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  1. Blog started again. Dummy. Spat. Out. Childish sour grapes in the extreme.
  2. Where is “McKenzie Friend” Barrie Steven’s or Steve England when Mrs Megson needs them.
  3. Ashford explains that some elective surgery is being cut back due to shortage of anaesthetists. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/ashford-cutting-elective-surgery-backlog-a-priority/?fbclid=IwAR0WqY8xwFwJF-vDKQmLM_IHSJuD1CGx7FG5XmCdfJI0bbi8k9vd_v--6d8 Word on the street is that they we have a full complement but not all of them are working because some of them are about to be charged with gross negligence manslaughter following a procedure gone wrong. If true, and it happens, no anaesthetist will ever be recruited by Nobles, ever again. It’ll be blacklisted.
  4. He’s got to be asked first. He’s thick enough to think he might be. Hes probably sitting on the bog now, writing his new blog and creaming himself.
  5. Best thing that could happen to SP is that he’s made IoM Diversity, Inclusion and Equality Champion. Then he’ll actually have to go on one or two of the courses he refused to go on after his BLM debacle.
  6. Mann didn't make it as a cop ✔️ didn’t make it as an advocate✔️ didn’t make it as deputy certifying officer✔️ not sure about what he did in Norfolk, but he didn’t stick it out and returned to IoM✔️ presented several Tynwald day petitions which got nowhere✔️ makes Stu Peters look like a bleeding heart liberal ✔️ What could possibly go right…
  7. More accurately, if certain candidates are elected, it’ll be the animated Nazi arrows pointing out from Middle, being repelled by the rest of the Island as Dads Army.
  8. And someone who’s word was found lacking in court. What are Lib Van up to. Some aspects of Mr Willers' claims were "so improbable that they give the impression of having been invented". Deemster Corlett concluded that Mr Willers' evidence regarding the alleged agreement of 1989/1990 with Mr Gubay, before the land for Mount Murray had been acquired, was "barely credible". He based his findings in respect of Mount Murray "on inherent probabilities". It was "overwhelmingly probable that Mr Gubay made Mr Willers' share conditional upon his playing a part in the sale of the hotel". It was "wholly improbable that intelligent businessmen would proceed" as alleged by Mr Willers. It was simply "not credible that Mr Willers and Mr Gubay entered into a verbal agreement in relation to the tax credits attaching to the hotel in the terms pleaded by Mr Willers and as set forth in his evidence" In the Judgment Deemster Corlett expressed scepticism of Mr Willers' evidence in 2014 regarding a short undocumented meeting 28 years earlier. Deemster Corlett found Mr Willers' alleged agreement "barely credible" and that he "simply cannot accept that any form of contractual agreement was arrived at between Mr Gubay and Mr Willers on that day". He concluded by finding: "… Mr Willers bears the burden of proving his claims. As I have already recorded, in my view the assertion that there was any form of contractually binding agreement reached at the brief meeting between two (then) strangers in April 1986 is simply too improbable to countenance. No doubt some vague and generalised statements were made by Gubay, akin to the type of statements he was wont to make to others, but under no circumstances could they amount to any form of contract."
  9. Maybe Markwell House suggested full time campaigning meant he wasn’t available for work and threatened to cut off his benefits, or didn’t consider it therapeutic work.
  10. Light blue touch paper, stand well back, wait for @Stu Peters to explode https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/updating-curriculum-to-include-race-a-priority-for-desc/?fbclid=IwAR1Zj8YPobaHt6k91lXnLUqBdbDuuxJR1rEMIATgoX6YQiRBJbcxOzuP5sU Perhaps he should go back to school.
  11. He's one of the Living Hope lot. Believed god, not the vaccine, would keep him safe. He'll now say this this was a test of his faith. Meanwhile the church leaders got vaccinated and he's still gullible enough to give them 10% of what he earns. Credible source? No!
  12. Bronze swimming award and tram driving certificate for beginners 101 ( self marked/awarded )
  13. Smart money says 1. the tram shed a tyre, which had split. That caused it to leave the rails. Begs question how long the tyre had been on and when it had last been inspected. 2. Mrs L actually got thrown out into the hedge.
  14. Fenton has been convicted of the breach offences. Sentencing end of August.
  15. And the sequel. He had a lucky escape. News from the courts 1 2 PrevNext Two women have been jailed for eight months each for attacking a woman after forcing their way into her home. Jessica Marguerita Radcliffe and Leanna Louise Bradley punched and kicked the woman while her children were upstairs in the house after driving from Douglas to Port Erin during lockdown, then kicking in her door. Radcliffe then hit a police officer while the pair were being arrested. She admitted offences of assault causing actual bodily harm (ABH), assaulting a police officer and property damage, while Bradley pleaded guilty to assault causing actual bodily harm (ABH), resisting arrest, and two counts of property damage. Magistrates chair Michael Murley told the women: ’This was premeditated. The sole purpose of your journey was to carry out the attack. You forcibly entered a house where children were present. ’The injuries caused were serious but it is fortunate they were not more serious.’ Radcliffe, who is 31 and lives at Cushag Road, Anagh Coar, previously made headlines around the world when a man claimed to have jet-skied to the island from Scotland to see her during a previous lockdown. We previously reported that, on March 31, Radcliffe and Bradley, who is 33 and lives at Cronk Grianagh, Braddan, drove to Port Erin, to the home of the woman with whom Radcliffe had a long-running feud. They had been exchanging insulting messages with the woman with a final message to her from one of them saying ’on my way’. The victim said she did not know Bradley but had a previous dispute with Radcliffe. At 9.46pm she called 999 and told police Radcliffe was ’kicking her door in’ and shouting: ’Scruff, get out here.’ The duo then forced their way into the house and were said to have grabbed the woman by the hair and punched and kicked her while her two children were in a bedroom with a female friend upstairs. The woman said that Radcliffe then went into the bedroom and she heard her friend shouting: ’Get off him.’ Bradley was also said to have damaged the victim’s phone during the attack. The woman suffered injuries to her head, arms, and back, and the phone damage was said to amount to £350. The pair were then said to have confronted a police officer who arrived at the scene, with Radcliffe hitting him and grabbing him. When interviewed Radcliffe answered ’no comment’ to questions. Bradley told police she had been drinking and taking cocaine on the night in question. She admitted throwing the phone and damaging it but said that Radcliffe had kicked the door in. She said she had only driven to Port Erin on Radcliffe’s instruction and that she did not know the woman. Bradley denied any assault in the interview but said that Radcliffe had punched the woman twice in the face. Defence advocate Stephen Wood, representing Bradley, referred to a probation report which said that Bradley’s life had fallen apart after the death of her father. Mr Wood said that she had made great efforts to turn things around and that immediate custody would not assist her in the long term. The advocate said that Bradley had told her probation officer: ’I deserve prison. I’m too old to be behaving like this. My dad would’ve disowned me.’ Mr Wood asked the court to also consider the article eight human rights of his client’s three young children. ’Since matters arose she says she no longer goes out,’ said the advocate. ’She has been too embarrassed to go out and lost her employment as a result of her behaviour.’ Radcliffe was represented by Louise Cooil who also asked the court to consider the article eight human rights of her client’s children. Ms Cooil said that the victim had called the police at 9.46pm and when they arrived at 9.55pm the assault was over so it had been a brief incident. A probation report said that Radcliffe was no longer drinking alcohol. Magistrates sentenced Bradley to eight months for the actual bodily harm, three months for resisting arrest, and one month for each of the property damage offences, all to run concurrently. Radcliffe was sentenced to eight months for the ABH, three for the police assault, and one month for the property damage, all to run concurrently. Magistrates chair Mr Murley said that, if it were not for the credit they received for their guilty pleas, they would have been committed to the Court of General Gaol Delivery for sentencing.
  16. Didn’t she get shafted by the coop
  17. Martyn being Martyn is his own very personal undoing
  18. HoratiotheTurd. 1/10
  19. There will be a smattering of Tubbs and Edward types.
  20. Biz for the Mental Health Service and Mental Health Tribunal.
  21. Man with no teaching qualifications delivers education for “degrees” with no merit via a pretend college body of zero academic standing. They'd be better off buying a fake certificate from an on line source..
  22. And where was he when he ran the campaign? IOM, Philippines, Greece, Macedonia, or Munich?
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