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  1. Hmmm! Over the last few years, I have heard on many occasions that the project is constantly struggling to find enough skilled workers. But, your ‘mate’ is not just a suitably skilled worker, he/she is a professional, and that makes a big difference. Maybe he/she would be just what this project needed, but maybe he/she would also be a threat (too much experience, too much knowledge). In which case, it should not be a surprise that the application was promptly rejected. A cynical view I know, but these are the times we are living in. Here, we're constantly at risk that incompetence is ric
  2. Achievements? You don't need them...
  3. When money rules the world (admittedly this has been going on for eternity), ordinary people are always at risk of getting trodden on by unscrupulous builders, bankers, EAs, etc.; in fact, there are very few professions which can be truly proud of all of their members. What’s to be done about it? My view is that there is an ongoing tug of war between the rules and regulations (which constrain bad behaviour) on one hand, and Laissez-faire capitalism (In IOM speak - ‘the freedom to flourish’) on the other. Most entrepreneurs scream until they are blue in the face that if it was not for the ‘red
  4. At this stage all we really have is a very high level (political) agreement. Nobody will have yet defined what could turn out to be thousands of details, principles and practicalities. Most likely there is no agreement around what ‘operates’ means. Does it mean the place where the sales are made from, or where the customer resides? If they decide that it means ‘where the customer resides’ then IOM based firms and individuals will generate sales with theoretical profits. If I, as an individual, purchase some software directly from Microsoft USA, could they ever link that purchase back to their
  5. ‘Chris Thomas’ has published as a ‘comment’ on IOM Today a link to the 2017 article which clarifies how £178m MEA internal debt arose. This is another historical example where a huge mistake was made. Have lessons been learnt? Debts of £570m: we're still picking up bill for loans affair Sunday, 15 October 2017 “Allegations that unauthorised loans worth tens of millions of pounds were taken by the Manx Electricity Authority first surfaced at the end of 2004. Concerns quickly mounted over the state of the MEA’s accounts amid allegations that the government-owned authority had bor
  6. Agreed. When even the tiniest slither of criticism is batted away with ‘don’t question me!’ attitude, then inevitably a wedge of failures will slowly but surely creep in and eventually the whole ‘house of cards’ will ultimately collapse in on itself. People don’t seem to grasp that the condescending ‘’if you don’t like it here – then there is a boat in the morning…” mantra is not just an idiosyncratic feature of the local culture, it is a sad philosophy that has permeated every sphere of public life. Many of our civil servants and our politicians are far too thin-skinned. Some are li
  7. It is true that underhand real estate practices do happen in the UK, but in recent years the regulations over there have considerably tightened, especially with regards to advertising and vendors’ responsibilities to disclose problems. It seems to me that here the onus is much more on buyers who need to do their own research and take their own risks. I realise that real estate agents are not responsible for the decisions of buyers, but I am hearing anecdotal stories that UK buyers who purchased IOM-based properties during the pandemic, often sight unseen, are now mortified at the gap between w
  8. It seems to me that people are confusing three different things: 1. Compliance with global financial reporting requirements such as FATCA, BEPS; 2. National/ local company tax rates; 3. The proposed OECD/ Biden initiative, which will probably set corporate tax rates at 15%. The Biden proposal (3) has a broad support from the OECD and will likely be concluded at the G7 June 4 - 5 meeting in London. There is still ongoing discussion on subjects such as how to tax America’s tech giants. One of the primary objectives behind this proposal is to dis-incentivise large multinationa
  9. William Hague - "The man whose hostility to Brussels has been central to his career is at least in part to blame for Britain’s pickle over Europe" i.e. Brexit - The Guardian.
  10. I take your point, but on this occasion I have to disagree, sorry SJ. As George Galloway once said: "Two cheeks of the same backside". No one is 'progressive' in IOMG, my opinion of course.
  11. Very thought-provoking observations. A quote from ‘Chris Thomas’ from their post on IOM Today website: ”Every MHK has worked tirelessly for constituents and better law and policy through the pandemic”. Really? My view is that this is just electioneering claptrap and that it means nothing. Unfortunately, MHKs have every reason to believe that the GMP will accept the nonsence that has been dished out by them in the past. IMHO, the GMP are may not be stupid, but at this stage most of them are simply just not interested. But why are they so accepting? IMHO, because a sizeable proportion
  12. Fleetingly I misread your post as “Vote Trump”. I would have loved to say that this would have likely been a nasty shock for the good folks in Middle, but I suppose years of HQ have probably anesthetised their senses anyway.
  13. I agree with you wholeheartedly, but I also accept that, in the main, the GMP maintains almost antediluvian aversion to ‘party politics’. It appears that the overwhelming majority of Manx residents perceive the UK as a case in point where ‘party politics’ have been blamed for everything from "its undemocratic" nature to "betraying the electorate", “fermenting division and hatred”, etc. My view is that our present situation where independent MHKs write all sort of populist nonsence in their manifestos leads to unaccountability, and that this is as toxic to our democracy as would be officia
  14. I have no doubt that Dr Allinson is a ‘good guy’, but just being a good guy is, in my book, not enough. I have quoted my previous post above. It is his performance during the Covid crisis that I am especially unimpressed with, not the legacy issues that he inherited from an erstwhile Education Minister. When comes to appointing the CM I am obliged to say that in a tepid democracy, like ours, the only option appears to be is to choose the least bad person for the job, not the best person. Unfortunately, even that choice does not reside with the public, but instead with the CoMin cabal, see
  15. Dr Allinson might be a very good MHK for his constituency, I do not know. Personally, I have a lot of respect for his pro-abortion stance etc. But, in my opinion, his tenure as Education Minister was not successful enough. I think he has a catalogue of failures (I detailed my reasons elsewhere on the MF). Assuming he is re-elected, I think that his lack of sufficient Ministerial achievements should preclude him from running in the CM race. My point is that he needs to prove that he can deliver as a Minster with a portfolio before leaping ‘unproven’ into the CM role. ETA. That said I still
  16. Thanks, I missed that announcement. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/garff-mhk-declares-intention-to-stand-for-re-election/ I wish her luck. I hope she wins her seat again. I also hope she will be given a Ministerial appointment.
  17. I hope Daphne Caine will stand again. Sadly, I am not in her constituency, but if I was, I would vote for her. My main reason is that I believe that a country of 85,000 people should be entitled to elect its own CM. This would be a rare act of direct democracy. I realise this little miracle is not going to happen in the 2021 GE, but Daphne has at least made some positive inroads toward making this more likely in the future, and also that we can have a plan to allow a simple majority of MHKs to remove a sitting CM. All of this would be welcome progress IMHO.
  18. Anyway, according to Daphne Caine: "Prom will be more expensive per mile than HS2 ?" You get what you pay for. It will be nice when it is finished.
  19. "The public deserves to see a 'point by point rebuttal' promised by the health minister, following accusations against the Department of Health and Social Care of intellectual property theft" and Dr Glover deserves to see that too. I agree with Onchan MHK Julie Edge.
  20. "Public still waiting on Ashford's promised 'point by point rebuttal" https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/public-still-waiting-on-ashfords-promised-point-by-point-rebuttal/
  21. Agreed. Poor DA has clearly been out of his intellectual depth. Re Hetty - If she does not go voluntarily, I hope the next Administration will make that decision for her.
  22. It is beggars’ belief as to why DA has been awarded the MBE. My issue though is that HE has not covered herself with glory either (I am not going into the SPC farce that happened on her watch, which further justifies my opinion that she is not up to the job as a Director of Public Health). It is inconceivable that DA did not discuss with HE all of the medical solutions to the Covid crisis, including Dr Glover’s methods and proposals. It seems to me that HE, being a typical bureaucrat, was afraid to think ‘outside the box’ and was either incapable of comprehending Dr Glover’s ground breaki
  23. Agreed. And Chelsea has just been beaten in the FA Final by the mighty Foxes. My afternoon is getting better and better. Am now waiting for the trifecta of DA/HE's resignations.
  24. Good news, better late than never. Let's hope that when the EAG does make recommendations the IOMG will actually accept them and not shred them.
  25. If anyone is interested, here is the link to these 2019-20 FY Accounts: https://bit.ly/3ey6l32
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