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  1. If it’s the Marine Drive attempt sadly it will only be a delayed stat - a good bloke too just unwilling to accept reality and assistance offered at every opportunity
  2. The Fire Service have confirmed cases which may take a whole watch off line for 2 weeks - alongside Gary Roberts admission that police are low on numbers and resources stretched it doesn’t appear that restrictions will be relaxed soon - personal opinion is increased travel restrictions and speed limit early in the week.
  3. I’ve put in a 6mm ply wood door in case Schuey is signed off - all dogs are Tazer safe for 14 days....
  4. Excellent news have the TT over there- everyone’s happy
  5. @Bankeris there a rise in duty on Diesel Patio Jet Washers asking for a Teacher who asked for a CS ???????
  6. @Banker I’m considering jet washing my patio I am not CS or a Teacher is this allowed ??????
  7. Welcome to the Forum Mr Floaty Island Deluded Man - you’ll fit right in
  8. So Lord Ashford is now throwing away vaccines - hand back you’re gong immediately you incompetent fuck - thank you.
  9. @Phillip Deardenyou're usually good for a balanced view and as a Non Exec Director of the IOMSPC any comments ?
  10. Wow I thought he was a “War Baby” suddenly feeling better about myself
  11. This one won’t age well - will he cease to be a prick when it’s confirmed ?
  12. Nope Mark Woodward said come after us we don’t sail - that’s where the power in this one is - no Govt Minister or CS Stooge has any room to wiggle- Steam Packet win or we all go hungry...
  13. In regards to standing it historically costs £10k - £15k for a serious campaign. Manifesto printing, publishing, delivering, awful boards strapped to lampposts on roundabouts etc, website costs etc etc - if you’re successful second term is considerably cheaper and if you have the same budget again you’re miles ahead - it’s not a game for the working man
  14. The Cruise Ship story for his wife to get home - brilliant
  15. Best conspiracy theory heard today “It’s Howard’s youngest daughters birthday today so that’s why there’s no lockdown”
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