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  1. Winners here are the advocates, understand each side has junior and senior from local firms, all private fees - no doubt if the departments application is without merit then R Ranson's side will look for costs. Could be an expensive waste of our (the taxpayers) money. Someone should be held to account if this is the case, Hooper seems unable to grasp the public annoyance at this latest venture.
  2. Hmmmm

    Tim's Time's Up

    This was not a new issue, it had been a cuase for concern for many months leading up to TT, Tim was fully aware of the issues prior to TT. Staff illness stops 77 bus services running in April | iomtoday.co.im Staff shortages cause bus chaos | iomtoday.co.im So, given the history and then to be provided with the news of no cancellations must have caused some alarm bells to tingle. Hence the less than flattering headlines following the nonsense he spouted. No, this was clearly an issue that needed more thought and verification before standing up and trying to defend a service that was not performing.
  3. Hmmmm

    Tim's Time's Up

    I am surprised Tim Nice but Dim lasted this long. Never cut out to be a minister, Alf realised the same early in to Tim's tenure at DOI.
  4. Hmmmm

    Tim's Time's Up

    I am surprised Tim Nice but Dim lasted this long. Never cut out to be a minister, Alf realised the same early in to Tim's tenure at DOI.
  5. Getting to the interesting part. Three days set aside. Should get some more understanding of why the dominoes fell. This is not going away anytime soon.
  6. Hmmmm

    TT 2022 ??

    Whilst sponsors play a significant part, the ultimate arbiter for the TT will be the insurance companies that facilitate the meeting. If their risk appetite is diminished then the end will swiftly follow.
  7. Ok struggle to understand the Air Traffic Controller's rest and non availability. This is a small provincial airport, there are a handful of flights coming in. This is not Heathrow or a similar high input airport that requires frequent breaks. Get real and make the IOM more accessible.
  8. This is turning into a complete farce, with TT upon the Island. What is Tim, nice but dim, going to do?????? We await with baited breath.zzzzzz
  9. It seems Reynolds and her deputy down tools during covid and were not held to account for the state the airport fell into, before swanning off to pastures new.
  10. I sense most people are sick of him babbling on. He loved the limelight and is desperate to remain in the public eye. Let him carry on - he will doubtless paint himself into a corner.
  11. Very odd reading the diatribe of the resignations especially the recently appointed DHSC CEO Karen Malone (Feb 2022) In a statement Ms Malone said: "While I have enjoyed working in the public sector for more than 20 years an opportunity has presented itself which will enable me to pursue personal interests. Really, nothing to do with the Ranson Tribunal then. Just a coincidence then?
  12. Not sure all will get one. There seems a groundswell here which is often the case when all have tried to hang on and then they fall like dominoes. All the time there is the issue of the documents submitted and questioned by the tribunal. This looms large on the horizon. It seems a lot have been caught out by the tribunal. More to come I think.
  13. Well there you have it, a somewhat annoyed, I would say furious at times Ashford, trying to justify his position. I lost count of the times he thanked Alf (whose body language is something to behold during this tardy speech). His parting shot quoting Churchill was toe curling. Should have quoted the Terminator - 'I'll be back'. He never fails to disappoint.
  14. There was no alternative, should have gone straight away after Tribunal decision.
  15. He should, but I would be surprised. Greenhow has taken the hit. No doubt Uriah Heep Ashford, after much cloying and an obundance of 'Sir's' and 'with respect', has confidently told Alf there is nothing else to cause him or Alf an issue, we will see.
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