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  1. Robert Gardner is based on the Isle of Man, Stuart Crossman is based in Jersey and Paul Wright is based in Guernsey.
  2. I'm not saying thw protests had no bearing, they probably played a role but Ancala uncovered his and the director's exaggerated forecasts and this was the final straw. This might not yet be over. He basically just turned up when he wanted to and completely took the piss.
  3. I'm not sure how much the protests had to do with anything but Nicholls was given the boot. The protests would not have helped matters! There were several reasons, mainly that he and the directors were caught over inflating profit forecasts to the new owners (Ancala). He was also never really in the building, always off messing about with his bikes. All the directors were complicit in this behaviour and should be worried.
  4. In that case, let me commend you on the work you did. It's very good. It just screams YIELD! Very effective. I can tell your proud of it as you're posting pictures of it on the Internet. You should be proud, well done!
  5. You've screwed the second one right up! Look at the splodges. Shoddy man, shoddy.
  6. What some of these fellas don't seem to appreciate is, it is possible to condemn terrorism and murdering scum who happen to be Muslim whilst also showing compassion and sense. Calls of the Muslim Menace!!121 and unwarrented allegations of taxi drivers molesting white girls ironically plays into the hands of the terrorist. ISIS will look at the rhetoric coming from these simpletons and claim victory. Well done you idiots. By the same token, putting a filter on your Facebook profile......grow up!
  7. Yeah, 2 little ducks did it! You've cracked it! Bingo!
  8. At first I thought you were merely a curiousity, a quirk. Now I realise you are a bigot too. I don't care much for Canadians, you wouldn't be welcome here in my eyes with your hockey fetish and your love of maple leaves. Go back from whence you came you pastey bastard, and take your runestones and trinkets with you.
  9. The only things I'm wearing madam are a crevat and a smile
  10. Nothing pointless about it. There's honour at stake here, it's serious stuff! There's nothing I like better than putting someone straight after a nice refreshing decanter of Pimms.
  11. I may not be as eloquent in my posting style as you my friend, but I bet I could drink you under the table ya fanny! I'm on my second bottle of White Lightnening already. I bet you've not even poured yourself a white wine spritzer yet you big girl! Probably sitting there sipping water or tea.
  12. If that was aimed at me I don't on the whole. It's just that sometimes it gets so annoying I have to jump in and give him a little kick. The last week or so it just seems to be constant back and forwards between the usuals. Doesn't matter what the thread topic is, even Derek's leaving thread just decended into bollocks. It's nice to see a thread topic start to flow but these days they all just seem to hit a brick wall and I'm afraid sometimes I just don't have the self restraint to ignore it. Sometimes I look at some of the usual idiots on here and hope it's just an act because some of the rubbish being posted is just so off the map it's frightening. And by idiots, I mean Boredom and all his associated logins. I'm off to shotgun a crate of WKD.
  13. Oh for god's sake man........
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