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  1. I wonder how many people who don't post here anymore were, like me, simply banned for no reason by keyboard tough guy Ans. What is that guy's fuckin' problem? RIP Englishman, you survived longer than most. You did sweet fuck all wrong. You contributed to posts. But no, you had to be banned for no reason. I rest my case. Adios!
  2. I really do wonder how some of the above people are able to figure out how to switch on a computer. The level of thickness and lack of any sense of humour is beyond belief. I'd fuckin' hate to be trapped in a lift with them.
  3. Herro!!! Why is evawyrone so fuckin' stoopid? Cat Tuwner, Andwew Jessop .... Oh no! I've got Arec Barrwin! Now you see, the changing of the island is inevitabre! Inevit, inevitabre. Inevitabre! Things are inevitabrey going to change! Goddamnit.
  4. Car of a real man is a mini. No pretending to be bigger than they are, no compensating for a small penis. These 4x4s the size of panzer tanks are for little people trying to compensate and look big. A real man in a mini vs a pin dick in a Range Rover playing chicken, the mini driver will hands down win every time. The Range Rover driver will poop his pants and drive into a hedge.
  5. Do you know any Range Rover drivers who are not twats? Exactly.
  6. Your ambition is to die a virgin? Yes, in Cornwall if possible.
  7. Think of the abs he'd have now if he'd spent all that time exercising his stomach muscles instead of his fingers hammering at a keyboard and mouse.
  8. My ambition in life is to have sex with as many women as possible and then drown in my own vomit at the age of 27.
  9. I wish someone would try and rob me with a knife. You are looking at 245 pounds of twisted steel and drop-your-bony-butt-to-the-curb appeal. I will *body slam* them so hard they will poop their pants. But no, instead of taking on someone who could knock them to the floor with their little finger, these brave hard men go and pick on little old ladies in shops. Throw the book at them, no mercy.
  10. Being outdoors and pushing your endurance is never wasteful or pointless. It's better than being sat watching repeats of shite on TV for 6 hours a day like most people. Maybe if he hadn't been into outdoor endurance, he'd have been lazy and obese and died of a heart attack all the same? I know which way I'd rather go out. P.S. About the selfish thing, I bet he got sponsored by people to do it and the proceeds will go to charity.
  11. Nothing like calling a tree hugger a tree hugger.
  12. I don't follow the logic here. Why / how do people treat a slow moving car differently to a slow moving pair of cyclists? I wouldn't slow down at the side of a slow moving car and punch its driver.
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