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  1. Mr Helmut Fromage

    Suicide Squad

    Insert Big Norm Photo....
  2. Mr Helmut Fromage

    Suicide Squad

    Said Bill everyday for 20 years..........
  3. Mr Helmut Fromage

    Suicide Squad

    Wiping shite from Spazzies arseholes for 2 decades is the only commendable thing Bill Henderson has ever done - he wears Velcro shoes and is a political leader FFS.......
  4. Mr Helmut Fromage


    There are some intelligent people behind the break away EUFA push - but sadly Mepham and the IOM FA are stuck in the dark ages - IOM Sport is on its arse throughout the traditional activities due to idiots clinging to the former eras - Teams such as Castletown one of the well funded single jurisdiction football teams cant put out a combi side, Braddan fielding 3 players over 50 (Keith McS is 63) to put a side out, the Island squash champ is 46 years old and first won it 30 years ago, the IOM Golf team are all 30+ Years of age - The Island games is a glorified Church Fete standard fiasco - funds should be spent on Island to help develop and fund grass root level activities and people with the aptitude and talent to have a future in sport - except for cycling or Dot Tilbury......
  5. Mr Helmut Fromage

    Isle of Man News and Politics

    A couple of his offspring are doing the TT this year - Natural Selection ?????
  6. Mr Helmut Fromage

    Upsetting the nutters

    It's The Living Hope FFS - as a comparison these deluded fucking crooks show their kids drawings of a Middle Eastern Jewish white man nailed to a couple of planks and think there's nothing wrong.......
  7. Mr Helmut Fromage

    Manx Radio

    https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/agreement-in-principle-for-2019-tt-radio-coverage/ Nothing to see here - Staus Quo preserved, Tax payer funded, Rob Callister blogs his latest success.... Struggling to uncurl my toes.
  8. Mr Helmut Fromage

    Ramsey marina meeting tonight

    Apologies for the inaccuracy of both Walter Mitty characters and locations....
  9. Mr Helmut Fromage

    Ramsey marina meeting tonight

    Cynic - this Marina and guaranteed HNW's from their yachts will be able to attend the previously proposed privately funded F1 / Moto GP circuit near Hillberry that was proposed 15 odd years ago by the chancer Martin Jones of Port Soderick...
  10. Mr Helmut Fromage

    Keith Flint

    I just looked back and actually found it as funny on the first page as when i heard it a few minutes previous - apologies for the duplication Humour Fascist.......
  11. Mr Helmut Fromage

    Keith Flint

    Any funeral details yet ? Fat of the Land or Firestarter ?
  12. Mr Helmut Fromage

    Manx Radio

    In fairness after 45+ years on the IOM that would be expected........
  13. Mr Helmut Fromage

    Wasting money, IOMs National Pastime

    Maybe Rob will licence Lawrence Skelly to sell "Official Pool Merchandise" and send shit letters to anyone who contravenes his rules - like the NSC Pool or Liverpool or Gene Pool......
  14. Mr Helmut Fromage

    Man sentenced for fake gun

    Not suggesting anything - however he'd call the riot squad to a school yard scrap and tweet about gang violence ...
  15. Mr Helmut Fromage

    Man sentenced for fake gun

    Just a reminder it was Officer "Schuey" whom was involved in the arrest / tweets - no dogs were tasered or ply wood doors were harmed in the arrest.