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  1. This is what I thought . Historically you were required to fill it in on the census day .
  2. Generally I would agree with you but have it on very very good authority that IOMG were informed last July by two respectful and very believable people that IOMSP were not isolating etc and they chose to ignore it. Caveat might have been either side of July as memory isn't as good in times as get older
  3. Perkins needs to get himself to Thailand for a whole different level to fake , and not just talking about the 'girls' ! Still have a Bretling watch upstairs puchased in 1999 , had two new batteries and keeps perfect time , really heavy as the real ones are and people I've shown are amazed at the quality and the puchase price , equivalent to £23 in our money . Clothing mmm can get anything and all at stupid prices .
  4. Your of course correct , for my part I'm sorry . Maybe to cover every eventuality we should restrict Spewing Juan from imitating a member of the armed forces too.
  5. Yes there was the suggestion to only run one passenger sailing a day but IOMG in there wisdom insisted on the two. Not sure why as clearly with Arrow they could have quite easily coped and obviousy cost benefits to streamline the sailings .
  6. Just had a £10 bet with a friend that the census will be called void due to inability to register and site crashing etc over the next week as demand increases. Also with the Census office not being able to handle enquires . Census was a disaster last time with the 'Manx' category left out and other such inexcusable omissions . Hope I'm wrong even if it does cost me a tenner .
  7. Yes and just look at Quayles response the other say to the Laxey flooding and the emergency response effort ! Says it all to back up what your suggesting
  8. Yep and the Royal Marine bandsmen and women have quietly been stationed at hospitals and vaccine centers helping with vaccines and medical services. Most are medically trained . Often goes below the radar as they just get on with it .
  9. Quite sad really ! Not sure looks like Afghanistan to me . Didn't he have a trip there years ago ? Edit yes 2010 During his time away he met with senior staff at Camp Bastion in Helmand Province where around 4,200 British service personnel were based.
  10. I agree totally with your comments and no he's not a logistician in any shape of form . I was being sarcastic and yes I too agree with the qualties the likes of military trained bring to the party. Its shown itself in the UK when they have fallen short of responses to issues the military stepped up and just dealt with the problems. No fuss just totally professional.
  11. I think your all being unfair to our illustrious leader. On his watch we have seen the landing stage costs multiply , the Prom go from bad to a total embrassement without seemingly any injection from the big boss man. I do remember though on Princess Anne visit when interview by PM when asked about the prom he could only laugh . Rates reform has completly stalled on his watch as has the debacle of Gas costings which his Tynwald have seemingly failed to grasp the situation and pushed it back continuely . The Rachel Glover issues which clearly he had a big imput and all the other failures around
  12. We have the man all ready, suited and booted waiting for the call ! Never fear Juan's here
  13. Are you not , as previous , to fill it in on the night of 30th ?? But thanks for that
  14. Be honest , is anyone really surprised that theres issues with the on line census form and access . I'm not in the slightest and havent bothered trying it till they either abandon the project or sort out the cliches . Wonder how its going to cope around the big day ??
  15. The thing is , which makes it worse , they weren't supposed to touch the walkway but due to lack of infrastructure planning had to re route pipes onto the walkway so it has to be made good which of course wasn't included in any costings . And so it goes on !
  16. Mine and bottom flats arrived today in the post .
  17. Mmmm one out one back in !! Should we read anything into that ??
  18. Friend told me today Little Switzerland road is delayed further for now a total of 2 weeks but tbh cant see them making that in any shape or form . Why am I not surprised ..
  19. I'm 67 and get my second on Saturday .
  20. I'd have at a guess yes they would be . Enough said. Triple the cost and double the time
  21. Apparently that cost is for the building to house it !!
  22. This !! Sorry but someone needs to get a grip and get into the real world. The powers that be on this Island seem to only understand multiples in millions . How the hell does a yacht around 8 mtres long cost that to build a home for it . Living in fantasy land sadly. Built in 1789, the Peggy was a schooner-rigged, clinker-built yacht 26ft 5ins overall length, 7ft 8ins beam, with an inside depth of 6ft. The Admiralty licence which was issued to her in 1793 describes her as of 6.5 tons
  23. Upwards of 1 in 4 people will suffer mental health issues in their life time . !! Staggering statistic and one we all can help reduce for sure. But it needs the right support for people when they need it not when its available . Which sadly where it all falls down . And as I've said before generally Meds needs to be a option not the only option .
  24. I'm pretty sure he has a flat on the end of Kingswood grove . As opposed to bedsit etc. Been there for a number of years now . Quietly comes and goes not bothering anyone . Pretty sure he cant have stashed much if anything living there tbh . I'm sure its better than many of the likes of Christian road though .
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