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  1. At least in the UK they know their clowns, see below. Let’s hope our great IOM voting public will be just as astute in recognising our own wannabes who are offering nothing but dubious promises.
  2. The Australian State Governments have adopted a '14 days without any locally transmitted cases’ rule of thumb as a precondition for lifting interstate border restrictions. It appears that IOM Gov might be using a similar passive rule of thumb, not to lift its’ border restrictions, but instead to lift its highly restrictive latest lockdown. Given our dependence on the UK and Europe in general, we can’t keep our external borders shut indefinitely, like what they are doing in Australia and New Zealand. It is therefore a great pity that IOM Gov have decided not to follow another international maxi
  3. Sorry, my mistake, I should have checked first. Will do better next time.
  4. In times like these, it is really good to read such a truly inspirational story. My hat is off to him and staying off! Although I have never met Graham Clucas, on the surface it sounds to me that he could make a decent MHK. With what appears to be a remarkable ability to transform himself, who knows what he could do to something like the Department of Health and Social Services? http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=59931&headline='If I can change, anyone can'&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2021
  5. I hope so...and return his MBE on the way out.
  6. In general, I am in favour of more women getting top jobs in politics and business. Because of her own job as a MHK, Mrs Barber seems well positioned to mentor other women on ins and outs of the election process and how to ultimately become successful candidates. Unfortunately, and I don't know what Mrs Barber's constituents think of her, but my view is that she has been one of the most ineffective MHKs of the current crop. I can't think of anything sensible that she has ever raised or proposed. It is a particular disappointment, because of her background as a nurse, her experience could have
  7. Good idea Banker, but I'd say probably ''No"
  8. My experience with our NHS (including GPs and the so-called specialists), without going into specific details, that it is failing too many patients and it is much worse than in the UK. One of my doctors was competent and the other one was terrible. I understand that even some high-income earners are looking to leave because our health system does not work for them. And they are not unique.
  9. code99

    easy jet

    On Yahoo Finance this morning there is an article where the EasyJet CEO is quoted as saying that EasyJet are planning to fire as many as 1/3 of their staff. It seems that their justification for doing this is that they do NOT expect demand to return to 2019 levels for another three years: Coronavirus: EasyJet slashes up to 4,500 staff in 'knee-jerk' job cuts
  10. code99

    easy jet

    Sorry to hear, what a nightmare, best of luck
  11. Yes if you vote for clowns you will get a circus...
  12. code99

    easy jet

    DDG and Mysteron, Thank you very very much to both of you, greatly appreciated
  13. code99

    easy jet

    No it does not - it only provides 'do not reply to this email'. But if you are able to find a suitable email address, could you kindly post it here? Thanks mate.
  14. I too think that Mr Shimmins talks the talk, but will he walk the walk? The frustrating thing about Manx politics is that individuals get elected on their personal manifestos, so they keep on gas-bagging about all sorts of things, but as soon as they are given ministerial portfolios, they immediately forget what they previously promised to their electorate. In time of crisis, like the current pandemic, having a 'government of unity' is great, but how to progress from here should be open to debate. Clearly, the on-going 'dogs-breakfast' that is Brexit in Westminster, is not making things any ea
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