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  1. One thing that I wonder has the government in their wisdom factored in , with this back to work for construction workers , that U.K. suppliers are all still closed and most builders merchants and plumbing suppliers etc will be very low on products and with nothing likely to be able to be sourced till U.K. relaxes their rules. I was in a local supplier yesterday who's open a few hours a day and his selves were empty pretty well . Not sure after the surge on Friday and early next week as to what builders merchants are going to do for restocking
  2. You can work it out I'm sure .sorry
  3. The S*** is going to hit the fan over this go back to work announcement when news comes out around Friday !
  4. I have a friend who I know meets all the requirements , and is very good with keeping up with applications etc and applied right at the start , signed on for the £280 scheme accepted and it was only last Wednesday that he got th final paperwork and another application form to arrive in the post in the next day or so. Up to today he still hasn't received a penny and I believe most forms who qualify if not all are in the same boat . I certainly know of 3 individuals who's employers are in the same boat . Something very wrong with what's gone on
  5. If it's any help I know that they were met by CC and a few other Police guys on landing apparently
  6. No Neil there was a gang of Gibsons guys from Ireland laying granite/ slabs/paviours also working over by the RBS end of prom
  7. People are going to be going back to work Friday onwards who for the right reasons don't want too but financially have no option . Very wrong !
  8. Not sure about majority but certainly Gibson lads doing the paviours/ granite etc are and of course the track guys are . The rest are Stephen Christians , Marty Downie and a couple more local ground working firms . Keith Henry ? And of course Auldyn who are local.
  9. I would say in my opinion these works will for sure be restarting and will have a lot to do with this decision to start up works. Despite there seemingly don't care attitude behind closed doors it's a massive disaster and embrassement .
  10. I disagree as it's still to open ended and you so know the 'rules' will be interpreted so differently with many and some will test and push them also. I predict chaos next week and police etc not knowing what to do . I really hope I'm wrong but dont think I will be . Construction workers who work in private properties are going to have a real problem .
  11. It's all a bit of a mismatch and seemingly not thought out logically and is totally financially ruled . Very very wrong when our MHK's seemingly didn't know about it till it was announced at 4 at the press conference. Transparency and openness rears its ugly head once again or doesn't as it happens. This cabinet lark stinks and as I've always thought is just wrong on so many levels . I really really hope this change in policy doesn't come back to bite us all but I'm so not confident . Worrying times ahead . Be interesting also to see the courts response to this when those come in front of it who have transgressed . Also I have a few friends who have applied for the various grants , loans and assistance that was to be available and too now none have received anything and indeed a couple only received there final application forms last week . Be interesting to see if they still pay up or just conveniently forget about it all .
  12. Was in a local builder supplier just a hour ago picking up necessary items and he said he's had some e mails from building contractors saying they are going back at weekend onwards so looks like it's happening. I'm not in favour as it's too soon but what do I know . Maybe results these next few days will change the rhetoric
  13. Way it's going everyone will be back at work before they pay out anything it would seem
  14. Well there not going to furlough them are they or send them home on half pay etc .. and when it all gets back to normal or as near normal it can be will they look at trimming head count and making people accountable or justifying there existence !?? Don't think so but they so should be using it as a excuse to trim the fat ! Or in lots of cases blubber
  15. NSC staff apparently working at hospital stocking and getting ambulances ready after sterilizing them first after cases brought in .
  16. You do know you can ring Police and not give your identify yourself just give out the issue your concerned about ??!! Yes I understand his concern all to well but sometimes we all have to stand up and do what's right . It's not a risk if handled correctly . And I'm sorry you dont approve of the need to protect against this virus so as we can all get back to normal quicker ..astonishing really . Goodnight
  17. Clearly by what I'd said to Teapot I'm not witness to it but if I had of done I for sure would have . And I do feel strongly as should we all.
  18. Well you should and it makes you almost as bad as the party people. Bit dramatic I know but people could die because of this lack of common sense and selfishness
  19. From what I've seen governments recent policy over the last few years , due to pension black hole , has been geared to increasing the population to try and help with the shortfall. I'd much rather they trimmed down work girdle and tightened up on spending and had some accountability and less waste on so many contracts. Too many at the top wasting so much and for sure not earning what they get paid . Time to look at MLC's and MHK's too and definitely local authorities . Difficult decisions have they the bottle ! Not sure they have .
  20. Ring the police ! No hesitation as this has to be sorted . Heavy fine and whatever else you can throw at them most are trying really hard to obey the rules even though nobody wants too but it's so necessary . RING THEM !
  21. Incredible as all local authorities and especially government should be on hold or even a stop on lots of these pie in the sky projects till the financial effects of this current situation is known. We are going to be strapped for cash big time and ideally should be a long hard look at staffing levels firstly to reduce that overblown CS and government staff expenditure . We just can't afford it before and we certainly won't after this corona virus expenditure and fallouts from it .
  22. Yes I'd heard this also from a good source
  23. Massive massive spike in mental issues for sure . Lots of other fallouts like household abuse also. It's all not good .
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