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  1. 23 minutes ago, Roger Mexico said:

     I do feel sorry for the staff who are going to get into work in the morning and have to face a barrage from clients who were given the impression that the leak was only limited.

    I don't. Granted, I don't know everyone at Appleby but the ones I do know are total knobs.

  2. 4 minutes ago, dilligaf said:

    Only mods can prove that "Faceman"  was original or just yet another façade of you know who.

    Actually, no they can't. Moderators have no more idea than you as to who may or may not be who they claim. There's actually only one person who can definitively confirm whether or not Faceman was TJ and that person has already categorically rejected the claim and has no reason to lie about it really, as they do not need to invent a new login to have posted this thread.  Anyway, yet another violation of the S clause duly noted.

  3. As I said, let's wait for episode 2 and further print media articles before we act like smug assholes and end up with egg all over our faces. Best case scenario here: we lose millions of pounds in VAT and have to massively curtail and reform our shipping and aircraft registries, which will impact not only the DED (or Star Trek Discovery, or whatever they're calling themselves now) but also many legal /accountancy / trust / CSP firms who operate portfolios which are very much involved with those vessels and aircraft being registered here. Worst case: we lose another few hundred million in VAT.

  4. 4 hours ago, dilligaf said:

    I wouldn't call you a nut as such, as you are obviously very intelligent. But quite often you come out with the most outlandish crap imaginable

    'The thing about smart people is that they seem like crazy people to dumb people.' Stephen Hawking

  5. Anyway, five pages in and I give up. Lots of people seem smugly self-congratulatory that this first of two episodes didn't look too bad for the island. Maybe wait for episode two and also actually try reading the written reports from the organisation of journalists which will find its way into the Financial Times and other world print media before jumping the shark and thinking we've come out smelling of roses.

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  6. 3 hours ago, Uhtred said:

    “tpwjats gine” is from the same stable as “covfefe”. The latter means “My name is Trump and I’m an idiot” whereas the former means “My name is TJ and I’m an idiot”.

    Add [P]Uhtred to the list of posters who need to be banned for violation of the S clause.

  7. 19 minutes ago, slinkydevil said:

    48hr ban for The Faceman

    The sockpuppet clause is still in use on this forum and threads are beginning to descend into shit again. Could have probably dished out a few more.

    I'd love to know why the S clause isn't applied to the likes of Pongo, Tarne, John Wright, Chinahand, etc, who keep repeatedly (and erroneously) accusing posters of being TJ.

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  8. 1 hour ago, Manx Bean said:

    The saddest part for me (after the sheer waste of our taxpayers money sending these idiots to London) is that our lot are arrogant enough to genuinely believe that they are meeting their equals. Deluded doesn't cut it.

    To be fair, they were meeting their equals. Equally a bunch of parasitic scum.

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  9. 6 minutes ago, woody2 said:

    a thread just because llap doesn't watch bbc.....

    Eh? I tried to watch it via iPlayer but it told me it isn't available outside the UK. I couldn't give a toss about this subject, to be honest. I already know what a hotbead of corruption, immorality and illegal tax evasion the Isle of Man is, without needing to create a thread. I had nothing to do with the creation of this thread. Although we're all interested to know what your particular interest is here.

  10. Despite, as Jimmy Carter (a liberal Democrat) said, being the most unfairly treated (by the media) president in modern history, and despite being being an independent candidate (albeit, running via the Republican Party):

    - Massive increase in stock market value

    - Reduction in unemployment to pre-2000 levels (i.e. over 8 years before the 2008 economic crash)

    - Ended the Trans-Pacific Partnership (pretty much setting back the New World Order by decades)

    - Forced China to take takes to rein in North Korea

    - ISIS is being defeated instead of supported like under Obama

    - Increased home ownership

    - Wall with Mexico currently ongoing

    -  Major and lobbying and election finance reform

    - Reduction in taxes and regulations

    Pretty amazing considering he's an outsider who is trying to drain the swamp, has only been in a short time, and is universally being demonised by the media and the many hundreds of millions of brainwashed simpleton retards who believe media lies.

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  11. 21 minutes ago, Roger Mexico said:

    This of course ignores the really important question.  We can't possible call these leaks the Panama Papers II or any other number because they don't seem to have anything much to do with Panama.  What's the best alternative people can come up with: the Bermuda Burglaries? the Appleby Anthology? the Athol Street Archives? Howie's Hacking Horror? 

    All suggestions gratefully received.

    Isle of Man leaks.

  12. If you relied entirely on the mainstream media for your information about Trump's successes, you'd think he hadn't done anything. But I actually do my own research. Even though Trump is demonised daily and can do no good (even if he invented a cure to cancer they'd moan), behind the scenes he's accomplished an amazing amount for the United States, especially for the economy. You can call me a nut all you want, but the fact is you're an idiot.

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