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  1. You are in effect as from your first weeks wage you pay 20% and dont get any allowances or trade off for morgage / insurances/ tools/clothing till tax return submitted and calculated your bill and that could be 18 months plus till your allowance etc is deducted and any rebate etc . Hence why lots dont declare correct income !! Assuming no exemption certificate of course
  2. Yes the guy was pushing you in very quickly and I thought win win as it is a big store! Then you see the isles are full of queues to get out and the usually pondering on what to get as lots dont know. So people in ailses shpooping and queuing to get out and others wandering to find what there looking for ..chaos tbh !
  3. If you've not got a tax exemption certificate Phillip you get taxed 20% from the first £ . You then get any allowances acredited when you submit tax return at year end . If you do have one you get your money gross with no deductions and again its sorted on the receipt of your tax return and class 4's determined . Or thats how it used to be . If there is any issues with your tax or NI you wont get a tax exemption .
  4. Just been as need bits for a job tommorow . No problem getting in , really quick despite maybe 15 in the queue . Quickly got what I wanted and then the fun started . The one way system and markings on floor are confusing and three lines up different bays to finally get to checkouts. Staff not very organised in making sure people move on and around into next bay etc. Those same bays are also of course having people shopping in them also . No sorry , not very well thought out sadly. Only bonus was lovely checkout girl whose normally upstairs in kitchen/ bathroom and shes so helpful , chatty and efficent .
  5. Me too , really needed some pannelling today and woukd have been in and out in 10 mins normally. Turned into the road and saw the queue , not for me bye ! Another day didn't need it that desperatly or my client didnt .
  6. Self employed pay too little as the method of making up there contributions , class 4's , is open to massive abuse . And it is abused trust me !!
  7. The concept plans...they've always had those but your right detailed plans have been thin on the ground hence the jumping from area to area .
  8. Listen , im being ultra cautious as dont want to give out false info but my sources have always been spot on tbh ..if I was a betting man i'd go with what I've suggested above is going to happen but it just seems outrageous to cut back the scheme at this stage after all the outlay on plans and the likes . They will blame covid off that i'm sure and the general outlay in other areas and lack of finances etc. if they didnt cock up so much they would have plenty of money .
  9. I have it on very good authority that what I'd put above was indeed happening but even then I've constantly said ' allegedly' as even i dont fully believe it but still my source has always been very good. I did also hear that prom would be one way but thinking that would be a step too far even for the DOI ! DOI though are apparently going to do the side streets by the side of Jaks and Quids in etc and not Auldyn . But who knows as its to be discussed but my belief is its already decided. Lets see these next few days and still no updated minutes on myprom website !!!
  10. For all the followers of the Prom regeneration...When driving along this morning and checking out the recent last weeks new laid red concrete it would seem we are on plan D . After the couple of attempts changing the spec to try and deal with the cracking it would now seem they have resorted to an approx 25 mm gap between the rails and the concrete . This would confirm what I've always thought that its not Auldyns fault but a flawed specification from day one . Firstly they laid rails direct into concrete , cracks ! Secondly they lifted the rails and put pads under , cracks ! Thirdly they changed the type of fixings to hold the rails and put more in , cracks ! And now they have allowed a gap between the expanding rails and the new concrete . Something that should have been standard procedure i'd say from day one . No heads will roll in this ongoing saga .
  11. I agree totally with your sentiments but personally if there are going to tarmac instead of granite, not put in roundabouts and other changes I cant see them doing it at a later date . Still not finished Richmond Hill and various stuff wasnt done on HBN school either due to budget so I cant see it tbh .
  12. TBH Derek the momentum was lost after about a week after they started . Its sad that lots of businesses on the Prom are putting up with this mess and now are not likely to get there enhanced pavememt areas as promised. And Covid and finances will be used for the excuse when really its been a total cock up and incompetence from day one .
  13. I thought Longworth wanted the tracks through to sea terminal ?? Only suggested by others as they have forgot nearly a 1 £million in signal system to allow them to run both ways at the same time
  14. They might not make ny savings as theres for sure been a overspend on whats happened up to now .
  15. I guess if this is true that gets them out of the issue of forgetting the signals to allow trams to get through the roundabouts. Win win for the planners . Only the cracks/ expansion joints to worry about now it would seem
  16. Two lines to broadway then single line to sea terminal
  17. Update , while we have so many other stuff to b worrying about it would seem big changes are afoot for our source of much amusement and grief over the last 18 months. Allegedly , ! Tynwald will discuss the change of plans on Tuesday when proposals will involve stopping the tram lines at Broadway and not continuing in the near future . Two roundabouts to go and lots more tarmac instead of granite !. No rails laid through to sea terminal and where they were to be its to be grassed so it maybe can rails in the future . All allegedly so potential shit storm on tuesday or wednesday for sure . Interesting times ahead and apparently all revised works to finish by end of March ready for the season . Mmmmmm what does everyone think ??? I know what I feel about this but is anyone really surprised if 'allegedly ' this is the end result . Footnote . Also apparently all the fancy granite and features around the Sefton are to be ditched also . I find all this incredible and hence why Zi use th word allegedly often as surely ,surely this cant be right but from a very good source . Ive put my head on the block many times before and been correct but surely not !!!???
  18. Okay so they pay for there car parking. But get a allowance for expenses . That's not accountable so it seems to me in effect they pay but get it back through a inflated expense account. Bottom line they don't pay for parking !!
  19. Surely it can't be that hard to collate the figures !!?? Clearly it is but how and why .
  20. Yes , these Gibson guys were first brought over for a care home I think in Pt Erin then brought onto the Prom site when finished in a attempt to speed the job up. Made sense as that's all those lads do and look how long strand street took ! And yes Market street is local .
  21. He's now saying Tynwald was told .. So who's lying !?? Quayle or Juan and Rob Callister who also said he didn't know either till the 4 pm announcement
  22. Phillip police contributed to there own as did fire service I believe . Genuine question though do you think the general public should have to pick up the shortfall on public sector pensions .. surely that's as equally unfair as public sector who signed up to their deal and having it reduced . We didn't sign up to subsidize mistakes and incompetence by previous regimes
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