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  1. My understanding is that Dr Abid, and the other associate specialists in psychiatry, are experienced doctors specialising in psychiatry, approved under Section 12 of the Mental Health Act, meaning they have special experience in the diagnosis of mental disorder or treatment and are qualified to provide psychiatric reports for courts or mental health review tribunals. I also understand he is in the process of applying to the Royal College of Psychiatrists for CESR. This means that he is on the psychiatrist specialist register of the GMC meaning he has the experience and qualifications necessary to be eligible to apply for a substantive consultant psychiatrist post . As he’s at pre registration with RCPsych he’s either completing a recognised training scheme for a certificate of completion of specialist training (CCST) or to obtain a certificate of equivalence of specialty registration (CESR). In other words he’s well qualified, but not made consultant grade yet.
  2. Part of the problem is that the consultant in clinical charge, Dr Marina Hudson, appears to be a control freak. She won’t allow anyone, associate consultants down, to make any treatment decisions, change medication, etc. If she isn’t around nothing gets changed, advanced. That’s highly detrimental to Care planning, discharge planning, treatment generally.
  3. It’s 6 months since I raised that. He did go very quickly and without any farewell to a long serving colleague stuff.
  4. What price would you expect from a gin produced by a Manx advocate?
  5. So you can’t be multiracial then! Just multi personality.
  6. I suspect the bits written by a right wing, bigoted, semi illiterate thicko are unintelligible to most of us. Thick as a plank, woody.
  7. Apparently you get training in how to produce personalised vehicle tax discs
  8. Then we have the situation ( not you DF ) of senior officers retiring on maximum lump sum and pension after 30 years and then reappearing within weeks in highly paid civilian roles, getting both pension and salary. Latest example being inspector to police data protection officer.
  9. You certainly did that Yours certainly was Looks as if you’ve got some insight, at last. Perhaps not
  10. Any truth in rumour that Chris Clague is suspended or emptied out from pathology?
  11. It’s the sort of thing Mr Plod revels in, probably tipped off by a well meaning member of the public, as they get a detection and a clear up. They recently got tipped the wink that a 14 year old was driving a car he had restored, singlehandedly, on a back alleyway at Jurby Estate. It goes nowhere, there’s no through traffic. Blues and siren. Swoop. Caution for no licence, no insurance, no supervision, no L plates. Dad was then prosecuted for permitting. Magistrates gave absolute discharge and no costs. Pathetic. Should have been advised and no further action.
  12. Powers of deduction suddenly appeared!
  13. But, Derek, that was only because, none of the Chief Inspectors, Superintendent, or Chief Constable were ever stupid enough to let you tell anyone else what to do. So, what, there were 6 or 8 senior to your rank telling you what to do, and no one below your rank that you could tell. Truth, please. Numbers?
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