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  1. Lots of rumblings (Via Ballakermeen) that full strikes are incoming
  2. Slight tangent but entirely unsurprising via 3fm this morning. An Island businessman who wanted to buy an airline has appeared on court over allegations he lied about government support for the deal. Jason Gerard Scales of Douglas Road in Ballasalla appeared before Deputy High Bailiff James Brooks at Douglas Courthouse. The 28 year old faces one count of making a false representation and two of supplying articles for use in fraud. It's alleged between April and June last year he falsely claimed the Manx government would underwrite a £13 million loan for his company Ettyl as it tried to buy Stobart Air and Carlisle Lake District Airport. On May 7 last year, he's also said to have had a fake letter of support from Mark Lewin, chief executive of the Department for Enterprise as well as a fake document from chief secretary Will Greenhow. Ettyl had offered to buy Stobart Air to operate its Isle of Man to Dublin route, but the deal fell through last June. Mr Scales was bailed in the sum of £2,500 on condition he doesn't contact witnesses or leave the Isle of Man without permission and he also agreed to surrender his passport. No pleas have yet been entered to any of the allegations and he's next due to appear in court on November 15.
  3. Plane full of passengers boarded and currently sat on easyjet in Bristol but going nowhere due to IOM staffing per pilot
  4. Hearing on the grapevine that BodyCraft Gym in Castletown have been locked out of the building by the landlord overnight.
  5. How many years since you moved away ?
  6. I think it’s fairy well noted by those in the higher echelons of Manx Politics that KLB sees herself as calling the shots and has aspirations for the top job.
  7. You can find the link to the job app via google, nice work if you can get it.
  8. 82% of NASUWT teachers have apparently voted in favour of strike action
  9. There is a rumour doing the rounds in the South that the brewery are shutting / have shut the Haven in Port Erin. ETA: it doesn’t appear to be shut.
  10. Alf might make Quayle look good at this rate. Maybe that was the plan all along.
  11. Word is big Rob is the New Health Minister 👨‍⚕️
  12. The Bonzo on the radio is the great Whitehall civil servant living past glories who know more than us plebs. In reality he shuffles round Port St Mary cutting quite a sad figure who I can only imagine is very well supported by the state that he hates so much.
  13. I love the fact you have slagged them off in an earlier post after having an "encounter with them" and then in this post confirmed essentially that you have never met them. There are plenty of wealthy South African couples in Castletown and surrounds, however the couple in question do not fit that bill.
  14. Not a precise strategy but these maps may give you an approximate window in which the property was built. https://maps.nls.uk/os/ If nothing else they are well worth a browse.
  15. I am personally more offended by Arbory & Rushen Commissioners ramming the Methodist Church propaganda down my throat on a near daily basis.
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