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  1. This is him arriving for a pint at the Creg and I'm sure @Max Power could confirm he was a huge danger to himself and others when racing with his blatant disregard for his actions. I know of someone who had him fit a new front door and windows in August with 28 day payment terms as there was a reasonable chance he wouldn't make it through the impending MGP..........
  2. Well they are obviously planning on opening a Mercedes Bus museum in 2080 with a fantastic display of every model ever manufactured.
  3. It will be some snivelling babbled nonsense of “Lord Howard Mr Ashford MBE I know when you phone the COVID 111 line which is amazing by the way and you have symptoms and they say isolate until you get a test so clearly they are isolating when the +ve results come through I’d like to ask you that despite massaging the figures to suit can I completely get close to a proper question yet massively miss the point and importance of this exercise by asking if the Panto is still on” ?
  4. Bewildering statement - it implies our scattergun reactionary Government made up of average intelligence plodders have had a master plan all along and executed this flawlessly over 9 months to achieve their desired & satisfactory outcome via their actions - and nobody outside the corridors of power has any knowledge or clue ? Do you honestly think Rob Callister or Skelly or INSERT NAME HERE could contain their vanity if they thought they were part of Islands Illuminati....
  5. Magnificent use of the word stiffy - Chapeaux
  6. Tenuous link to 1980's Nautical themed Sunday TV Drama - shouldn't the whole Steam Packet Operation be re-branded "Howard's Way"................ A fitting legacy.
  7. Its being relocated to Howard's barn - which will allow him to qualify for the new IOM Government Cow Shit and Covid Testing Lab Countryside Improvement Grant.......
  8. @Rob Callisterthis sounds like a job for “The Peoples Prince” A man who thoroughly fulfilled promises of a manifesto Maybe Onchan voters for Rob should wear Red Trump style hats to identity themselves - if he goes another full term he’s pension eligible at taxpayers expense which is his ambition 5 more years 5 more years 5 more years.....
  9. Indeed I did - with a number of questions regarding them not issuing terms and conditions to users, no signage on display advising of these, and no explanation / notes on the ticket of any rights of appeal. As it was mentioned earlier it is now an expensive admin exercise - as those I have spoken to all contacted the corpy and have had them rescinded. Please submit alternative plans to fund the purchase of a new Gold Chain
  10. The parking fascists must have a new incentive - yesterday the Contract Spaces in Shaw's Brow were the target - £100.00 for not displaying a space numbered card in the windscreen. There must have been 50 - 60 fixed penalty notices on windscreens. They allow under their Automatic Number Plate Tech to register 3 x vehicles per space but only issue 2 numbered cards. I have a space and have registered the cars of 2 colleagues who don't have a space - which allows them to use spaces paid for by our business when those with allocated spaces are on annual leave.
  11. Or a feature article on local author James Collier pen name J C Williams - but IOM Newspapers manage to call him Jason - amateur at best
  12. Nothing a spot of gerrymandering couldn't solve.
  13. A Mount Rushmore style sculpture of Howard, Ashford, Alf, and The Peoples Prince (it is on Robs patch after all)........... Exit through the Gift Shop for your Govt Licenced fridge magnet.
  14. Sometimes not straight forward - I know of one student coming back from a high risk area due to Uni sending students back early - both parents key workers in positions which require much daily face to face interaction and two siblings in the same household one in full time employment one in full time education - it would be impossible for contact tracing if required and due to size of family versus size of of property difficult to adhere to the guidelines of cleaning facilities etc. One other option presently available is to move in with one Grandparent for the 14 day isolation - which ra
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