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  1. You would be surprised how much I resemble Travolta ha.
  2. 1: I said read, not watched and yes, it was in its entirety. 2: Nothing in the entire thread has made me question a spherical Earth or NASA for that matter. Yes I know about operation paperclip, an attempt by the US government to stifle technological progress in competing countries by employing ex-Nazi scientists, well of course they fucking would! If they didn't Germany would continue researching weaponry or competing super powers would have employed them (or Russia would have forced them at gun point to create WMD's/advanced weaponry). Yes the Nazi's were terrible people but that doesn't
  3. I just spent the last 10 hours reading through this. I don't even know where to begin. Paul - You obviously don't have parents, I'm not implying it's because you are stupid - I actually think you are very intelligent - but because if you had parents they would have drowned you long ago. Chinahand - I respect you greatly, not just because of your knowledge but because you can translate that knowledge into easily digested information (a sign of true intelligence in my humble opinion). Gerry - Your entire argument has hinged on the belief that there is a world wide conspirac
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