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  1. Ian Plenderleith is no longer the MD of Manx Gas - replacement already appointed.
  2. Quite obviously and with no facts or knowledge I am glad to confirm it was local celebrity "House wives favourite" TV star, dog tasering plywood door non flattening Officer Schuey - the rules and laws don't apply to him........
  3. Hmmm - today I was approached and asked did our business wish to rent car parking spaces on Lord St site approx 50 available - month to month contract - and I quote "probably about 9 months at least"........... More expensive than Shaws Brow or Chester St contract parking by 10% No ground being broken in the near future then.
  4. ARRRRRFFFFFFFFFF - Struggling to uncurl my toes
  5. It might be a good time to reveal your true identity - so everyone can avoid you in real life. SJR you are a painful infected boil on the arse of this Forum.
  6. Boots had that well intentioned but horribly patronising bloke ruining songs and making people's shopping experience less tolerable....
  7. What are your neighbours doing his week ? - please provide latest nosey know it all curtain twitching rubber necking stats - Thank you.
  8. Address as: Mr Callister............ i believe that tells you everything you need to understand about the pious deluded self important grandstanding fool.
  9. No irony here - I want it on my terms because I want to go away and then I want it on my terms when I come back because I want it my terms because I want - repeat repeat repeat repeat
  10. I see this statement of intent lasted a whole 4 posts well done, well done indeed...........
  11. The Bishop in Tynwald and The Living Hope nonsense - good luck to them baptising their deluded new intake in The Lido sewers and keeping 2 metres apart. Peter Murcott - abolish him immediately.
  12. Anything on rails (monorail to the felt museum excepted) current Victoriana is a very lanceable boil on the Islands arse.
  13. It's Pokerstars - confirmed by an employee.
  14. Repeat - research / search the phrase Likeable Rogue across the forum - you're sure to find some quality stuff related to Dilli.... Clue 2 - Flounce is also a Good word to search
  15. Homework - spend the rest of the evening researching the forum with the phrase "Likeable Rogue"
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