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  1. The Isle of Man Newspapers court reports make interesting reading about Mrs Robinson, her husband and father & brother previous business experience. Death by dangerous, possess intent supply, benefit fraud.
  2. Three things. Alf is delusional. It reflects very badly on the rest if Ashie is the best Alf can do. Whats Ashie got on Alf
  3. And the rumours persist that whilst he may have completed his civilian conversion he didn’t undertake the observation and familiarisation at Ronaldsway that is policy requirement for any military transfer. Sanctioned by Annie, allegedly
  4. I see taxi driver Martin Moore has just been convicted, again, of having 6 cars, parked on the roads near where he lives, without road tax/VED.
  5. I don’t think there’s any difference between my understanding and that of Cypman as to what should happen on transition between Military and Civil ATC. The suggested FOI wording is to winkle out whether it’s been complied with, in particular local validation to ensure that issues highlighted by madmanxpilot and others shouldn’t arise.
  6. You’ve missed the point. My information is that an honest reply to that FOI would be illuminating. Theres possibly a difference between should and reality.
  7. Mr Pugh ATC Perhaps an FoI request. 1. How many ATC at Ronaldsway, and at what level, are ex military 2. Is it necessary for ex military ATC to undertake a conversion course/training to work as a licensed civilian ATC at Ronaldsway ( or any civilain airport) if they have not previously worked in another civilian airport ATC after being military ATC 3. What components does the conversion include, over what time. Include things like being civilian licensed, getting experience in approach control and/or radar 4. Are there any ex military ATC at Ronaldsway who have not undertaken the conversion course/training or are not licensed as civilian ATCO or have not been validated for approach control and/or radar 5. Why 6 is this safe 7. Is it CAA compliant
  8. Kipper99

    Firm closing

    Does Tilleard own any of the Callow’s Yard development? Or, after Tesco didn’t take the anchor tenancy, did he hand over control to his bankers as he’d breached his banking covenants?
  9. Kipper99

    Firm closing

    Is there competition for veggie and vegan food on island?
  10. Kipper99

    Isle of Pride

    I heard the decision had been taken way back in early September. I don’t know how IoP directors/trustees came to self select. They were good at what they did, what they organised. But I couldn’t see any real community link ( is there an LGBTQIA+ community? Or are there many, disparate, conflicting communities? ). Think they were shaken and upset by the trans/police presence protest. They didn’t handle it well. Took it personally. Don't think they understood Pride as a political, protest and campaigning event, as well as a carnival and fun event. Not sure they actually raised anything for LGBTQIA+ causes. They did make a political expression, against protest and freedom of speech, and in favour of Gary Roberts statement that wasn’t an apology. Not sure what their validation was for any of that. Did they take any soundings, consult with anyone? Having put Alan Shea on a pedestal in 2021 he turned on them in late August 2022. At the end they were describing Alan as impossible and the trans as vicious. They couldn’t continue.
  11. Isn’t she the one who sued the Peel & West Swimming Pool Board for discrimination because they wouldn’t allow her to breast feed in the pool area? Didn’t they pay her off? Think she’s studying to be a Manx Advocate.
  12. There’s a much more likely scenario. That’s that the money was “dirty”. In other words Durrant senior hadn’t declared profits from property speculation to HMRC, had set up structures, trusts and companies, which were nullities or shams, and pretended to have left UK for tax when in fact he hadn’t. That would explain why the Durrant family appeared to live in modest circumstances. Any executor of his widow’s will would have had to take extensive legal advice to protect themselves and to resolve the UK tax position, complicated by the fact that that one of the potential beneficiaries was suspected of murder. Any professional trustee would have sought court guidance and direction at every stage of collecting assets, whether or not to settle with HMRC, how much, and how to divide the allocation between the beneficiaries. Also how to finally distribute would have been approved by the court. That’s even more complicated by the allegation that one of the children was a murderer and wouldn’t be allowed to inherit as a result of his crime.
  13. Bit of basic internet research reveals: Only one person arrested and interviewed for the Durrant murder. That person was released, and not charged, and that the Met haven’t been looking for anyone else. The rumours were it was a family member and that for a while there was a civil injunction preventing that person from entering the Island due to perceived threat.
  14. Plenty line up at the rank on Victoria Street every Friday and Saturday nights. Never seen them refused travel, unless they were sick as…
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