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  1. Yeap. I stand by my 'Putin is a war criminal' assertion.
  2. I really like this thread. Everyone is free to express their opinions without fear or favour. If only they could do that in Russia e.g. calling this barbaric invasion a war without the risk of being imprisoned for 15 years. I suppose Russians are used to this - they have come to accept that Russian opposition leaders are customarily either get bumped off or get incarcerated.
  3. Russia’s foreign ministry has confirmed the use of the TOS-1A weapon system in Ukraine - these are thermobaric weapons. Thermobaric weapons are diabolical. There is a serious concern that Russia could deploy chemical weapons in Kyiv. Putin is a war criminal. When this war is finally over, he and his henchmen must face the ICJ. The West cannot allow him and his executioners to crawl back into our societies as if nothing has ever happened. Western democracies must wean ourselves off dirty Russian roubles permanently!
  4. You might very well think that; I couldn't possibly comment.
  5. Isle of Man to hold candlelit vigil in support of Ukraine: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-isle-of-man-60667232
  6. Don't worry, Nadine Dorries agrees with you: "Russian TV broadcasts (in the UK) a disinformation campaign", she says; the RT has gone off-air, so no more bias!
  7. Russia invaded an independent sovereign country! That is the only fact that matters! There cannot be any other 'alternative facts' about what this invasion is. If there were, then the Russian authorities should be more than happy to allow Russian journalists from independent media organisations to report the situation. Instead, Putin shut down every outlet of the free press in Russia, and now he is detaining Russian old-aged pensioners for speaking out against this barbaric invasion. Putin's oft-stated pretext for his criminal war is to 'liberate' Ukraine from Nazis. Strangely, he seems to be very comfortable with his own home-grown neo-Nazis and Russian skin-heads whose favorite pastime is to bash gay people. If in doubt, google Stephen Fry's documentary, or just watch American podcasts where white supremacists have been extolling Putin as a 'savior' of the white race. I hope the irony is not lost on people that Zelensky is Jewish and many of his relatives were murdered in Holocaust. If Zelensky is anything, then he is the archetypical non-Nazi. Then again, perhaps he is drafting a new version of Mein Kampf as I write this post. If there had been cases of 'genocide' in the separatists' region of Donbas, as Putin keeps banging on about, Russia should have complained to the ICJ many moons ago. What is Putin waiting for? If they had evidence then surely Putin's people would have presented that evidence to the Court so that it could decide, just like they did with the trial of Slobodan Milosevic, et al. But perhaps Putin's claims about 'genocide' are really only a flimsy way of avoiding the fact that separatists in Donbas shot down MH17? In that case every shred of evidence still points in their direction.
  8. Sure it's true - "The US has 11 bio weapon labs in Ukraine that we (presumably, Russia) fund". Can't argue with that.
  9. and 'Got Brexit Done' ...or done for
  10. Lately, across the whole of the UK media-political spectrum (from The Guardian on the left, to The Times in the center and to the DM on the right) there have been emphatic opinions expressed regarding UK politicians trousering donations from Russian oligarchs. Obviously, the IOM, the CIs, the BVIs (etc.) are minnows in comparison to London, but it may not be completely out of the question to ask if some of these oligarchs’ ‘good will’ has also been quietly settling here. We had no say in Brexit, but the resistance to things like establishing (and publishing) a UBO registry has been pretty strong. Admittedly, any self-respecting oligarch would probably never have seen the substandard quality of our political class as a ‘good investment’, but perhaps some have i.e., perhaps ‘substandard’ was exactly what ‘they’ wanted all along – perhaps we too have some ‘useful idiots’.
  11. This issue resides within the purview of the UK Transport Secretary. Which happens to be Grant Shapps - not the sharpest cerebrum in BoJo’s cabinet, but who is? He has earned one significant accolade – he is not Chris Grayling (I therefore suspect a knighthood will be offered soon). For that reason, I am hopeful that he will understand what is at stake and close the obvious loopholes. This must happen if the Tories are serious about hitting Putin and his cronies where it actually hurts – I’d love to say ‘derriere’ but my assumption is that ‘pockets’ is where the pain can be felt the most.
  12. Priceless: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/mar/03/a-knighthood-for-gavin-williamson-the-uk-has-its-own-comedian-as-pm
  13. Initially, in the West, Gorbachev was enormously popular; so much so that some western parents were considering naming their babies 'perestroika' and 'glasnost'. The man was walking on international water. Then came the 'Palace coup' and an alcoholic Boris took the reins of power in Moscow. With the assistance of clever western bankers he promptly re-distributed mega-massive Soviet public assets into the hands of just 8 cronies. This was the beginning of the downfall of any nascent democracy in Russia - they robbed the Russian people of their collective wealth and dignity. Hungry people sought a solution to their sufferings and quickly dismissed the 'nice to have', like western democracy. Eventually, Boris Yeltsin was replaced by a 'strong man', someone who would take away their hunger pangs. After this, the West had no chance of 'bringing Russia in from the cold'. All of the Kremlin wailings about NATO's unjust expansion on their eastern borders during the nineties were just red (propaganda) herrings, IMHO. Putin has always known that NATO never had an agenda to attack Russia. Over the years NATO's expenditure on its military declined, while Russia's grew. For decades, EU countries like Germany dined out merrily on the 'peace dividend' offered by the so-called USA nuclear umbrella. By spending its ever-increasing wealth on themselves, Germans lived a prosperous and peaceful life. How then was their peaceful lifestyle ever a growing (NATO) military threat to Russia? It wasn't, of course. But, Putin has always hated liberal democracy - both internally and externally to Russia. As he suppresses even the slightest whiff of dissent at home, he demands that other countries bow to his nuclear obsessions. His claims that Russia is being threatened by a Russia-phobic NATO Nazis is just another fabricated pretext to justify his grotesque assault on Ukraine, whose only crime is to want to be a free country that does not have to live under his fist.
  14. The problem has always been that every time western governmental and non-governmental organisations have tried to provide support to foster democracies within countries like Russia they have been accused of meddling. Recently, activist individuals such as George Soros have been demonised both inside and outside of these countries. Opposition to liberal democracy is deeply embedded in the culture and political structures of Russia. The Great Russian Revolution in 1917 and the subsequent civil war were brutal - millions perished. Stalin's repressions that followed were equally brutal. It is naïve to contemplate that somehow westerners could have enabled Russia to transition from this type of authoritarian past into a modern functioning liberal democracy. Only the Russian people can and could have determined what Russia was to become. Putin's actions have thrown them another opportunity to choose freedom over tyranny - this may be the last chance they have in their lifetimes to change the course of their history for the better.
  15. Thank you for posting this interesting opinion piece published in The Guardian – I tend to devour the Guardian’s articles. However, on this occasion, I disagree with some of the conclusions. Such as: The Warsaw Pact was not ‘disbanded’ – it disintegrated when the erstwhile Soviet satellites left the orbit and chose to move to the West. It was the various populations who consciously decided to align themselves with western democracies, and away from Russia. NATO did not ‘add’ the Baltic states by force; the Baltics applied for the NATO membership, eagerly and willingly. Unlike Ukraine, Russia has never let go of its nukes, in fact, it has modernised and diversified them, so now some of them are ‘battlefield ready’. Unsurprisingly, Russia’s neighbours feel the need to protect themselves. The unfolding human tragedy in Ukraine has proven that they were right to be concerned about Russia’s growing military might. The Russian assaults on Georgia and Chechnya were provocations based on deception and fabrication – Anna Politkovskaya and many other brave Russian journalists paid with their lives for trying to expose the Kremlin’s lies. Ukrainians do not want to be subsumed within the realms of the old Russian Empire as much as The Irish Republic does not wish to re-join the British Empire. The desire for their own national freedoms; to be able to rule themselves are the main reasons why Ukrainians (Ukrainian speakers and Russian speakers alike) are not rolling out the proverbial red carpet to their Russian invaders, but are greeting them with Molotov cocktails. All the West has ever done about Putin and his kleptocrats’ money is to open the welcome door and shake their hands, and by doing that ‘we’ eroded our own democratic values and principles - our craven leaders undermined our future security for short-term financial gains. I recommend an article (also published in The Guardian) that explains why the West can never ever do honest business with the Kremlin’s tyrant and why his intentions were always to play the West for the fools we are, while he pursued the never-ending growth of another tyrannical Russian Empire. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2022/feb/27/vladimir-putin-russia-ukraine-power
  16. Like the landing stage in Liverpool?
  17. Agree with all of these posts. What irks me the most is the lack of public accountability of senior public figures who f*ck up.
  18. BoJo is upset. RT gave Alex Salmond (another useful idiot) that plum job he always wanted i.e. TV clown.
  19. 'Elms-gate' (remember that one?) was proof that our 'planning application system' is inconsistent and flawed. For spurious reasons, some applicants are not allowed to build a garden shed whilst others were seemingly being able to get away with 'environmental vandalism', until the public got involved, and won.
  20. Oh, I was thinking Baroness Plastic Tits. Hey ho.
  21. I had no idea. Thanks for letting me know.
  22. Yes, one does get a 'different' i.e. Russian perspective from RT or Fox News or Trump (on Crimea, Georgia, Chechnya, Baltics, etc). But their views are cr*p, IMHO.
  23. IMHO, the issue of rampant untrammelled inequality when it comes to land-owning in Britain has quietly been simmering behind the scenes for ages. Now it is becoming more of an issue. In Scotland, they are gradually reviewing land-ownership laws and public access. The ‘old world order’ is changing too. E.g., outdated ‘feudal rules', "legal position’", etc. sooner or later must be abolished, not necessarily because they are morally wrong (which they often are), but because they increasingly hamper ‘economic’ progress and fairness - western societies will ground to a halt if single families can own vast acreages whilst millions are forced to live in squalid demeaning conditions. The global climate is changing; the sustainability of our planet for future generations is declining; there is a pressing need to change attitudes and most importantly, the way we live – well done him!
  24. @La_Dolce_Vita At the moment Putin is gaslighting his own population by spreading self-serving propaganda that he is on the mission to rid Ukraine of 'Nazis'. As a matter of fact, there are numerous neo-Nazis in Russia itself, but they speak highly of him (and Trump). Somehow he differentiates between 'good Nazis' i.e. the Russian ones and the 'bad Nazis' in Ukraine. Philosophical pontifications are easy, but the bottom line is this - gutless/ spineless/ compromised Western leaders are prepared to sacrifice 40 million Ukrainians to the murderous thug. This tragedy is only possible because greedy/ stupid/ lazy and politically myopic Western leaders for many years turned the blind eye to the aggression and provocations of this international maniac. What nobody knows how far is a KGB officer like Putin is prepared to go. But westerners should not kid ourselves that we can just sit this one out without being severely harmed. Putin has unleashed some very dark forces and after this unprovoked attack the 'life in the shires' for the hobbits will never be the same again - this is going to be much worse for the whole of Europe than the Balkans war was, IMHO. I have seen the TV footage from Ukraine and all I can see is frightening people including small children hugging their Teddy bears - one day this is could be any European city, even in Britain.
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