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  1. My understanding too - as Honda have some of their senior representatives on Island at present - making enquiries for various resources on a "Might happen - might not" basis
  2. It’s like putting Live & Let Die on at 4pm on Xmas Day “That’ll keep them quiet for a bit” predictable dross
  3. Red Arrows bit of a wow in the 70’s but get a grip - if you queue to park and chin up open mouth gawp and point at a fucking plane spewing coloured shite and not crashing in this decade you are the Fast Show parody…
  4. If the need unfortunately arose Due to COVID - by being altruistic would you be “Anti Ventilator” as enthusiastically as you are “Anti Vax” ?
  5. Let’s not argue over dialogue or dialect - the human named Geoffrey Boot is an insufferable self indulgent twat
  6. So the narrow minded Tory BBQ harbour expert essentially said “Boat in the Morning” to a constituent….
  7. Reason 26: Spineless hen pecked weak husband of Ann - finds it easier to nod in support of deluded ranting wife which gives him some degree of peace.
  8. Ignoring uneducated narrow minded shit is something that is also strongly recommended
  9. Ludicrous- Port Heroin should be 3 x Island rate they’ve got the Listed Building of Significance Cosy Nook Rat Farm Cake window to fund….
  10. I know 3 people / tradesmen who have nice new kitchen units and worktops due to “ordering and delivery issues” with the Wlllastonbjob fair play as it’s a not checked free for all with cost of projects - they have their own electricians but contract in SCS to change smoke alarms at £35 an hour…. Race to the bottom
  11. Rob’s comeback was shocking at worst / juvenile at best. For the Children’s Champion to essentially say “they are the wrong type of under privileged children so not my responsibility” says everything you could possibly need to know about him - typical blame shifting establishment spineless yes man.
  12. Admin please pin this to front page as “Man in Pub said” example of uneducated lazy shit posting - thank you
  13. Brilliant he’ll stand for even longer periods of time outside the Co-Op in a shit tie glowering at everyone. I sat next to his wife at an event I couldn’t avoid and she told me she was “The Mayoress of Onchan”….. and in one sentence the mentality of the household became apparent.
  14. The People’s Prince and appointed Government Children’s Champion seems to have disappeared into must get elected for a second term mode. @Rob Callister why have you given no support for subsidised School Dinner support during the Summer holidays for under privileged families ? Why have you disappeared for the last 18 months Fulfil your appointed obligations - which is a minimum expectation of an elected official - to not is to fail which is your only consistent trait.
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