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    It’s such a pity Hitler and the Nazis went after the Jews. Other than that, they would be quite preferably to the EU.
  2. Yes. Do you know the distance between your head and Uranus without using google?
  3. I'm not TJ........but I am expert on Chinese Communism. xx
  4. Don't forget your beloved Chinese commie dictatorship who murdered millions.........
  5. That and tonnes of spiritualist books.
  6. It's started, though, hasn't it? Even before Halloween. M&S have had their Christmas range in the freezers since early October, and the bastards ran out of my frozen vegetable medley at about the same time and didn't re-stock it until today. Bastards.
  7. I can't provide verifiable proof. I am going by reports from intelligence services. But it makes sense when you assess all the available data. P.S. I'm not TJ so shut up.
  8. Sorry, I need to up my meds to deal with retards.
  9. F off. Human beings are indeed one race. Piss off, you racist prick.
  10. A tiny minority, and most of them are not out of choice but because of the way employees are viciously exploited by parasitic companies and corporations.
  11. He does it because he has f---- all else to do. He is a sad, pathetic POS who gets off on putting down others.
  12. No, he doesn't. You're just another attention seeking wankshaft troll.
  13. Barry is a wanker troll. He is currently sponging off the UK taxpayer and seems to get off on putting down Manx people. He really needs to F off and get a life, the sad prick.
  14. The dick heads on Facebook certainly do. They seem to get orgasms off whinging.
  15. No, it isn't. Books have souls.
  16. Most of the UK electorate think Corbyn is a prick. I'd say that's relevant to his likelihood of becoming PM.
  17. That's interesting. I have a pretty good dehumidifier right next to where most of my books are kept. So if I keep it on quite a bit, hopefully they'll die off?
  18. I recently acquired some antique books from a relative and noticed when going through one of them that there was a little white creature. What can I do to preserve these books while getting rid of any weird creepy crawley things from in them? I don't want these to spread to my new books. Cheers!
  19. I'm sorry but you're not following through with your statement and elaborating clearly. What is reduced to anarchy? What do you mean by anarchy? I think you may be on to something with regard to a constant struggle between order and chaos, if that's what you mean.
  20. Isn't wearing a poppy sending the wrong signal at a time when governments are talking about an opioid epidemic?
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