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  1. I don't. Granted, I don't know everyone at Appleby but the ones I do know are total knobs.
  2. It's not silly. It's on the table as an option.
  3. Actually, no they can't. Moderators have no more idea than you as to who may or may not be who they claim. There's actually only one person who can definitively confirm whether or not Faceman was TJ and that person has already categorically rejected the claim and has no reason to lie about it really, as they do not need to invent a new login to have posted this thread. Anyway, yet another violation of the S clause duly noted.
  4. Aren't we claiming VAT based on these ships and aircraft being fictitiously ---- eh, sorry, I mean "legally" --- registered here?
  5. As I said, let's wait for episode 2 and further print media articles before we act like smug assholes and end up with egg all over our faces. Best case scenario here: we lose millions of pounds in VAT and have to massively curtail and reform our shipping and aircraft registries, which will impact not only the DED (or Star Trek Discovery, or whatever they're calling themselves now) but also many legal /accountancy / trust / CSP firms who operate portfolios which are very much involved with those vessels and aircraft being registered here. Worst case: we lose another few hundred million in VAT.
  6. 'The thing about smart people is that they seem like crazy people to dumb people.' Stephen Hawking
  7. Removed. Hopefully a new page will lead to discussion of the actual topic.
  8. Anyway, five pages in and I give up. Lots of people seem smugly self-congratulatory that this first of two episodes didn't look too bad for the island. Maybe wait for episode two and also actually try reading the written reports from the organisation of journalists which will find its way into the Financial Times and other world print media before jumping the shark and thinking we've come out smelling of roses.
  9. And another idiot in violation of the S clause.
  10. Add [P]Uhtred to the list of posters who need to be banned for violation of the S clause.
  11. That doesn't sound good. I hope the FSA are going to investigate them.
  12. I'd love to know why the S clause isn't applied to the likes of Pongo, Tarne, John Wright, Chinahand, etc, who keep repeatedly (and erroneously) accusing posters of being TJ.
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