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  1. Because we won’t be posturing war ships at France - your Nirvana near Normandy is a deluded dream - give yourself a day off from hero worshiping a jurisdiction of your own deluded fantasy
  2. Flat out encouraging the Boy Racers to go faster that’s the spirit.
  3. Release the bread vans Douglas can’t survive without butties
  4. Interesting dynamic / conversations on return to workplace regarding Vaccinations - couple of people who are refusing to have the vaccine for a couple of reasons none of which IMHO are valid. 1 - I'm not planning on going on holiday so I don't need to have it 2 - It isn't proven and I looked it up on Google. Conversation around Social responsibility to others etc etc was just blanked by both - one of these individuals is so afraid of the virus that they are constantly wiping down shared equipment such as kettle, door handles, staying 2 metres away and is still wearing a mask.
  5. With your bizarre Channel Islands obsession again to the fore - I must point out you have failed to update us on Sark ?
  6. Correct - obviously the kind of deluded individual who uses shocking cringey phrases such as “Fur Babies” It’s a fucking dog.
  7. Congratulations on 500 successive posts referencing the Channel Islands- bewildering obsession.
  8. The Guernsey Public Servants have a 100% attendance record
  9. Dominic Delaney ??????? Possibly 25 years late with that reference but for those who remember it was a magnificent syrup - and he got offended if it was ever mentioned
  10. Not yet - I hide behind a 4mm plywood door - guaranteed safety
  11. Imagine the stiffy Officer Schuuuuueeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyy would have had this morning. 'Tango Bravo Tea Kettle Barbecue Super Shuey on his way OVER'
  12. To ensure the Emergency Services are not over whelmed by accidents please make sure your ladder is on a firm and level footing as you rubber neck those bloody teachers........
  13. Stunning - a triple negative there - reading your comment on GEF commenting on Quayle commenting on something - hit own toes with hammer....... One feels objectivity and fact maybe diluted
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