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  1. That's the spirit..... a hypothetical negative on a hypothetical solution finished with a good old Manx classic of "Before you know it" Tomorrow maybe count up how many times you actually say " In my day" or similar
  2. So essentially it was because there was a tree on fire, and it was also to inspect the course - or was it as "man in pub" has said everyone knew it was a Manx boy and rational thought disappeared, or was it rogue Glen Tramman Marshal - anyway doesn't matter as Max believes that GT COC the only man charged with overall responsibility shouldn't be blamed or held responsible because errrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmm just because.
  3. The only undeniable, indefensible and undisputed fact is GT as COC held the overall responsibility for the session and therefore the accountability is his - part of the job
  4. Wow - just fucking wow Max - Gary Thompson neglected his duty as has been admitted by his Employers.
  5. 100% Responsibility of the top ranked Individual - reference the ongoing Hillsborough case (s) of neglect of public duty.
  6. A likeable rogue per chance ????
  7. It's the Public Sector essentially you'd have to do something really serious like let a 100 year old derelict tram run unchecked full of passengers down a mountain before the top brass are even close to being held accountable - hmmmmmm The Lumpy carpet gets ever lumpier and the Gravy Train rolls on. For the TT apologists (Max, Neil et al) if in your paid for employ you were ultimately responsible for a decision that needlessly endangered lives subsequently went to Court and cost your employer Millions would you expect to sit at the same desk on Monday - absolute fucking toe curling shambles.
  8. Establishment stooge resorts to default position of Establishment stooge - and repeat
  9. Establishment stooge resorts to default position of Establishment stooge - come on Dilli the suspended Vicar is probably just a "Likeable Rogue".......
  10. Pretty much nailed on that Robin Turton is involved - what a waste of skin (even by Onchan standards)....
  11. I was dragged a few times to the one that the convicted Graham Gregory preached at - if I'd had a singing voice and an invite to the choir I could have been mortgage free....
  12. The irony of a man whose whole life and belief is based on speculation asking people not to speculate is accidental genius. Word from the Flower Club is its for inappropriate behaviour - towards an adult female a, couple of differing versions but essentially along the lines of "I wouldn't mind waking up to you" Thoroughly unacceptable if proven and at the lower end of Vicar / Priest incidents that regularly come to light - but he'll just say sorry and go somewhere else to work one day a week in dress.
  13. Essentially it's a family dispute in the Casement Family about whom is the greediest twat - everything is paid for but bitterness and greed with family malice plus stubbornness will spend the cash on legal fees.......
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