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  1. ’He is not a man who regularly offends,’ said Mr Peterson. ’We would submit these offences are a blip and not likely to be repeated.’ Hmmmm given this is the same Angelic Mr Lindon convicted of manslaughter of his former spouse....................
  2. May I suggest building a very expensive Police Station close to Douglas Town Centre with cell / holding facilities - possibly near the end of Walpole Avenue opposite the Bus Station.
  3. Probably about £20 million in overspend...
  4. Behind the 54 HSBC workers but fortunately in front of the 10% of RBSI staff.....
  5. I would willingly pay for you and the familiy to take the £50 tests if it encouraged you to holiday immediately (caveat - as long as you have no Wifi when away)....
  6. @Rob Callisteris the MHK in charge - it isn’t happening
  7. I love a wildly misjudged Dilli character judgement “send her back to flog unproven remedies for deluded hypochondriacs with her proven illness whilst facing an unknown proven pandemic - rub some butternut squash extract on Abbotswood- that’ll cure it £58.99 please” Likeable Rogue
  8. Indeed - I was one of those yesterday evening at about 7.30 turning right from Victoria Road to be faced with an English Reg Porsche coming across the first roundabout from Onchan side and filtering right facing me head on - when I flashed him he hooked left without looking - almost T boned the car he had accelerated past - thankfully he managed to miss everything.
  9. Your Covid nonsense posts and IOM Govt bashing have reached a new low - when border restrictions are eased fuck off back to Boris
  10. Please save this post or screenshot it - struggling to uncurl my toes - save for future reference
  11. If Christian gets in the Island hits a new low - an absolute fucking turd of a candidate £50k of what is essentially unemployable benefit...
  12. I noticed in Claire’s “All about me” link that her Porsche driving husband is a Hobby Bobby - I’m certain that will go down a treat with some of the social housing constituents.....
  13. Correct - hence road closures - it's essentially a TT sponsors closed shop money maker - cyclists with a few quid - Conister Bank chuck ££££ at it with another vested / personal interest
  14. It’s a private enterprise using friends and previously the tourist angle - now it’s just localised to avoid losing money and pull in favours for promotion and road closures
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