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  1. There’s a much more likely scenario. That’s that the money was “dirty”. In other words Durrant senior hadn’t declared profits from property speculation to HMRC, had set up structures, trusts and companies, which were nullities or shams, and pretended to have left UK for tax when in fact he hadn’t. That would explain why the Durrant family appeared to live in modest circumstances. Any executor of his widow’s will would have had to take extensive legal advice to protect themselves and to resolve the UK tax position, complicated by the fact that that one of the potential beneficiaries was suspected of murder. Any professional trustee would have sought court guidance and direction at every stage of collecting assets, whether or not to settle with HMRC, how much, and how to divide the allocation between the beneficiaries. Also how to finally distribute would have been approved by the court. That’s even more complicated by the allegation that one of the children was a murderer and wouldn’t be allowed to inherit as a result of his crime.
  2. Bit of basic internet research reveals: Only one person arrested and interviewed for the Durrant murder. That person was released, and not charged, and that the Met haven’t been looking for anyone else. The rumours were it was a family member and that for a while there was a civil injunction preventing that person from entering the Island due to perceived threat.
  3. Plenty line up at the rank on Victoria Street every Friday and Saturday nights. Never seen them refused travel, unless they were sick as…
  4. I predict foot in mouth syndrome and something being said, posted or tweeted by Stu that’s insensitive, offensive and trolling of the workforce. The whole place will then go on strike. Give him two months.
  5. @offshoremanxman I’m sure we can club together and buy your Grumpy/misogynist/gammon/disgusted badge
  6. None. I didn’t expect there to be any. The biggest downside has been the idiots on both sides still harping on all these years later. It is what it is. We have to get on with it. You looking back and whining doesn’t change anything. Just makes you look smug, entitled and, frankly, an intellectual pigmy.
  7. Is that the same phenomenon as if you stopped posting in this thread?
  8. Tim, nice but Dim to DfE. Chris Thomas appointed minister for DoI
  9. That may be a minor detriment to his education compared to having a Teapot as a parent.
  10. Kipper99

    TT 2022 ??

    Perhaps you’re confusing “unacceptable” with “shouldn’t happen”. I’m not speculating, but I can think of lots of reasons, theoretically. Neither wore their ID tags Both became separated from the ID tags in the incident Someone swapped the ID tags before the race, or at the accident scene. They swapped ID tags as a good luck or superstitious act. List could go on and on. How would those be the “unacceptable” fault of the “organisers”?
  11. There are posts going back several years on his wall, and in the various mad groups he posts in. It’s just a name change.
  12. Just changed the name on his FB account, presumably so he can’t be searched as easily. All his old posts and photos are there.
  13. Karen Malone is good. As for a decision, Doug Stewart will write a judgment, come what may. I hope. He’s a published novelist. Have you read any? As turgid and as long winded as his judgments. He works on the Chris Thomas principle. Never use one word if there’s a hundred you can use that convey no meaning. I predict 1000 paragraphs, 200 pages, end August.
  14. Roadside breath tests are pretty accurate nowadays. They give a breath alcohol reading. The law says it’s got to be confirmed at the police station by a breath or, exceptionally, blood, sample. The island’s one and only approved breath machine to give the printout required for court evidence is out of action. Police doctor on overtime taking blood samples.
  15. Isn’t it Laxey swimmer Wim Hoff Kirk’s trial today?
  16. https://www.bailiwickexpress.com/jsy/news/former-isle-man-lieutenant-governor-joins-jersey-covid-inquiry/?fbclid=IwAR1cQMQjyvGzpE8VUneU9o-Orn17AEC7PjrQLvylESLgWF1JRtYbo0TZPu8#.YkGs1y_TVOk
  17. As the building has been closed since November 2017 and used for Police tactical training, are you sure?
  18. 2112 would rather they were directed to the likes of the much better properties privately owned by Bellamy or Abrams. Wonder what the connection is?
  19. And there you have it. The problem with Mr Thomas. Instead of “No” - one word - he used 72 - and actually said nothing, anyway.
  20. My, very reliable, informant ( family member working in airport admin ) reports there were talks yesterday between LoganAir and another undisclosed operator ( assumed to be flybe2 ) and DoI about London routes, including LCY and LHR. High on agenda was underwriting guarantee. Obviously if there’s a tax payer subsidy that changes the market and may make an otherwise viable route marginal or uneconomic. IoMG can hardly underwrite one, and not the other. Not sure if Dr Jez was in the room.
  21. Not sure what point you’re making? No one is named. Technical Q. Is the MD directly involved in patient care?
  22. Isn’t the bizarre thing here that Ranson is still employed by DHSC, in some capacity? She was taken on as Medical Director, DHSC, (and designate Manx Care), a post that should have transferred substantively to Manx Care. However someone else was appointed, she wasn’t transferred. DHSC no longer has a role for a Medical Director. She was redeployed, no doubt with preserved rights. If correct, she can’t be reinstated. She’s lost her MD Manx Care role. She’s stayed on, possibly in a non role, possibly in a botched attempt to avoid tribunal proceedings, in the hope she’d go. Shes hung on. She’s brought proceedings. But can she be “reinstated”? She’s never been MD ( Manx Care ). Someone else occupies that role. It appears to be a claim is more about restoring reputation, and an award for hurt feelings, so she can move on without a stain against her reputation.
  23. Mmmmmm. Sort of. My info is DoI has made an appointed day order, then has had second thoughts and thinks the order needs amending. The order still needs to be laid before Tynwald. So, which one will get laid? Will the DoI lay both? Who knows? Definitely right that DoI doesn’t appear to have acted competently. Interesting questions for police, advocates and courts if the first order has been made, but never gets laid. Does DoI have power to revoke or amend an appointed day order once made?
  24. No one’s been convicted. Nothings gone to court.
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