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  1. The problem would seem be that "Teddy Smith" and some of the other Onchan sock puppets (and I include LLAP and his multitude of unfunny sock puppets in that) thought it was really funny to rip into Quirk on here week after week to attempt to discredit. However they don't seem to like it at all when that same criticism gets leveled at the new incumbents. Did they think they secretly controlled sentiment on MF and it was only going to work one way? Since a few of the new ones got in they seem to have had a sense of humour bypass now the shoe seems to be on the other foot. It's actually quit
  2. Are you sure it's dogs? There's some right dirty bastards about and there all a bit strange in Onchan.
  3. It never does when you think you're part of the elite.
  4. You're a sad idiot. Weren't you leaving in a big huff because most people thought you were a boring jerk? I didn't leave at all. I said I was going to leave for a week and then decide whether to come back. I decided to come back. That was several weeks ago and I've been back for two weeks now. I know trolling Rob Callister can be distracting (not to mention tiresome) but do try and keep up with current forum events. I don't see anyone trolling him. It's entirely in his gift to stop negative feedback from the public by not playing this sad publicity game he appears to be playing. If he a
  5. You're a sad idiot. Weren't you leaving in a big huff because most people thought you were a boring jerk?
  6. I'd give up 2112 as you're never going to convince Callister otherwise. This is the biggest gig in town that he's ever going to get and he's going to milk it for all it's worth to keep it going for as long as he can. As you say it's crappy village pump stuff - in fact it's the exact same crappy village pump stuff he used to criticize Quirk for. But now he's doing exactly the same apparently it's supposed to be the dogs bollocks!
  7. I disagree Manx Bean. David Ashford is the political member in the Public Sector Pensions Authority. Thus he's directly involved in addressing the big issue you mention. Rob Callister is chair of Social Affairs Policy Review Committee and member of Public Accounts Committee so he'll have plenty of opportunity to contribute in respect of various aspects of pensions.. Funny that neither appear to have a clue on the subjects they are supposed to be grasping. What the heck does Ashford know about government pensions, or Callister about public accounts? Nothing.
  8. Half arsed attempt this year although it was forced in you. Slinkydevil's historical posts say it all though. What a loser.
  9. Inside your head must be a truly fucking scary place.
  10. My memory must be failing me, but I can't recall starting such a thread. Could you provide me a link to assist my addled brain? You know you do it. It's under about 4 different guises by now (at least last 4 years) but it's the same embittered anti government troll.
  11. The early hours? I think what Censorship means is that he will go to the awards for excellence tonight. Get pissed, then start the usual thread that he starts at this time of year every year slagging the whole thing and certain departments of government off then see if he fancies having a punt on what he said he's going do above as well. What a bitter individual. Who are your lawyers Messr's Vodka and Coke?
  12. you took a bit of a flaming on there neil if the truth be told. If you call some moronic postings by a pre-pubescent schoolkid a flaming then you need to get out more. The rantings got that bad he was arguing with himself No he's right - if you are NeilD in that thread you took a right flaming. I suspect you are no longer Neil Down but Ben Dover (and receive the Lord).
  13. Bored of not getting attention then and nothing else to do with your life?
  14. I'm back. Fuck off, who cares? Did you miss all the attention or just get bored having all your other sock puppets exposed and ran out of email addresses?
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