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  1. Apart from the Beach, Port Erin is dump. Dilapidated buildings all over the place, vandalism, not that I disagree with a merger but I wouldn't hold Port Erin as a beacon of hope or shining example of progress.
  2. With the split across the candidates I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if "HM Sole" waltzed in on the youth protest vote.
  3. @Mattshaw15 do the coastguard fall under Dr Spake ? Only ask as his uk reg Audi is parked on a driveway in Port Erin next to a snazzy coastguard search and rescue vehicle #146 (which isn't going off on a search and rescue job in a hurry seeing as it's blocked in ) Assume it's only a coincidence and he hasn't been given a Manx registered government vehicle to run around in.
  4. This is all good fun as Matt Shaw is Mr Spakes chum. He clearly isn't very popular either.
  5. Port Erin Commissioners chairman enjoyed life in Port Erin so much, he moved to Foxdale.
  6. My understanding is that he has upset COMIN so has no chance of getting the votes from them and their bootlickers at the LEGCO election. If he failed that election, it wouldn't look great returning to the electorate for HOK. Still good luck to the fella for standing by his convictions. I'm not sure postmen should really be acting in the legislative revising chamber anyway.
  7. I think its skewed as is you have a child who spends time between separated parents then if either party is in receipt of benefits they become eligible irrespective of the other sides income.
  8. Lorne House currently under offer on the agents website https://www.blackgracecowley.com/property/lorne-house-douglas-street-castletown/
  9. Now here is a surprise... Agricultural properties under the existing rating system are zero rated and it is not proposed that this should change . Component 6: Agricultural properties remain 0% rated.
  10. Of the two remaining Commissioners, one lives in Port Erin and the Other now lives in Scotland. Local democracy at its best.
  11. I hear tell the DED are busy throwing the legal kitchen sink at another local firm who ran the official website and timing systems for years. I think there may be a few more skeletons about to emerge from Mr Skellys cupboard.
  12. Plenty of evidence online that there is no health and safety culture at the place either based on Menzies staff use of social media.
  13. You had best raise your concerns with the mayor of London too.
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