that the biggest supported club was given the smallest end with minimum entry gates. This was overruled by the Police! All though there
  23. Yes good points but the bank were the one that allowed a unauthorised loan! They failed to check due diligence . You and I can't go into the bank on Monday and borrow without considerable checks been made..I know that's a simple example but just making the point.. Credit rating wouldn't be affected in my view as the Government wouldn't have done anything wrong really...at least it should have been a big bargaining point and we shouldn't have folded so easy!
  24. You are utterly deluded if you think Bar clays did or would base any decision to remain here on lending money to the MEA. Read my post again!! That's not what I said at all...what I'm saying is Barclays should have been told to do one of the unauthorised loan. I feel the fact the government didn't was a worry that they might pull out if they were told to do one! I feel that shouldn't have come into any government thought process..I don't think that they would have gone but equally when or if they do they won't give a toss about the people of the Isle of Man...is that clearer for you ! The m
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