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  1. Muslim doesn’t worry me at all. South African on the other hand... And anyone connected with PSM Commissioners fills me with more dread than Houghton and Henderson combined.
  2. I’ve a family member has been in Mannanan Court for nearly 3 years. No acute needs. DHSC just won’t place them and provide community care. So they bed block an acute bed needed for others and has become institutionalised. With an average acute stay of less than 4 months that’s 12 other patients deprived.
  3. If you call retiring on huge lump sum and pension one day and starting back at Dukes Avenue, full time, on high salary, the next, as a civilian, suspicious, then yes.
  4. It doesn’t. But it does show that the shares belonging to he who shall not be named were transferred to Mr Hudson. 2 years later Mr Hudson transferred the same number of shares to the daughter of he who shall not be named.
  5. Rachael Braidwood. Prosecutor on staff of AG’s chambers. Daughter of Phil Braidwood.
  6. They’ve upped the standard of prosecutor and put them in festive garb.
  7. These aren’t HMRC tax claims. These are claims by liquidators of companies owned by Bell, companies pushed into liquidation by HMRC, for return of monies allegedly paid from the companies without benefit. Liquidators claimed £67 million. So far they’ve received just over £400,000. That won’t cover their fees. If they’re settling at that level it looks as if both sides have walked on the basis of a token settlement to stop wasting time and legal and accountancy fees.
  8. Went to London last weekend, a very pasty, unhealthy looking, worried, grandpa Munster ( aka Boy David Ashford ) came off the City flight arriving ronaldsway around mid day on Friday and was seen again arriving at City from Ronaldsway on Sunday just before 4pm. Surprising to see him in daylight, really.
  9. Was he the one who had serious ( being found drunk in skips ) alcohol issues?
  10. Unfortunately Hospice is just as bloated, over managed and ineptly run. Try making a physio appointment, actually experience many of their services. Yes, it’s essential, and the core service is focussed and needed and well delivered. But they suffer from having too much money and then justifying things to waste it on.
  11. The rumour I heard was that they were all too willing to sell up, to anyone, but at a price that the figures didn't justify, by a factor of several, or 10. Miscalculation that Tesco would pay anything to get them out of the way. They didn't seem to blink about Whitestone.
  12. My understanding is that Dr Abid, and the other associate specialists in psychiatry, are experienced doctors specialising in psychiatry, approved under Section 12 of the Mental Health Act, meaning they have special experience in the diagnosis of mental disorder or treatment and are qualified to provide psychiatric reports for courts or mental health review tribunals. I also understand he is in the process of applying to the Royal College of Psychiatrists for CESR. This means that he is on the psychiatrist specialist register of the GMC meaning he has the experience and qualifications necessary to be eligible to apply for a substantive consultant psychiatrist post . As he’s at pre registration with RCPsych he’s either completing a recognised training scheme for a certificate of completion of specialist training (CCST) or to obtain a certificate of equivalence of specialty registration (CESR). In other words he’s well qualified, but not made consultant grade yet.
  13. Part of the problem is that the consultant in clinical charge, Dr Marina Hudson, appears to be a control freak. She won’t allow anyone, associate consultants down, to make any treatment decisions, change medication, etc. If she isn’t around nothing gets changed, advanced. That’s highly detrimental to Care planning, discharge planning, treatment generally.
  14. It’s 6 months since I raised that. He did go very quickly and without any farewell to a long serving colleague stuff.
  15. What price would you expect from a gin produced by a Manx advocate?
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