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  1. Wonder has anyone from DOI produced a survey to justify this ? How many cycles go down that road daily !!?? Maybe a few start of day and a few end of working day but rest of the time ? Imbeciles , good old DOI never lets us down .
  2. Personally I feel if it had been any other march it wouldnt have been allowed. In hindsight Police made the correct decision and it all went off peacefully and mainly observing Social distancing . Must havn been a tough call tbh .
  3. Yes went up to see it tonight . Mind blowing tbh. Good luck with turning left on filter lane . A guy in a merc just ignored it and went straight down the bus lane. Lots of thats going to happen for sure .
  4. Your right and I tend to agree re cost. Not maybe as much as 35 million but definately 30 million. But any extra over the 25 forecast DOI have been told has to come out of there budget so we may never know . As for voids , yes I didnt see any and also they were to dig and excavate down 1.7 metres apparently and they haven't gone close to that . Even for the pipe runs . Also I cant see even with more workers down there how its going to be finished by March even leaving out the 'second' phase .
  5. Well only the other week they said that the Prom wall was going ahead immediately and thats 500k plus and counting so it would seem nobody as pulled the reins in yet ! My therory always is that DOI dream up these high schemes to justify the management existence . No rush to repair the roads anytime soon so thats all it can be. What cost now all these schemes on the go currently ? Berthing in Liverpool ? The sooner someone with balls gets a grip of DOI the better for all of us. Sadly they and staff there seem bullet proof..
  6. Yes I know but isnt UK in a mess too ? Vat will change I'm sure . Something will have to !
  7. Your right !!! And watch VAT or the likes change . Where in for lean times .
  8. Its not going to happen 2021/22 . No chance . Wait till the fallout from this current Covid issue hits the fan and the costs are looked at. Health service bill will be horrendous along with the support packages to workers and limited income . CS pension scheme which had to find 50 million plus by 2021 is now going to have to find that or more immediately. And there's still the public sector salary bill to find . Hard times sadly on the horizon.
  9. That of course is dispensing with Buses ,cars ,lorrys and other normal modes of transport mmm brilliant idea
  10. I think Black is anyones puppet. If ever someone is in above his ability he is. He clearly hasn't a clue about running DOI. As has been proven so many times and its ongoing . I've said it so many times CM should have got a grip on DOI from day one but clearoy he's a puppet too . Chief Secretary seems to powerful .
  11. Bit of a flurry of activity down there today with lots happening and lots of workers. Funny how they have just discovered the receipe for big jobs . See the story is changing already too as Black saying there was never a date to finish or a final cost. Well there was on both counts and many promised it would come in under budget and on time . Harmer , remember him ? , said there would be 50 to 60 men working on site at any one time .. I really having looked at whats still to do cant see it being finished as planned by March. And onoy the other month I was told it was to finish by xmas then til
  12. II dont think they have actually cut it out as such just put spacers in and removed them after concrete gone off. And as you see definately closer expansion joints. By my reckoning this is at least the 4th variant to try and sort out the cracking . Wonder what they are going to do with the gap as it will only fill with water etc and freeze and then undermine the concrete ..or fill with crap with same outcome and look really bad . Looks terrible already and its only just been done . A promenade to be proud off !
  13. Yes its from memory on the length just passed Castlemona and it would seem its th latest effort to sort out the cracking. The same area has also got expansion joints much closer at around 1.2 metres apart if not less ..it looks a mess ! As pictures confirm.
  14. As they havent been paying there staff its very unlikely ..ohh and then there is the pubs that arent surving the Virus .
  15. Will be fun for cars and buses ! DOI sharpening their pencils as we speak ! Smiling as they realise this is a chance to go one better in the waste of money and cock up stakes ..cant wait !
  16. They need to focus on just managing what their going to do by next March as I'm pretty sure they will fall along way short on that one too . Watch for more changes as it gets near end of March . And yes my money is def not going on Nick Blacks timescale ! And all at what price , we will never know
  17. You know it makes sense , and thats why it has zero chance of happening !
  18. We seem to be mirroring UK timetables or it looks like that to me . Despite being in a totally different place with the virus . UK is looking bad tbh particularly North West areas so that should delay any thoughts of borders being considered to open. Harsh but the right thing to do .
  19. You sure its just a off Island operation set up over here with a few guys. The gear they have has to cost multi thousands . I would be very suprised if its not just Whatlings (IOM) or the likes but its parent company is the Glasgow one googled and seems your correct as spelling is different .apologies for doubting you ..some investment though !
  20. I worked for Watlings when they had the contract for the first initial stage years ago at the Power station. Based in Glasgow and a subsidery of MacAlpines in those days anyway. Mainly did Piling and thats what I did with them here . Around mid 80's from memory. I'm sure its the same operation as the colour of Equipment ,waterproofs and gear was the same bright green .
  21. Yes horse spooked and bolted. Guess he had no option but hope he could pull it up....hope he or she is okay ..didnt look good
  22. Sorry to ask but cant find a link to what he said..you have one ? Or anyone else have please ??
  23. The reasoning if this is true needs to be looked at but we know it wont ! Another great purchase . Its over 10 years now since first mooted !
  24. But is it working as it was meant to do now ? I believe its not as theres a triangular requirment and as thete is no more similar it cant happen . Happy to be proved wrong
  25. Yes i'd heard that too. Well a friend who used to work down there seems to think its not functioning as it was meant to be. If its true says it all about our government tbh ..
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