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  1. So the scrapping of the exit tests must be retrospective as 111 have taken no time in cancelling the exit tests for people due same today and no doubt for the forthcoming days. One has to wonder if this is money related or to ease the strain on the swabbing and 111 system. This raises the broader question of the reasoning being employed to bring about these changes. Is it merely for convenience as the system is not fit for purpose?
  2. There is a large juxtaposition evolving, with the populous told to carry on as normal, especially 2 plus 2 - live your life - don't isolate - your vaxed - and Health Services inc GP practices retreating into their shells, unsettled and worried: Isle of Man Government - Noble's Hospital
  3. The dashboard is all over the place - yesterdays active case total was 465 and today it is 698. So 233 new cases in last 24 hours. Clearly several tranches coming in during the 24 period.
  4. Well someone has put the idea into HRH Quayle and Ashford's heads (they haven't plucked it out of thin air) and I don't believe it was home grown - given the non appearance of Dr Ewart and known reluctance of other Govt medic(s). Given it mirrors the trial Bojo was going to do then it sort of provides the answer. Furthermore, they will have a good 4 weeks data on how it progressed her in a population with broadly the same vaccination rates. Someone said at the time it was their conspiracy theory, maybe it is not that far off. Yes he had to if he is asking half a million and counting to isollate.
  5. That's as maybe, but she is the head of Public Health on the island during a global pandemic and is well paid. That role comes with certain expectations and accountability. I am sure Boris and his advisers don't always agree but they still front up the press. Anyway it would have been nice to have heard her views.
  6. I found it most odd that the Director of Public Health, Dr Ewart was absent from yesterdays press briefing. Particularly when such wide ranging changes were made. If there was ever a need for comment from Public Health, that was the time.
  7. Yep, there is absolutely no proper reasoning or rationale being applied at the moment. It is all about the Hosp. Quayle floundering and Ashford just waffling shite.
  8. I should imagine HRH Howie is fuming at having to announce this concession before the 4pm Presser tomorrow.
  9. Yes that seems the norm all around the island including Douglas. Communication is such a vital skill and that is difficult to do if there is little or no interaction. I understand policing evolves and there will be many competing demands on the CC resources but getting the basics right should prove beneficial in other areas. I recall each area had their own teams who each had a dedicated head, but wasnt that all changed and everything run from Douglas? It will probably come full circle again, It will be interesting to see what the looming HMIC examination reveals and what, if anything, is the CC legacy.
  10. What a dog's dinner our covid response has become. Learn from history - very recent history at that, Delta 60% plus more transmissible (schools always the worry), UK delay full re opening, other countries being ultra cautious, 21000 plus second vaccines still to be administered, two week vac break (a low point in common sense) IOM goes full carefree, starting with day 1 travel test - clear and out you go and a follow up day 6 test. Now the 2 + 2 travel with no limitations. The focus and impetus had to be the vaccine rollout and completion of 2nd jabs. We are at least 4 weeks too early, but it seems the virus is a thing of the past. Quayle, Ashford et al are potentially in the midst of their nadir. I bet the end of this administration cant come quick enough for some of the incumbents who are clearly out of their depth. And the vaccine dashboard is U/S - what a shambles.
  11. It is worth reading the whole application documents, I was particularly taken by the email exchange between the department and architects which is listed under 'application details (APL) all documents'
  12. I am referring to the IOMG inability to see the bigger emerging picture.
  13. Looking forward to Harmer's view on this cock up. More incompetence from the IOMG.
  14. Yes comes under the heading of too hard to do/think through. Quite appalling when UK is pulling all the stops out to get jabs, particularly second jabs, administered as quickly as possible. The dashboard gives a figure of 10,192 available as of yesterday. We should start see the 6 day returning visitor test coming through over the coming few days. I accept there may be constraint on one or more of the vaccines but any functional Government Department/Minister should be able to provide a continuous programme even if it is reduced. This is clearly in the 'We can't be bothered, it's more trouble than it's worth' category. Ah well back to the Census on line form . Just highlights governments inability to see the whole emerging picture and react accordingly. Quote on BBC this am 'Nervtag scientist Prof Ravi Gupta is urging minister to postpone 21 June by a few weeks to give more time for second vaccination doses to be done.'
  15. Don't understand the lack of political pressure in regard to the two week vaccine break. It really is a tremendous own goal just as travel restrictions are eased. If anything they should be increasing with available stock. Ashford and Quayle should be put on the spot re this and the late roll out of Moderna. I can not think of any valid reason to just stop for two weeks.
  16. Ashford is painting himself into a corner. He is floundering and will continue to do so, he is becoming a parody of his former self. Credibility totally shot, public senses switched off, classic example of a latter day Icarus.
  17. What is not forgivable is not owning up and taking it on the chin, not applying your mind to the advice received and to consider it critically. Agree completely - if it did not fit Ashford's narrative he would argue his point in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary and then move on without reflection when a strategy changed. ie testing regimes, dosing schedules etc accepting that others know more than you even if they contradict you, but most important of all, underestimating the intelligence of the GMP Major character flaw exemplified by the manner in which he gave his recent evidence. Too much hubris and an innate inability to be accepting of his actions - the letter etc If he stands again, not only is he a fool, but he is an arrogant fool because he most certainly has not learnt lessons He will most definitely stand as he truly believes he has played a significant role in a masterful response to virus. Hopefully the people of North Douglas will decide differently. The is a simple case of a young man enjoying some perceived early success that has manifested into his ego growing exponentially to the detriment of some common sense that was needed as matters progressed. This does not bode well going forward.
  18. As there has been no briefing for a couple of weeks there has been no opportunity to illicit an update on covid and vaccinations. A simple clarification of where the programme is up to and whether the Moderna jab is coming on line would be nice. Mind you I guess Ashford has had other matters on his mind.
  19. Why is it the authorities still don't know which post code of the IOM the last unknown case resides? covid19 - latest updates (gov.im) It is this lack of transparency that undermines the narrative they seek to endorse.
  20. It is clear Ashford has revelled in his higher profile during the pandemic. This has led to him portraying himself as a leading authority in all matters covid or pandemic related. His cockiness is leading to more and more faux pas. Yesterday's pronouncement, delivered in his usual egocentric manner, was cringeworthy. He seems to be acting beyond his competence and the vale of bluster is clearing. It was totally amateurish to have delay after delay to the yesterdays press briefing. It highlights the self serving environment HoK operates with in. Their arrogance and lack of public awareness is breath-taking.
  21. Ashford should really leave the medical matters to those best qualified. Agreed. muddled thinking with a patchwork of ill informed decisions that make a mockery of the general situation most people find themselves in. I found his whole attitude and position re the Astrazenica clotting issue somewhat unsympathetic and unbalanced. And that is the predicament they find themselves in now. The under 16's will not be immunised for some time (end of this year at earliest and that is an emotive issue in itself) so the potential for the exponential spread remains - the Kent variant has thrown a cure ball. So with 60% of Adults (92% of first cohorts) with at least one dose and growing daily, what exactly is Comin's hesitation going forward? I don't think they know how to mitigate, they want eradication but so long as the children spreading vector remains and new variants threaten, they are buying time. Perhaps the question to HQ is what percentage of the adult population has to be jabbed before we mitigate and open up? I doubt he has an answer. I recall he stated at the beginning of the latest lockdown that if it had occurred a month or so later their response may have been different. Well we are passed that timeline and I don't believe their response would have been any different. Worse scenario is we open for a short period and then another unknown new outbreak occurs. How good the vaccines prove to be can only really be judged in 12 months time. There is a clear lack of strategy as to where we are now and more importantly going forward.
  22. See they have realigned the vaccination dashboard to more accurately reflect the priority population in the 9 priority cohorts. This has come down to from the mid fifties to 46909, it was clearly wrong given the number of persons being inoculated in the 50 to 65 range under the various cohorts (vulnerable, care workers, front line health etc). Even this current number maybe somewhat of a moveable feast, but is more reflective of the target and as a consequence the overall percentage, of at least one dose administered, has jumped to over 62%. COVID-19 vaccination statistics (gov.im)
  23. Listened to the James Davies interview re vaccination with Hetty and Magson and thought they all spoke well without the foreboding presence of HQ. It is almost as though they pick up on his demeanour and this inhibits them. Ashford becomes so obsequious to Quayle when there really is no justification for such deference. Whilst I don't agree with Magson's off island status, she is clearly knowledgeable and is the CEO of the Hospital and answered questions without the Ashford bluster - she was content to provide a demographic overview of the patients in hospital without churning out GDPR dressed up with a multitude of verbosity that Ashford employs. All in all, given her status, she should be utilised more for the briefings and give DA a time out. Quayle should also pick and choose his appearances and have the confidence to place his trust in others to deliver the information. Alas it is the fact both are reluctant to step back and others are content to let them plod on, that leads to the malaise in the briefings. in fairness to JD he came over well in his questioning.
  24. They have brought forward the posting deadlines last two groups: https://twitter.com/IOMGovernment/status/1372981754139705347/photo/1
  25. Possibly, no doubt it will become clearer. Next week should through some more light on the situation.
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