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  1. You forgot the Radar at airport . ! Nobody seems to know or want to say whats going on there .
  2. Like the Prom and horse trams you mean !!!
  3. This is totally correct. No kudos in fixing the absmal roads all around the Island which are getting worse by the day . But can find money for any scheme that ties up a few 'experts ' in DOI land . Has to be a project or its not worth bothering about . For gods sake will someone please get a grip of DOI and its leadership . We say it every week . I said on the eve of the last election the key to a successful new government about to be voted in was a strong and credible leader who would stand up to CS and chief Secretary . We got Quayle and millions wasted weekly .
  4. I though thats what we seem to currently have !!
  5. Power gone to HQ's head . I'm the big boss man springs to mind !
  6. Congratulations you Muppet Quayle ..Last time I looked we were a democracy but recently I've had my suspicions. This has just confirmed we haven't . This is so wrong on so many levels. Like him or loath him doesnt matter .It shouldn't be my way or the high way but clearly faceless civil servants are deciding policy and the likes. Quayle hasnt the iq to come up with anything sensible and this proves it .
  7. I agree he's useless . Something seriously needs to be done with DOI !
  8. The only voids on the Prom scheme belong in DOI management heads . We all knew it would be a disaster and enough warned but honestly , did anyone really think it would be this bad. I've been super critical but its even astounded me . Let them at the Deep water berth at your peril . Meanwhile the state of the general roads deteriorate daily , no sign of Richmond Hill being sorted and I've given up with the Radar ... Its only money , tax payers money !!
  9. I believe he has too sadly .
  10. You are totally correct and I know this for a fact after a convo with a good friend back in October who filled me in on the goings on , or not of the procedures and totally explained the piece meal work areas. No detailed plans !!! Contractors having to ask whats next and how to do various tasks. Total and utter cock up from day one . And hence why the proposed 60/70 workers on the job never materialised . Heads should roll starting with Nick Black and Johnson but you know they wont . Quayle should have got a grip of this situation from a early stage as it was clear to everyone what was happen
  11. As I mentioned before which now seems to be mentioned officially now the original plans for roundabouts have gone and also I believe the pavements around Queens Prom are now to be tarmac not granite .. Looks like so many short cuts going to be implemented sadly . And once again all discussed in a private meeting and not in Tynwald ..So much for democracy on this Island . Usual suspects keeping a low profile !
  12. Now there's a surprise not !! Guess they have forgotton about the 4 weeks plus they have gained by TT/ MGP being cancelled . Can't believe there blaming Covid for their allround incompetence. Also guess conveniently forgot they were already over 6 months behind and counting .
  13. Hope they do their homework better on this wall their putting up and its not the same muppet who designed those railings on Laxey beach that as everyone said wouldn't last . Punters 1 DOI 0 ! How embarrassing it would be for the first big storms the cracks appear .
  14. Yes but take in wind direction and swells from storms then you have falsely heightened levels . If the beach area at the walkway was reduced you'd solve lots of problems as swell would hit the current wall which is designed to send back the sea . Flat calm day at highest tide you never get the sea level anywhere near the sea wall .
  15. Isn't it DC responsible for clearing the beach ?
  16. That will be another £500 k then !!
  17. Told you Neil that this was happening . Incredible really . Will when they finish this current adjusted work wonder will we get a unredacted honest costs of what it cost tax payers ..Interesting times ahead
  18. It all fits in to the flawed policy of increasing the population to enable managing the CS/public sector pension hole. How are they going to reduce head count in this area . They need to but without throwing lots ! of money at lots of current workforce its not happening .
  19. Will ? I'm not sure ! Why change a habit of a lifetime !
  20. Thanks , not mentioned either is the likelyhood of Queens Prom area to now be tarmac on land side and not granite as planned . Also no mention of removal of roundabouts which I believe is also happening in this 'revised' scheme !!
  21. Ohhh having looked at what is being said again the plan is to have the work finished by xmas and snagging to take place and all finished by end of March in time for season. Correct me if I've missed them actually saying that in news flashes . Again thats the alleged plan .
  22. Well I take no pleasure in this finally being announced as I said it would be . Yes I was wrong by a week and was also very reluctant to absolutely confirm it as was aware it would be a shit storm when announced . And it will I'm sure . I knew my source was solid but still wary. Once again DOI are getting out of jail again it would seem. Also can I say thank you for not giving me a hard time when I mentioned it initially as tbh I expected it even though it would have been unjustified . I've just seen the headlines so will read the report and see if they are holding anything back that I know of
  23. Thats going to backfire on UK big time . Sorry but theres no sign over there that they are on top of this .
  24. Thanks always for your enlighting insights much appreciated by me anyway .
  25. Totally but will they do anything about it ..truthfully my guess is no ! Despite the fact they are going to be strapped for cash
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