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  1. Careful, that's awfully close to common sense. Not often found around these parts and I hear its use doesn't go down too well with the locals.
  2. I wouldn’t say that the ISP responding to this exact same comment on their Facebook page with a gif constitutes “hearing it from MT”
  3. Oh give it a rest, Derek. Your continual bashing of MT any opportunity has become quite tiresome.
  4. Spotted this on Twitter - I guess not!
  5. Not quite Summerhill Glen, isn't it the other side of the road?
  6. I do actually wonder if the kids who are begging realise that 'penny for the guy' is for Bonfire night and not Hop-tu-Naa? Actually it's probably more likely that they associate it with October half-term being open season for verbally abusing passers by that don't part with change. One of them actually said to me last year "Don't worry, we take card." when I told them I don't carry cash. I wasn't absolutely certain whether he was joking or not.
  7. Whoa, whoa, whoa... are you suggesting the posters on this forum are not experts in every industry going? Shock!
  8. He's running for MLC in 2020, apparently.
  9. Don't be silly, it's far easier to constantly whinge instead of checking with MT for updates!
  10. 100% off if you give the carnies a handjob...
  11. You're right. Much better to whinge about it on a private forum, eh?
  12. Ah right, gotcha. As a film collector more than a record collector, I'd welcome a new HMV but I see where you're coming from. Thanks for the insight!
  13. So you're saying that having another shop selling records would be damaging the availability of records? I'm confused.
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