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  1. Oh dear , and it was going so well !!
  2. NSC with some office partitions which I'm sure we have plenty of around , and loads of parkings , access etc . Job done easily and effectively .
  3. When all said and done they are temporary facilities built in existing buildings and sorry massively over the top in costs. Its a basic spec and no real frills , even the much maligned skirting boards really take no time to supply and fit. Sorry someone's been looked after on this contract for whatever reason.
  4. Sadly I think this could be correct . Hope not . Maybe it is a final hard lockdown to try and get on top of it . Or maybe its just rumours. Again so hope so .
  5. Yes but he's referring to site opposite I reckon
  6. Googled how long does it take to process Asylum seekers. From UK gov site answer You'll usually get a decision on your application within 6 months. You can get up to 2 years in prison or have to leave the UK if you give false information on your application. remember lots arrive as immigrants then go down the Asylum route. Which can take years after legals get involved .
  7. Powertools for seafood chowder !!? Overkill no ?? 😁
  8. And a calmness spreads over the forum , people sitting back relaxing , smiling even as they finish their drink of choice before making their way to bed with a new found enthusiasm for the days ahead .....then reality booted their asses
  9. Thats funny , but sounds suspiciously like something I do regularly, the crack inspecting not the walking 😉
  10. Yes , i'm definately alive and that makes me happy ... not sure you guys will agree having to listen to my ramblings 😉
  11. It doesnt shock me at all . Joined up thinking and policy throughout management in Government doesnt exist sadly as is shown in every aspect of operations. Just as well boots on the ground are usually excellent and step up despite being hindered by senior staff.
  12. Once CoMin was set up that was the end ! And recently decisions have been made there and announced before rest of Tynwald were told . Finding out on facebook and the likes is just repugent and very wrong when you've been voted in by constituents to represent them. The system has to change as does the voting and selection of CM. Too many deals getting done on the eve of the vote and we ended up with Quayle who when all said and done was lucky to come second in his area. I went to the Legion to listen to the CM candidates and what a arrogant , pompous full of shit individual he was that night .
  13. One of his Wives/ex's ??!! Or just the thought of that salary and pension he accumulates. You know , the I couldnt live on less than 50 k a year man !
  14. Sounds like our esteemed leader is reaping what he's sown. Mood has definately changed towards him at last !
  15. I've heard from a good source that theres more to go. So hope not but in the circumstances currently I wouldnt be surprised .
  16. Bill Hendersons role in that debate is cringeworthy.Such a creep !
  17. Sounds like the 'death ' was Quayle not putting his message over very well and there hasnt been another one .
  18. Just announced on BBC from 29th March significant decrease in Vaccine supplies into NHS for around 4 weeks ...mmmm not good . Hopefully they can sort this
  19. I agree there is alot of angry people out there not happy but look at the demographics and whats looming. It will be lost in the long grass till after the election and then its history . A ex MLC friend of mine told me there's a room full of reports and investigations that have never seen the light of day. Just look at the dithering over the Gas issue .! The fact is you and I both know individuals have cocked up but when has ever CS or ministers ever been held responsible. Corkill perhaps and the guy at DoE but not many more.
  20. Agree with your sentiments but you know there will never be any accountability . Its a trait of IOMG and the infrastructure . Come on , you know whats coming ......lessons have been learnt etc etc ...total bollocks and just a cop out , move along nothing to see here is the order of the day .
  21. Track and trace and contact tracing seem of the pace tbh . Covid has got ahead and there playing catch up and not very successfully sadly .
  22. My sister who's a nurse in district offered to help months ago on her days off but heard nothing. In the end she kicked up a stink to those in charge and eventually she had some shifts. Now she is doing a few days a week over and above her usual duties. As a footnote she offered as felt she should and so not for any monetary reason. All a bit incestous it sounds tbh between managers and their own staff .
  23. But equally how many have left . Agree on age demographics though .
  24. Is that the boarders at KWC with covid 😉
  25. Any early guesses on our current population ? I'll go for 84500 k .
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