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  1. Poor analogy- one is a historical society that I will acknowledge are trying to preserve a piece of history so best of luck. Beach Buddies - don’t go there - best intentions but 4x4 gas guzzlers and gong chasing not on my remit
  2. Self quote - more chance of the Joke Shop Opening or Barry Curran coming back - it ain’t happening
  3. I hope the previous 5 years are kind to you and your rehab sessions have allowed you to embrace your short comings and you have quit this vile and socially unacceptable habit
  4. FFS does this mean live carnage might not be available #Everest I’ll tune in to Roy Moore instead - that’s not happening either I’ll take a look at the scoreboard 😂 Greatest show on Earth 🌍
  5. The Count handed back the keys to the Bloodbank on Monday 😂
  6. It’s a pipe dream like every other Ramsey harbour fantasy including the Pier obsessed fleece wearing tin rattlers - now that’s sorted can we concentrate on the Government “resignations” thank you
  7. Punch yourself in the face or wipe your arse with barbed wire….. Wow
  8. I think he has one of the battery operated ones - judging by his chipped teeth……
  9. Put your dentist number in your contacts Sir - keep eating them you’ll be as toothless as Alf & Ashford
  10. Unquestionably the lowest and darkest day in Manx politics in recent times. A proven incapable fantasist not being held to account by a spineless CM and The President silencing those that rightfully question this. Whilst the sycophants sit back with their heads down dreaming of their next Social Media diatribe of horse shit. It’s a Banana Republic INSERT BENT AS FUCK EMOJI
  11. Alf proving he is absolutely spineless - the least surprising thing is nobody is surprised.
  12. @Rob Callistermaybe this is your opportunity to have the defining political moment you blatantly crave. Challenge the CM and try to bring some change starting with the removal of Ashford. Stand up for the electorate and put into reality what your Manifesto claims about transparency and strong governance. However I think the most likely occurrence is a Facebook post using buzz words but not actually saying anything meaningful whilst you hide behind the curtains hoping this all goes away. Prove us wrong……
  13. The Everest analogy needs clarifying. Is it only dead ones on official climbs - riders Does it include Sherpas - Marshals etc Does it include weekend heroes - that nobody hears about when open to everyone Does it include a big fuckoff sledge coming the wrong way up the slope when they’re all told stop climbing and return to base camp ?
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