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  1. Surely the Isle of Man should push for the same level of BBC expenditure as the do for both Jersey and Guernsey. If that means handing over Manx Radio so be it. The government are looking to save £25 million, is this not a start? They would save £1M a year! That adds up to more money for the NHS etc. The station would lose all those terrible ads and gets BBC standards of staff to run the operation. Only people who won't want that is the current management. Is Pugh really on over £100,000 a year? As answered in Tynwakd a few years ago, the staff costs of running the operation are £1 million a year! Crazy numbers.
  2. So Manx Radio spend more of their government money on a new on-line directory. Really? Is that their purpose?
  3. Congratulations Rob, speaking as someone's who thinks you are at least trying your best. You can't ask more mate.
  4. Who remembers Manx Radio Plus? Having to opt in to a (data mining) club to take part in competitions! Marsom even got a trip to the states to talk to the radio industry about it!
  5. Link please to Malarkey interview!
  6. Don't be so stupid - this is sad news for IoM plc
  7. Seems Woman Today producers are trying to refocus the programme. What really did David's appearance have to do with a programme that clearly says it's aimed at the female listener. It was more Geraldine Jamieson material really. The show now sounds nearer to dessert island disks! On the good news side David made a pitch for his own radio show and I think he will probably will get it as the station is looking for that extra £1,000,000 to put in a lift. They need votes!
  8. Seems he's still letting his close "friend" Charles Guard take to the airwaves to have a rant whenever he wants. Wait...That's the same Charles Guard who is a director of the station and who was also on the panel to give him his new job. Hmmm
  9. You've got to a bit feel sorry for Brindley. He has Marc Tylers job, but not the same big pay check...yet. He's taken over the old agreements with the weekday DJ's which see them guaranteed their jobs, and pay, for years to come - they came off the staff gravy train contracts. I understand the breakfast show Mr "Smashie" DJ and him do not get on and hardly speak, but he has no power the axe him....and Mr Tyler still carries on coming in to do the Greatest Hits show in the time sector that did have real Manx content a few years ago. Look at the programme schedules for the last 5 years and you will notice very little has changed except the Little Women show which was forced on them to do more for their PBS £1,000,000 cheque.
  10. As for how much of the BBC money should be given to the IoM for local services should not be based on the whole UK figure but what they put into the Chsnnel Islands, which must be much much more as it's paying for the two local stations and a TV service.
  11. Bit odd don't you think that Jason Roberts didn't mention that the story on Rob Callister was for 3FM, which he is currently working for! Surely it's important for the journalist to be transparent as well. Was Mr Roberts the one chasing Mr Callister? Think that changes the whole direction of the blog. Sounds like Roberts was looking for the government media training gig now he is only freelancing around the local media.
  12. Interesting to see this today http://guernseypress.com/news/2017/01/27/even-more-cruise-ships-to-sail-our-way/
  13. It's seems anyone can get 5 minutes of airtime on Manx Radio without any checks on who they are and what they are saying. The station gave this interview opportunity to the trainee reporter rather than to a senior journalist who should/would have done a background check on this man/group to find out more. And also ask the main questions like how much have you offered for the building. It was a dogs dinner of an interview without any challenges to this Kings plans! Mr Gawne junior seems to be doing all the interviews on Mandate at the moment and sounds to be using a bit of software to remove any gaps in the audio which is being overused.
  14. Time for Mr Brindley to make some changes I think. If you think about it the same people have been doing the same programmes for the last 5 years or more in Mr Watterson's case. A million pounds a year and they can't find an engineer to fix the phone problem on what some would say is their flagship phone-in show of the week. Mr Watterson is an old gentleman who might find it better to go out bowling on a Sunday rather than host the show. He seems to spend more and more time talking about his life and how wonderful he was in government. We have not all forgotten how his career came off the rails. Manx Radio just sounds tired. New ideas, new programme and new presenters are needed.
  15. Expect a new look website from their new owners soon. Much more IoM focused than what is there at present I hear.
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