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  1. Very odd reading the diatribe of the resignations especially the recently appointed DHSC CEO Karen Malone (Feb 2022) In a statement Ms Malone said: "While I have enjoyed working in the public sector for more than 20 years an opportunity has presented itself which will enable me to pursue personal interests. Really, nothing to do with the Ranson Tribunal then. Just a coincidence then?
  2. Not sure all will get one. There seems a groundswell here which is often the case when all have tried to hang on and then they fall like dominoes. All the time there is the issue of the documents submitted and questioned by the tribunal. This looms large on the horizon. It seems a lot have been caught out by the tribunal. More to come I think.
  3. Well there you have it, a somewhat annoyed, I would say furious at times Ashford, trying to justify his position. I lost count of the times he thanked Alf (whose body language is something to behold during this tardy speech). His parting shot quoting Churchill was toe curling. Should have quoted the Terminator - 'I'll be back'. He never fails to disappoint.
  4. There was no alternative, should have gone straight away after Tribunal decision.
  5. He should, but I would be surprised. Greenhow has taken the hit. No doubt Uriah Heep Ashford, after much cloying and an obundance of 'Sir's' and 'with respect', has confidently told Alf there is nothing else to cause him or Alf an issue, we will see.
  6. Really ! If true this is nonesense, didn't the same happen when he (sorry DHA) tried to fill a Deputy Chief position? How inconvienent for the incumbent. However, he will doubtless step up to the plate as a gesture of good will. What egos and rubbish these people spin. i understand he was involved in the process - therein lies the issue.
  7. “practised and diplomatic seemingly guided by the principle of deniability of anything potentially inconvenient unless/until objective evidence was available to the contrary.” Ouch!!! and Ashy was 'Disappointed' with the decison as a whole. The man really is a one off with his measured tone of deniabilty.
  8. Quite so, and it appears the Tribunal are not finished with the issue of disclosure and concerns raised over some documents submitted. This is not concluded by a long chalk and there will probably be more issues ahead for the collective involved in this sorry affair. Ashford will brazen it out but he may reach a point of no return.
  9. The undoing of most is the email's that were so slow in being disclosed for obvious reasons. These paint an unblemished and unsavory picture of the relevant individuals personal bias and contempt for others. It is the disclosures that have shone a light into the nastiness of the people involved. That is why the disclosure was so late. Their hubris has been their undoing.
  10. Well that is the perennial problem with the MLC structure, although this latest lot are even more mute than previous incumbents. Talk the talk when up for election but nothing since. Happy to sit back and take the pay and contribute little.
  11. Hmmmm

    Poor MHKs

    Elected to represent her consituents - Mon to fri 9 to 5? I think not. A lot of people have access to their work emails and manage their time accordingly, prioritising their workload as they see fit. In some occupations this comes with the territory and dealing with matters at the time, is offset when the 'normal' working week commences. 37 work emails is not excessive imv and as already stated they appear to concern her constituency. Laughable really.
  12. Has Tim, nice but dim, given any timescale on when the mess at the bottom of broadway will be rectified. Clearly there is some dispute over the tram tracks, but come on lets tidy that 100 m or so up, it looks horrendous.
  13. I guess he achieved what he wanted and to some extent he probably was always going to be acknowledged. However, his woeful leadership will be his legacy - that and the prize plum Ashford.
  14. The roadway from Broadway to Esplande which encompasses the cross over of the twin horse tram lines and the small chicane is something to observe. I watched with interest this morning whilst walking. The vehicles using the chicane proceeding in a southerly direction over the tramlines merging onto the shared roadway utilise the system well (although no horse trams atm) However, buses and other such large vehicles have to swing out from the chicane and encroach onto the oncoming carriageway thus causing vehicle's travelling in a northerly direction to slow and give way. Another consequence of the narrow road widths and lack of proper engineering planning. Wait for the horse trams to come into play and and this will be a real pinch point.
  15. Fair assessment imo. Lets re visit this in a few years.
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