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  1. I’ve almost made my mind up....
  2. My dealing with Tanya Augustus - Gloop were business related whereby she needed to supply information to satisfy Govt FSA Regulatory Rules. She said I’m an MLC and under GDPR I don’t have to provide it - showing a huge lack of understanding of legislation she was taking tax payer cash to review, I advised her that as a PEP (Politically Exposed Person) under her Govt guidelines. She would be subject to additional scrutiny, Here is her punchline: “What’s a PEP ?” if she had two heads she’d be twice as useless
  3. Good god no - She is absolutely shocking and has zero self awareness and serious limitations of brain capacity - she is everything your final paragraph alludes to - on a scale of 1 to 10 I’d write “FUCKING USELESS” next to her name
  4. David Ashford is quite clearly the person who wore his school uniform on dress down day.....
  5. Ahhhhh it’s getting to the point Dilli you want them on a big canvas above the dinner table - “ I worship those over 44 waist” Praise be to Howard
  6. Nope just he was a laughing stock outside of the force and a thoroughly intolerable self indulged arrogant fool to anyone not in the club - narrow miss on the hire Derek - might be exceptional professionally but individually repellent - which in this current situation may actually be a trait our politicians could aspire to
  7. Magnificent poses - I thought this would be the perfect job for Dog Tasering ply wood door failing everyone else in the fucking world wouldn’t or couldn’t employ Officer Schumacher (screw up face in cheap sunglasses and false scouse accent and say shooooeeeyyyy lad) not your best hire @derekflint Apologies for derailment
  8. In point 1 of his 2016 manifesto he said he would manage the public sector pension liability....... Fat man speak with forked tongue
  9. Best of luck with Lockdown Sir - you have 3 weeks to study for your Advanced Curtain Twitching Badge.....
  10. Replace w@@k with Fl@@nce and you could have cleaned up - lik@@bl@ r@g@@
  11. But I can pretty much guarantee that like every CS you know the exact retirement time to the second. Usually goes along the lines of "I've got 11 years 2months 1 week 3 days 4 hours and 19 seconds until I retire"
  12. Correct me if wrong - Cosy Nook was basically a snack window with no inside seating “bap on a beach or cake in the car park” on wobbly chairs with lots of Sky Vermin - glass fronted 12 month a year licenced facility might have the upper hand in my book
  13. The Islands obsession with preserving outdated Victoriana and sub standard offerings is bewildering. Did all the Cosy Nook supporters lobby to save the old Sound Cafe and boycott the shiny new updated and upgraded one that replaced it ?
  14. Come on Neil show us your lyrical skills please (you can rhyme that with cheese as a starter......
  15. Or possibly linked to legalising cannabis as that is still generally measured by the Imperial Ounce - except the IOM Constabulary who measure it in 0.0002 grams
  16. Alright then ND: There's a terrible chap by the name of Neil Down Notorious to all as the Manx Forums Clown His post are banal and increasingly silly One might even claim a sock puppet Dilli There's Banker & Cambon - the COVID deniers, Both fans of Phil Gawne and mysterious fires With Stinky, I hear whose a tight festive scrooge What else to expect from a Government Stooge Probably wont finish it as struggling to find a rhyme for FLOUNCE
  17. Lets be honest there is no way Howard will reduce the mandatory 14 day full isolation - as it allows his 12 holiday cottages to be fully occupied over winter @ £100 per night = £8400.00 per week..................
  18. Once Dr G's tenure is over and no local testing is available will the stats be changed to: Waiting for tests: 84,736 Waiting for results: 0
  19. I got 6 out of the 8 - didn't get Dr Allinson thought he was above that and didn't get Barber - as technically she doesn't really exist or count in a political sense. I had Ashford down as a certainty - and after Howard the least surprising is The Peoples Prince.
  20. Having considered all the available options - I am pleased and delighted to inform you Sir that you are one objectionable Twat......
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