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  1. Interesting interim replacement. Is it true that his son in now also Alf's Private Secretary ? Cant beat jobs for the boys.
  2. FWIW I’m not disputing that the airport is an utter shambles and I quite agree with you. More that there is a better solution which they will inevitably through more money at. The carpark at Ronaldsway is genuine anarchy, they couldn’t make it worse if they tried.
  3. Gatwick have been trialling a new scanner where all goes through in the bag without separation. It was much better than the normal lines. We can all moan on here when the gov spank millions on them.
  4. Could always leave the building to collapse and close the road entirely. Basically happened with Balcony house years ago.
  5. How she was ever seen as a good option, I will never understand.
  6. True. All the custard goods are a low brow delight.
  7. Sure you are probably aware but you can now do gatwick to central London contactless and all the accessible gates *should be equipped. So no real need to pre book
  8. Given he copied hie missive to all staff, Im surprised the full version hasn't surfaced yet.
  9. Last nights easyJet flight from Gatwick got put in a holding pattern. Captain said it was due to the fact IOM had no available ATC staff and they had to wait for someone to come on shift. To be fair it was only for a few minutes but seemed very strange. Dr Al was on the flight so might do something about it. The car park is complete chaos, people parked across junctions, in flowerbeds all along the roadways that would have double yellows on if they were capable of maintaining them.
  10. Had a walk around Port Erin today. The DOI brought a uk firm over to blast off all the double yellow lines over the summer, but they haven’t gone back in, leading to camper vans and other dumped parked on blind bends / junctions on way up to Breagle Glen. It pretty much sums up the DOI, why would you engage a contractor to remove regulatory lining when you don’t have any plan whatsoever to put it back. if they cant even organise a bit of paint or no waiting cones, good luck with the airport.
  11. It would be easier if Onchan accepted it was part of Douglas and all could move along with life.
  12. While I hate to agree with Tony Brown, the issue is that the planners refused the application twice and the committee told DOI to talk to the Commissioners. Longworth wasn’t keen on this so ignored all the feedback and took it to appeal.
  13. I was wondering how firing wads of burning chemicals in the air , noisey or not reconciles with their stance as a Biosphere partner. Textbook marketing spin 🤔
  14. If only one of the sad faced Rushen mhks had a retail unit three doors down that that could house the service in.
  15. Because she was misusing her position as chairman to have her own private army (commissioners workforce) put medicated ear drops in it. “Manx Lass” has been spouting the same tenuous shite all over Facebook about Mr Cubbon. His dog went down a rabbit hole, bit off a difference.
  16. Here https://www.castletown.gov.im/2021/09/28/statement-regarding-vote-of-no-confidence/
  17. The T's and C's make it look like a classic data mining exercise. click here Also worth looking at the "London Office" of the original promoter. A serviced office which the front man Kent has multiple companies registered too. (Although saying that, it seems to have recently changed from Impelity to KBH ltd since I last looked but both the same floor of the same building. ) All mixed up with "Gef", I just hope IOM PLC have done their DD.
  18. Talk out of the Airport at the moment is that Jez is back and telling all he is going to turn one of the car parks into a fast food drive through to make it pay its way.
  19. That sign is parking prohibited unless In Marked bays and blue badges get double the posted time. It’s the same in the square and the parade and dirty great signs all around the place. If you think the signage is wrong take it up with the DOI instead of giving the fella hassle for doing his job. I’m sure he wishes he could slope into The Japanese for lunch too.
  20. Not that you could possibly be wrong hey John 🙄
  21. Its actually In port St Mary, or at least on land owned by them and administered out of Port Erin. Probably should be on Balthane
  22. Apart from the Beach, Port Erin is dump. Dilapidated buildings all over the place, vandalism, not that I disagree with a merger but I wouldn't hold Port Erin as a beacon of hope or shining example of progress.
  23. With the split across the candidates I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if "HM Sole" waltzed in on the youth protest vote.
  24. @Mattshaw15 do the coastguard fall under Dr Spake ? Only ask as his uk reg Audi is parked on a driveway in Port Erin next to a snazzy coastguard search and rescue vehicle #146 (which isn't going off on a search and rescue job in a hurry seeing as it's blocked in ) Assume it's only a coincidence and he hasn't been given a Manx registered government vehicle to run around in.
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