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  1. I suggest the name of: Joint Operation Serving Eastern Municipality - or JOSEM for short..........
  2. I object to this as it is quite clearly some Townhall Vanity Project that someone thinks will be a glorious success. I imagine this would come at a ridiculous cost to Douglas ratepayers - the bill for providing new Hi-vis and slightly less tatty embroidered fleeces for the staff alone will be long thousands. Another magnificent example of Turd Polishing. However they could possibly have sold the Chewing Gum machine for £50 more if it said "City Council" on the side................
  3. Today’s big news the TT’s biggest supporter / manufacturer announces almost 50 year old rider whose best years were 2005 / 2006 and a newcomer- - the games up
  4. Was it Officer Schuey or does he only specialise in plywood doors ? Were any dogs tasered ?
  5. Mike Allen is still on Island - still living in Douglas
  6. Magnificent - every time he’s not on the Honours List there’s another big publicity campaign - best intentions and all that but if he gets a Gong it’s got 6 months until he “takes a step back for new ideas to drive it forward” terrible hypocrite
  7. Maybe think of someone who had a Fancy Dress shop and then became a Wedding Planner at Glen Helen and spewed her bitterness on FB - not surprised to be honest
  8. When “The Inspector” came to ours we didn’t comply because of no Fire Blanket- I pointed out I also didn’t have an EICR check or Gas Cert which contravenes IOM legislation (we have oil that’s my joke to clipboard person who didn’t notice) for rented properties “We don’t check them……” was the answer It’s a blind eye Government sticking plaster to round up the bikers. Lack of Homestay could be a big unforeseen problem
  9. Note - if you're going to offer Homestay (Ours used to pay in January and we then booked our holiday for TT period) make sure you have the cash available pending the cancellation - there's no chance the Government will bail out individuals when they can it...
  10. Nope - if that’s what it is I can mock until the person hiding or lying fronts up - I am 100% behind up front honest people. I have homosexual people in my family we’re all mocking the farmer getting outed - as should you
  11. CBE Anachronism Chocolate Bell End Caught Bumming Everyone Crosby Boy Employee
  12. Anachronism time starting with CBE Cleaners Back Entrance
  13. There is a lot of misunderstanding regarding BTL as Facebook and some on here think it is a "Get rich quick scheme" it isn't. I have seen one recently - 2 Bed in Governors Hill sold at £249,950 and subsequently advertised for rent at £900 per month. Full years income of £10800.00 - Gross Yield 4.32% - now take out taxes £2160.00 Rates approx £1000.00 put 1 months rent as a repair budget / Gas serving etc of £900.00 then your Net Yield is 2.69% - however in your first year your going to have Legal fees, letting fees and period of time when the property is empty - so will be in a neutral position for 12 months (negative if prices dip.) This assumes that the new owner has bought for cash with no debt - fag packet Mortgage calculations used to be £5.00 per month for every £1000 borrowed - If you had a mortgage on this property of £100,000 (40% Loan to Value) repaying £500.00 per month your overall Net return would be approx £62.00 on a monthly basis. Is there any room for capital growth in the asset ? UK residential property benchmarks at approx 5.00% - 6.00% gross yield to make it viable - so the rent would need to be £1200 per month for a 2 bedroom Governors HIll house. Which begs the question - Are Landlords undercharging rents based on the current sales prices ? If I had £250,000 burning a hole in my pocket BTL would not be the way to go.
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