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  1. I’ve long thought that paying a retired but well known exec £50 £70k per annum to head up Hospice funded by tax and bequeathed dollar was a complete waste (it’s a gig I’d absolutely love - piss easy) but with a parent with Stage 4 cancer and now experiencing the service for the first time and encountering the individuals involved it is a magnificent organisation.
  2. Snitches get………. @Bazza Smurfthe 300+ good guys continue to heap glory upon themselves
  3. In an effort to generate a new public event can I propose a Josem v Amadeus fight at the Villa - sell out crowd pay per view - Winner stays & loser has to take the actual “Boat in the morning”
  4. It’s awful to post names and addresses of people in Court so here is a close up for YouTube of the names and addresses of all the people who have been in Court - struggling to uncurl my toes - ARRRRFFFFF
  5. Your magnificent workmate got 3 years for running over and killing a pensioner, lying, hiding, perverting the course of justice and basically being an absolute boil on the arse of the Island - could have phoned an Ambulance but didn’t- not the kind of colleague I’d like but hey - stick to your narrative - it’s a good club - “been busy tonight mate”
  6. Yesssssssssss - we haven’t had a good Flounce for ages. They might be your mates, colleagues etc but even the most blinkered must admit there are some shocking wronguns driving cabs. Start with the family at the bottom of Christian Rd and work forward from there - if you’ve listened while driving you’ll know how low quality some are.
  7. I bow down to your career trajectory - chapeaux
  8. There are only 3 things to ever ask a Taxi Driver Are you free mate ? Been busy tonight? How much do I owe you? Anything else is too much for them - much needed service dominated by heinous opinionated unemployables.
  9. Install litter trays and lamp posts in the corridors and insist they use them and give them bags to pick up their own shit to dispose of - they’ll be human again soon enough
  10. If it’s not true it is one of the dullest things ever made up
  11. One of my daughters works part-time at the Peel Road Starbucks - they are regularly serving around 500 vehicles per day at the Drive-thru - I have absolutely no idea whether that's good / bad / average etc etc. (but I do know that it is approx 500 vehicles.)
  12. The bloke 3rd from the left was very participant in the Laxey Beach swimming gala during lockdown - wild conspiracy theorist - not surprising to see him involved in this type of thing.
  13. A one hour handover @Rob Callisteryou had a longer induction to use a pallet truck at Shoprite when you worked there - “Turn the beans label forward ask the man in charge for 150 nurses and 20 Consultants” Never has an individual been so far out of his depth. Its actually now becoming quite dangerous
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