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  1. There’s an invitation for the Law Society to intervene in a practice. The entire anti Vaxer conspiracy theories in one place. Content smells of Mr Heading,
  2. He has zero sense of irony, that Mr Watterson, none.
  3. He makes it up. He’s seriously thick. Bit like Quayle. Paid for education gives the monkeys a veneer of learning. But it’s not even skin deep. If you make up enough, for long enough, you eventually hit the mark. Like monkeys, Shakespeare and typewriters. Problem is that when he gets a hit he isn’t bright enough to pose the follow ups.
  4. Paul Moulton and think is oxymoron
  5. Reliably told there were another 5 positives tested after the 4pm cut off time yesterday. So 13 yesterday. Plus whatever positives are identified this morning afternoon.
  6. It’s a surprise that hasn’t happened - many times over...
  7. You normally have excellent judgment. You’re wrong about him. Total tosspot. Very suspect political views. Constantly looking for whatever bandwagon he can highjack to the greater good and advantage of himself and his abhorrent politics.
  8. Do zero hour assistants, like Josem, at the Co-op even pay tax?
  9. If you mean Andreas, I’m afraid it’s a mental health tragedy with someone diagnosed with a serious mental health condition, and their family, being totally let down by mental health services, with tragic results.
  10. Skelly didn’t respond to the enquiry report 3 years ago. Shimmin on the other hand, did. And it’s just what you’d expect from the former school master pompous prick he is. No self awareness. And he fancied his chances as Chief Minister if he’d been re-elected.
  11. Be honest. You mean the mentally challenged? Yes inclusivity is good.
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