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    The hot money is on Callister and Longworth being caught in flagrante, appearing together on stage at Pride tomorrow and making a big announcement. The hot money is often wrong, however.
  2. Kipper99

    Isle of Pride

    When’s the transition reveal?
  3. Kipper99

    Isle of Pride

    One of the people complaining on IOM N&P is a Paul Moutray. Wasn’t he a locus consultant psychiatrist at Manannan Court? If so it’s shocking.
  4. Kipper99


    The agreement seemed to include assumption of responsibility for existing debts, deferred consideration and ettyl would need working capital.
  5. Kipper99


    So, you’ve got finance lined up. Maybe 2 or 3 sources. You think something odd is going on. You report to Financial Crimes. Then you do a press release. How is that not tipping off?
  6. SMUJ is either “pretty police”, cruising public urinals, entrapping men who have sex with men, or has been lifted for cottaging
  7. https://fb.watch/5KSnp8ceCD
  8. There’s a constructive unfair dismissal case going on.
  9. Looks like the story is Richard Wernham ( or Rachel - his TV persona ) claims he runs the bar voluntarily for no personal profit. Presumably so he has a safe place he can cross dress as he pleases. He’s straight and not gay or TG. Thats not offensive, in his eyes, to anyone, straight, LGBTQIA+, etc. Although it’s piss poor drag, from the photos. He has a universal no PDA policy he claims he inherited from the previous owners, who he castigates at every turn as having “corrupted” the licence and from whom he took over 10, or more, years ago. He applies the no PDA policy diff
  10. Richard, the guy in drag, who runs it is a total dick. Not sure if any one, apart from Graham Johnson, who ran it 10+ years ago, Is on island. The job advert was hilarious," no one associated with the people who "corrupted" " the place before Richard took it on was allowed to apply. He wont allow same gender people to kiss, or dance together, claims he doesn't allows opposite gender kissing, but he does. The door staff and he are horrendous. He's his own worst enemy. Its clear his approach is illegal, but no one really wants to go.
  11. You’re delusional. And you don’t even know the surname of the other declared candidate. You've no chance. And that’s from someone who voted for HM Solé in the South Douglas by election. I like an underdog, someone who thinks outside the box. You, it’s just an unconscious stream of drivel.
  12. Derek about to be returned to his cell. Looks relieved. You should see Mrs F. Overjoyed that he’s out from under her feet.
  13. You’ve got to remember that for retired policemen of senior rank, and of Derek’s vintage. “pals” encompasses a spectrum from underground overlords of organised crime groups to high ranking masons. They may indeed be one and the same.
  14. Chris Thomas exhibits the “skill” every time he speaks
  15. Only after a long conversation with God. Normally auditory hallucinations get you entry into a different asylum than Tynwald.
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