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  1. Or possibly a franchised motorcycle shop such as IOM Honda that uses goodwill and commercial tie ins with the TT for supply of TM machines to maybe generate additional income ?
  2. Excellent effort - so not willing to declare if charitable donations and bequeathed donations in good faith put petrol in your super duper cars....
  3. Probably - my attempt to sidetrack is to ask were you paid or volunteer working for the charity ? i am pretty confident in my predictions for tomorrow's smug fest.
  4. Arts Council / Govt covered the initial expense of design prototypes marketing sales costs and other fees to get going and raise awareness and seek private sector investment - it wasn't free Derek
  5. Just a reminder that the paid for self nominated smugfest is on tomorrow: http://www.excellence-awards.im My 3 predictions: Nailed on is the Govt funded painted wallaby show which is a blatant copy of any number of cities who boast a rare creature - not an original idea Mannvend or one of the MD's mates companies- Equiom (friend) Baker Tilly (friend) MannInvest (Husband) Claire Christian (friend) dress shop etc etc. Microgaming - for not sacking loads of people and going to Malta... Good luck to all nominated - struggling to uncurl my toes...
  6. So how quickly will CM Fat Farmer introduce huge subsidies for Chicken farming and “Grants” to cover change of use from current farm use - whilst introducing “new measures” to save the Meat Plant.........?
  7. I'm certain the 30 year old threadbare burgundy tartan carpet and sign at the top of the stairs giving directions to a Nightclub long since closed prompted the positive Venue comments... If I had the opportunity to watch Jonathan Stansfield dunking his flock in the sewer outlet from the balconies of the "Suites" it might get 4 stars out of five.
  8. Correct - we have the International HQ for gambling addicts and first world debt, a non tax paying Church bought with nasty cash by a despicable multi millionaire with a "Knighthood", a local rate that rises due to redundancy costs, a self indulgent Social Media flouncing MHK, Motorboats and Stock cars, shit Broadband due to NIMBYs, and the Islands largest display of Motorhomes outside subsidised housing........ You have Field Marshall Watterson - I'll keep my lot......
  9. Maybe he got sick of driving through the village to see Robin Turton loitering near the Post Office / Manx Arms / Co-op area glaring menacingly at people like the bullying power hungry deluded nothing that he actually is. It's one if my favourite sights - happens every week.
  10. Compressing the schedule and taking the strain off the riders by doing extra warm up laps on race days - it's October and this Sacred Cow Spin is already delusional...... Struggling to uncurl my toes.
  11. I think I would recognise Prince Andrew.....
  12. A "Please Flounce" option would be an excellent addition.
  13. It's shite with people setting off fireworks so early - there's been some round here tonight, the dog bolted and knocked over the Xmas tree....
  14. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/crosby-residents-sorely-disappointed-over-building-of-new-estate/ Right on cue - person In new build house on new build estate still complaining about newer builds on a newer built estate
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