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  1. Thanks for that link, everything I need and more, much appreciated.
  2. Are you talking about the traditional chewy dried fruit where they replace the natural goodness with a mixture of oil and sugar, or the newer type of freeze dried fruit where it is dry and crisp, but very fruity. Usually eBay is great for finding just about everything, but finding decent bulk sources of things like freeze dried strawberries seems quite tricky. Many thanks for the suggestions, never thought Tesco's, seemed more of a health thing. Newer type is what I am looking for, the strawberry & raspberry versions seem very good, haven't come across any others so far, it's mainly for mixing in to cereals for breakfast, but I suspect a small bag for snacks might also be appropriate. Thanks again.
  3. Anyone know any sellers of dried fruit, specifically but not limited to strawberries and raspberries? Tried health food store in Strand Street, no joy obviously, any help appreciated.
  4. Twat. Timing is everything...ManxTaxPayer, you really are a total cunt.
  5. Nope, just don't think this is the place for me.
  6. Bernie Sanders, very original. Let's imagine there are nine MHKs [feel better?]. After praising Peter Karran for representing over ten thousand are you now suggesting each one of the imagined nine could not represent just under nine thousand?
  7. If you look in my second topic "Foul language and it's usage..." you'll see I suggested I probably only had one more topic in me, and it would be Manx Politics - so this is it. Like most people on the Island I suffer from a severe case of apathy, and if you are offended by this comment please don't be, I mean me and everyone else, definitely not you. This apathy doesn't stop me thinking, it just stops me acting on those thoughts, a bit like everyone else probably [except you]. I also stopped voicing my opinions at the same time on the basis of "if I couldn't put up I should shut up." For the record I am Manx born, an atheist and a socialist - feel free to attack any of those. Also for the record I believe that the current and future economic situation is dire and our governance is appalling. Sadly at the same time I believe that, in general, "we get the government we deserve" - our reward for our apathy perhaps. A couple of years ago I had the notion to start a new political movement, I thought at the time it was the only way to achieve some of the things I felt might change our situation, I even prepared some rough drafts of leaflets to drop door-to-door, giving some details of some of the changes I would like to see, and inviting like minded individuals to contact me. Then apathy kicked in, as I considered what the likely response would be, I figured one in a hundred would be optimistic. To prove it I'll list a couple of things here and invite all those who have expressed so many political "opinions" and those who haven't, to consider them, adopt them in principle or reject them and if the former further consider contacting me to resurrect the idea, simply send me a personal message. I won't be replying to any comments here. 1 A drastic reduction in the number of MHK's 2 A similar reduction in MLC's to be elected democratically 3 The abolition of all local authorities 4 A drastic reduction in the number of civil servants, to more adequately reflect the population numbers 5 Equal all Island rates and services That's it, my last new topic [allegedly] and my last post [allegedly], have fun with it, I'll keep a firm eye on my personal messages and hope the Manx Forums server can cope with the increase. Oh and feel free to be apathetic to this post [except you].
  8. ??? I concede, I'm clueless as to what your post means.
  9. I hadn't realised I was such a t*at... I remain humbled, ashamed and moribund, clearly there is no redemption for f**kwit such as myself.
  10. Big neon sign seems a bit of a stretch, however I am sympathetic so here's a list of comments that will be adopted and should be disregarded immediately on sight: Bar steward Gosh darn it D*mn Oops F**k Rollocks Kant Whoops [Oops x 10]
  11. Each to his own, nice twist on the asterisk but technically the vulgarity is implied, not within.
  12. Never thought you were suggesting that directly wasp, and my apologies if it read that way, proves my earlier point about the written word being more easily understood! As for ** - I prefer those and free speech gives both of us the choice.
  13. "I suppose the forum moderates itself in terms of what's deemed acceptable language, what you permit will continue and those that are genuinely offended by such language can and often will fuck off. It finds it's own level." Again this misses the point, I haven't suggested swearing in the various topics is either acceptable or unacceptable or that it is offensive. I have suggested it's tedious, boring and I'll add inane. I have only one other topic posted so far, and that was pretty interesting, at least for me, and inbetween times on that topic I've wandered through the various forums and I have found some very good posts, lots of them in fact, but virtually every one of them also has fatuous posts which largely consist of very few words and those are mostly swear words. It gets boring very quickly to have to skim past those to get to the next relevant post. I suspect I have one more new topic to do, which will be about Manx Politics and then if I choose I can do what you suggest and f**k off, but not because of the language, but for the time it wastes. In an ideal world there would be forums where people posted serious and not so serious posts and like minded people posted their comments/replies etc. There would also be other forums where similarly like minded individuals could curse and swear and call each other names, we could call that the "Nursery" forum. That is not to restrict the former from foul language but perhaps restrict said language by relevance, it would not restrict argument or debate but might restrict argumentum ad hominem [and yes I am playing at how many times I can use that]. But of course this is not an ideal world, it's far less than that, this was [and is whilst it dies] a semi serious attempt to discuss the use of foul language in the written form, its relevance, its impact, its positives and its negatives.
  14. At least the joke's funny. There was a similar one that did the rounds in the Royal Navy, Jack the Lad is up before the Skipper, but won't stand still, keeps leaning over from side to side, crouching, turning to look behind him. Eventually the Skipper loses the plot and asks him what he is looking for "Justice" replied Jack
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