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  1. Returning from dropping off shopping to rear patio of 80+ years old family I witnessed one well known local cyclist heading towards Laxey getting further away from their Marown house - Social Media seems to be full of the it's ok to do it crowd because they're cycling on their own etc etc Sadly it seems to be the individuals, parents, partners of and those with a vested cycling interest who are defending it on Face-tube group chat including a Lycra fan - "I'll just take off my Garmin so if I'm stopped they don't know how far I've been"
  2. I strongly beleive we will inhabit a post apocalypse dystopian wasteland - existing with The People's Prince Rob Callister as a forceful evil leader of a neo-fascist state, with his image on money and stamps and the official title of Over Lord. He rules the penny less and suffering masses under the threat of the "The Special Forces" who are headed by the fearsome Commander Schuey - where all dogs are tasered on site and the only protection us under class have is a plywood door and £1.32 of weed....
  3. @Phillip Dearden at this time of national crisis it gives me comfort that you're still posting sense whilst swapping your Athol St suit for a Steam Packet knitted jumper, thick beard, reed pipe and heavy boots to secure the ships...
  4. Let's take a minute to think how Robertshaws big business panned out - he still fucking begs for money for the Sefton every week - failing DT failing indeed
  5. Let's take a minute to think how that business ended up - Shimmins whilst he had a fancy title was a middle management grunting yes man.....
  6. Would visiting my elderly parents house to retrieve a well stashed 1986 copy of Razzle be classed as essential travel ?
  7. Early start Dilli - or have you been sucking the free alcohol wipes at work ?????
  8. Despite the social distancing, avoid non essential meeting guidelines -The People's Prince is bewilderingly promoting his Constituents Surgery in Onchan this Saturday................. @Rob Callister yet another astonishing but sadly un-surprising lack of self awareness.
  9. He also looks in the mirror most mornings (vampire and reflection jokes welcomed) and deems he's fit to face the public - a man of questionable judgement.......
  10. A Brilliant leader - not only is he busy planning contingency and leading the capital - he still finds time to clean the Governors Hill bus shelter this morning - Awe inspiring
  11. I'll take that as a compliment - in TT speak Danke Mavis......
  12. Excellent news but his vile misogynistic racist ignorant leg is still some where in Kirk Michael.... But he's exempt from criticism because he's a TT chariot winner
  13. Stooge - every time someone with an allocated parking space posts on here you need to wash your jeans Dilli - embarrassing
  14. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=54478&headline=MHKs to choose MLCs today&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2020 Glad to see the great and the good can prioritize hand picking their new Gravy Train colleagues rather than any crisis planning or contingency...........................
  15. How does he / she get a capital P on an insulting reply of Pussy when I only got a lower case one on the earlier prick ???? I will always spell Flounce with a capial F
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